Friday, April 30, 2010

My Night At The Ap Tour 4/29-Review!

Alternative Press magazine pretty much is one of the reasons why I grew to have such an interest in music, and in what I have began to do so I couldn't be more stoked on going to the tour last night. They tend to have something for everybody, and last night was the same way with the line up being Never Shout Never, Hey Monday, The Cab, Every Avenue and The Summer Set.

As I walked up to the venue, the line was already insane and the girls were going crazy. Every time Christopher Drew of Never Shout Never fame would even walk outside of his bus or the venue, girls would mob him and just grab at him while The Cab and Every Avenue would walk by in groups to head to Fenway. After I finished my first interview of the night, I was told how crazy every night had been but after one with the boys of Never Shout Never, I found out that this had to be the craziest one thus far!

Honestly, going into the night the only band I had seen before was Hey Monday, so I was curious to see what would come from the other acts! First up was The Summer Set and I was really impressed! They came out with a bang starting out the show on "Punch Drunk Love" with Jess Bowen starting up the music on the drums. I was stoked to see a girl drummer in this band and she absolutely killed it. The crowd was loving it and the band clearly had some big fans in attendance, which created for a large boost of energy to kick off an amazing night. Despite the brace on lead singer Brian Dales, he didn't let it bring him down and was jumping and dancing around on the stage through tracks like "Toxic" and "The Boys You Do (Get Back at You)". For every song, the band would fool around with each other on stage even asking where the floozies were in the crowd, in the words of John "Do you know what a floozy is? It means you're a slut. Looks like we have a lot of sluts in the audience!" but the crowd just ate it up. The band is definitely one to entertain telling stories about seeing a lady give birth on television while singing their track 'Toxic' at the show the night before in Buffalo, and talked about how 'This song is about giving birth, so thank your parents for fucking cause you're here". Definitely a group to entertain, and ending the set on their most popular single at the moment 'Chelsea', they definitely got the crowd stoked to see them at Warped this summer!
With a little more rock edge to their music, Every Avenue took the stage next! It was clear they were known by the crowd, and they started off with the title track off their latest record with 'Picture Perfect'. Right from the beginning of the set, it was clear why Dave was selected as one of the frontmen of the class of 2010. His energy was undeniable and just got the kids more excited to jump around and mosh.
At this point in the set though, it became clear why the AP Tour is what it is. It's a tour that brings a little bit of everything but it made for some so called party poopers in the crowd. One girl was next to me even who had a professional camera around her neck, was in little heels, a summer dress, not taking pictures at all but instead when seeing the moshing said "They're fighting! I don't want to get hit!' as a reaction to the moshing. It didn't affect the majority of the kids though as they kept rocking through. The band slowed it down a bit when it came to 'Girl Like That' but right away after, the crowd picked up with one of their fan favorites "Tell Me I'm A Wreck" which the kids were singing every word too. After this track, someone threw a belly shirt on to the stage and the kids loved it.
When Dave pushed Josh to wear it, Josh quipped back "I'm gonna save that oufit for when me and Dave are alone tonight!" and the kids ate it up. Ending on their two last tracks with 'Mindset' and 'Where Are You?', Dave jumped into the crowd body surfing to end the set!

Next up was The Cab! I've heard a lot of good things about this band over the years and now they are definitely a force to be reckoned with. Right before the band went on, the girl in front of met was talking about it was her FIFTH time seeing the band which is a crazy accomplishment. Through everything I've been doing, I am learning about so many bands and talking to so many people that have a following I couldn't even believe. They definitely lived up to the hype though and started off the set with a bang!
With last night being the two year anniversary of their first record Whisper War (and the next one coming at the end of the summer!), they were on fire, and so was the crowd! Opening the set with their track 'Take My Hand', they even had Cassadee come out on stage to really start off the show with a bang! They then moved into a quick cover by lead singer Alex DeLeon of the song 'Use Somebody' made famous by Kings of Leon. Through out the beginning of this set and when it continued on, he definitely puts on the sex appeal with the crowd that is around so much with lead singers now a days, but the crowd loved it.
After the cover, they went right into a new track from the upcoming record, which was incredibly dancy and made for a great number. Next they slowed it down a bit with "Vegas Skies", introducing the song when Alex said "Raise your hand if you're gonna be in love". Everyone was singing along to the track and they just continued on for the rest of the set as they quickly went into one of their more famous tracks 'Bounce' with DeLeon remarking 'We were surrounded by hot temperatures, casinos and sex so we wrote a song about it". Catch this band's dynamic on all of Warped Tour this summer as well!

