Monday, February 21, 2011

Haters make me smile.

Really kids?
Recently I got the chance to interview the lead singer of Augustana in Dan Layus and someone commented and critiqued my interview style. It led me to think that kids who "hate" on some one else for doing what they love are kind of silly. Pretty sure my interviewing style works when I steadily interview the biggest alternative acts in the scene right now including everyone from screamo to pop punk to electronic rock. Get over yourselves kids. Hate brews from jealousy!

Check out this next band I'll be interviewing!:

Why yes it's Chiodos. Hmm..I wonder if anyone knows them? I'm not parading what I'm doing and what I get to do but it's just an example. Pretty sure my "interview style" works if I steadily interview the biggest names in the scene, thank you! And multiple times at that!