Next up was Hey Monday, who I was first introduced to back in May of 2009 on the last Fall Out Boy headlining tour before the break up. I knew when I first heard the band play, they were going to always make a party in the crowd and it was just bigger and better this time around! Now that the band has grown so much in popularity, the kids knew every song and were singing their hearts out, as was vocalist Cassadee Pope! They jumped into "Run, Don't Walk" and swung right into several tracks off their debut album 'Hold On Tight' with "Obvious", "Josey" and "Candles" right after each other. With 'Candles' which slowed down the set quite a bit, Cassadee busted out the acoustic guitar for it and during the song, fans got a glimpse of their headliner that night as Christofer Drew came out to slow dance with Mike Gentile a bit!
Right after Candles, they jumped into a genius cover of 'Slide' by the Goo Goo Dolls and continued on to the end of their set with two of their bigger hits in "Homecoming" and "How You Love Me Now". Once again, Hey Monday proved their staying power and hopefully this just continues on with their new record and their sets on Warped Tour this summer!

Last, but definitely not least was Never Shout Never. This band has been all over my radar lately, but until last night I had never had the chance to check them out, and the crowd and band really did blow me away. While the band walked on stage, Chris immediately called for some peace signs and the crowd happily gave in to his request. When Chris said 'Shout a little a louder, with a whole heart', he happily jumped into "Trouble" with his friend Frederick, the ukele! Between every song, the band would come together and do a huddle complete with high fives which was great. He had the crowd wrapped around his finger from the first track on and continued to do so the whole night! He rocked a grand cover of "Across The Universe" even lighting his personal lighter on stage.
Something really great about the set as well was that he whipped out so many different instruments like harmonicas and kazoos as he worked through his set that included beautiful stories and a slew of songs off "What Is Love". It was a little sad to begin as he explained he had written the track about his parents' divorce with the first verse dedicated to his mother and the second to his father. For every track it seemed, he explained the story behind it be meeting a girl who was so beautiful that all he could say was thank you ("Jane Doe") to a song he wrote about a girl he loved more then any other ("I Love You 5").
After doing a slew of tracks of What Is Love, he broke out some old favorites with "Can't Stand It" and ending on "Big City Dreams". At the end of Dreams, he made his way over to the crowd in the pit, but clearly his manager was needed along with several security guards because girls were going wild, even trying to body surf to him!
He went off stage to come back on a minute later for his encore of "The Past", an amazingly sad but melodic song about the past three years of his life in regards to dropping out of high school, leaving his brother, home behind. It was a great, heart wrenching end to a great night of music!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Going Green with Anarbor: Our Interview!

Recently I got the chance to go out to the latest This Providence headlining tour and interview your favorite bands from it. All of the bands on the tour are ripping it up in the alternative scene and all of them were either on the cusp of releasing their latest album or writing their new one so there was definitely a lot of excitement around the show.

Anarbor dropped their first full length a week after our interview, and already kids are going crazy over it! It's crazy to think that this is their first full length record as this band has always been on my radar for the last few years at least. Staying together since they were thirteen and fourteen except for one member leaving in 2008, this band has definitely grown up together and matured into the great live show that I was lucky enough to see later that night.

Read on for everything we talked about like their crazy tour schedule that is lining up this year, including all of Warped and what they think they may have been doing if they weren't in music. Maybe we would have seen Slade's name on a soccer jersey even!
If you could collaborate with any other band on this tour say on one song, who would they be.
Slade: Ooh!
Would it be This Providence, The Bigger Lights or The Audition?
Slade: That’s a good question, aah. Depends what type of collaboration we’re making.
Mike: Because if it was writing a song, I would want to do it with This Providence.
Slade: Yeah, this providence!
Mike: But like Seth does all the recording and he wants to do a remix of our song ‘Let The Games Begin’ so for something like that, we would collab with The Audition.
Slade: Yeah, The Audition would be cool too.

And how has the tour been going so far for you guys coming up to the new record?
Slade: It’s been awesome like this is probably one of my favorite tours we’ve ever been on to tell you the truth. It’s lot of friends and good promotion for the record so it’s going really good.
Mike: Everybody’s hanging out, everybody’s good friends.

Good. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen. Maybe not necessarily on this tour?
Slade: We see a lot of crazy stuff but like sometimes the crazy that we think is crazy is not that crazy to us because like it’s so normal.
Mike: Yeah, I get what you’re saying. Like car accidents and things like that, or even things like we’ve done fifty one hour drives. You tell that to a normal person and they’re like ‘Oh my god! How many times did you pull over and stop and sleep’ and we’re like ’we drove the whole fucking way’. You know, its like that type of thing.

What can fans look forward to when coming out to one of your live shows?
Slade: High energy and rock and roll.
Mike: Just in your face I mean. Really we try to get a lot of crowd participation and we really like to get everybody involved. We have a good time! Come out, drink at the bar, do whatever you do (laughs).

What would you say is your favorite part of touring?
Slade: Favorite part of touring. Well I mean, traveling but hands down I love to play music so playing live. We love to play shows, it’s like what we love to do.
Mike: It’s the best part! We get to play in a different state.
Slade: The Music yeah!
Mike: We’re actu
ally going out of the county, so a different country. The UK and Japan all in the next month.
Mike: Yeah, we’re kind of nervous.

Slade: Definitely nervous but pumped at the same time.

And then you come back and play Warped Tour all this summer? You’ve played in the past as well I believe!

Slade: Yeah, we played like you know a couple of weeks here and there last two years but this is actually the first year that we’re actually playing the whole thing so we’re really excited.
What are you most excited for?
Mike: (laughs)…The Catering!
Slade: Catering! The food yeah!
Mike: I heard you eat better on Warped then like anywhere else so I’m like stoked for the catering.
Slade: Good meals yeah. We also have like a lot of fri
ends that are going to be on this one so it will be a lot of fun. Lot of partying.
Well, that’s what Warped Tour is for though.
Mike: Oh yeah! It’s going to be like a band summer camp.
Slade: Yeah, band summer camp. Hanging out.

If you could tour with any three dream bands, who do you think they would be and why?
Mike: Any type of bands we’d like to tour with.
Slade: The Beatles.
Mike: There you go!
Slade: Umm, Bob Marley.
Mike: Yeah. Jimmy Eat World. There you go!
That’s a pretty sweet line up.
Slade: Pretty sweet tour!

How did Anarbor first come together?

Mike: We started when we were thirteen years old. We’ve been the same exact band, we lost a member but we’re same group, same four of us. No member changes or anything like that. Yeah been together (laughs) played a lot of fucking shows.
Slade: (Laughs) We’ve been together forever.

And how did you come up with the name?
Mike: Um, it’s a name we picked. I threw it out there. My family is from Michigan and stuff and we kind of just wanted to pick something that like represents kind of where we come from and like
who we are so that’s why we went with it.

Who would you say, well I know the new album comes out soon so obviously you have some influences maybe going into that album. Who would you say are your bigger ones?
Slade: Maybe not like musically, but definitely like friends definitely influenced this record. Family, I mean just life experiences we’ve gone through. I mean, stuff we do every day, just basically.
Mike: Yeah, everybody experiences different things. I mean we’re all going through temptations. There is all sorts of different things like whether it be with drugs, whether it be with girls, whether it be with drinking. W
hatever it is, you’re growing up, you’re going to experience it. So it’s kind of about, it’s our life.

And that comes out a week from today.
Slade: Yeah exactly a week from today.
Mike: 4/20.
What can fans look forward to. This i
s your first real full length.
Mike: First record ever. We’re stoked. What can they expect? They can expect a lot of diversity amongst the songs. We had a lot of room to work with. Before, we only had six songs so we kind of put out like what we felt were almost like aggressive type songs or whatnot and this gives it a lot more room to see the different sides of Anarbor.
And how did that recording process maybe differ from the last EP’s and the writing process?
Slade: It actually, if anything, it just got better because we worked with Mike with all of our stuff so when we were going in with our full reco
rd, it was just so comfortable. It was like hanging out with our friend writing songs. It was awesome.

I know you’ve been in this band for years and years but maybe if you weren’t, in a crazy life, doing music, what would you be doing?
Slade: Well, I played soccer for a really long time so if I wasn’t in a band, I’d probably be playing soccer. I mean, I wasn’t bad not to brag but (laughs) yeah.
Mike: I would probably be-
Slade: Chess?

Mike: Yeah I’d be like probably a rocket scientist.
Slade: Yeah, that too.
Mike: Final answer (laughs).
And then, like I said, there’s a whole lot of touring. Right when you leave this tour, but you go right to the UK.

Mike: Correct, we literally drop off this tour four days early to go to the UK. We literally fly from Chicago to go to the United Kingdom, we land in London and we don’t know what the fuck we’re going to do.
Slade: We have a lot. I mean we go to London, we come back. We do like a eight day run with Automatic Loveletter and then, um, we’re home for like five days and we go straight to Japan.
Mike: Five day break woo! Then we go to Japan.
Slade: Then we come home for a like a week then we go to Warped Tour so we’re busy!
And do you think that’s going to continue for the rest of year?
Slade: Oh yeah!
Mike: That’s all we do. We tour. That’s how you keep your band going. I mean, we want to be playing to kids every night. Trying to create tha
t draw. Um, a lot of bands these days kind of just expect to be on these big tours and kind of expect for all of this shit to fall in their laps and for them to become big overnight because of fucking myspace but we think you really need to get out there and be touring in order to kind of earn like your keep, if you know what I mean.

Well thank you so much guys.
Slade: Oh, you’re welcome!
Mike: Thank you!

Check out their music on their myspace and catch them in the UK and Japan up until the Warped Tour where they'll be playing the whole thing!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A little something that made smile...Artist on Artist with Andrew McMahon & Matt Nathanson

I have been talking to a good friend of mine who is just as much (if most likely more) a listener of Matt Nathanson as I am and It made me remember this hilarious artist on artist interview I had seen with him and Andrew McMahon of Jack's Mannequin & Something Corporate fame. The duo tour together quite often and both are working on new records from what I know, and both are dream interviews of mine so hopefully those can happen in the somehow near future.

Here's the video, enjoy it. It's amazing.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tremi. New We The Kings & Demi Lovato video!

When I first bought the new We The Kings album 'Smile Kid', I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. Being one of the bands that first started getting me into this music scene, I wasn't ecstatic but there was a stand out track with Demi Lovato and We The Kings in a duet called 'We'll be A Dream' that stood out so much.
Now that I've had time to really soak up the album, I love a lot of the tracks but this song has always stood out and the band just released their brand new video for the track. Oh, and please disregard my need to make it a couple name with Tremi. It's late, and I'm with out coffee! If I get work off next Sunday, I will definitely be making a last minute road trip to catch their tour with The Maine, Cartel, Stereo Skyline and Artist vs Poet! I'll be catching both the Maine and We The Kings on seperate tours this summer, so cross your fingers for a follow up with The Maine & my first time around with We The Kings!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Go Radio: "Do Overs and Second Chances" Review.

From the first track to the seventh, the brand new EP (It came out just a day ago!) from Go Radio, “Do Overs and Second Chances” is definitely one that is going to rock some crowds. Like the title of the EP suggests, the album really seems to tell a story of that exact title. It’s a risk for a band to take on a concept/story but the band wears it well and it will definitely propel them to their break out, as will the tour with A Day To Remember they currently find themselves on!
It seems like the formula to a lot of tracks on this EP are hard hitting, pop punk friendly music and lyrics and then it takes a surprise element of vocals alone that slow it down for just a second, especially in the first two tracks of the EP.
With the second and third tracks of the EP, respectively ‘Thanks for Nothing’ and ‘Letters and Lovenotes’, it seems to have a theme of love going wrong and having the boy be the one who just can’t get over his significant other but it makes for some great lyrics and music. Already, I find myself jamming to the music and I really have a feeling that this band is on the cusp of breaking out. With lyrics like “All I wanted is a happy ending, a better life, just stay with me’, girls are going to melt.
Once you hit the fourth track though, ‘It’s Not A Trap, I Promise’, it turns to finally being over the girl. I love when an album is more of a concept and really tells a story as this one seems to do.
“Goodnight Moon” is a fantastic finale to this EP and a finale to the story where they finally accept what is to be. It really allows the vocalist’s voice to shine along with some great instrumental arrangements.
Overall, this album is a great introduction to a band that is sure to secure a place in your play list. Their music is unpredictable and definitely a treat that differentiates them from most pop punk bands out there today!

Rating: 5/5

Stand out favorites: “Letters and Lovenotes” and “Goodnight Moon”

Track Listing:
1.When Dreams Get Drastic
2.Thanks For Nothing
3.Letters and Lovenotes
4.It’s Not A Trap, I Promise
5.In Our Final Hour
6.You Hold Your Breath, I’ll Hold My Liquor
7.Goodnight Moon

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Behind the scenes of the latest Rooney video: "I Can't Get Enough!"

There are a ridiculous amount of highly anticipated albums this year for me, and one I have already ordered and will be paying for is Eureka from Rooney coming out June 8th. I couldn't be more excited for this release for a few reasons.

One? I finally caught their live show back in December on their Wild One tour and it was amazing. It was actually one of Matt Winter's last shows with the band and last tour so that was a treat as well.

Two? The new single is as catchy as heck.

Three? Their videos are always the cutest and it looks like the new one won't disappoint.

Four? The plans are that I'll be sitting down with this band this summer when they come through the east coast once again in July. The band has already agreed to the interview, and they will be one I'm most nervous for in my whole career thus far.

Check out the behind the scenes video below for the new single "I Can't Get Enough" and look for the video soon, along with the album dropping on June 8th!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Important Announcement: Please Read!

I have made the decision to leave Shred News after the short time spent there and it is due to a few reasons but one major one is the idea that I have worked incredibly hard for everything I have done in my career so far. I have taken the initiative to do everything for myself and that is leading to the decision to make my own website that I will run personally, and not just a blog. The blog will be a section of it but it is going to be a whole bunch of things. I'll keep you updated here as we continue in the process but for now look for a few reviews coming your way, one from the current ADTR tour, The Girl In A Coma tour and the 'Bout Damn Tour along with a slew of interviews with bands from all of those tours with so much more coming!

I'll be reviewing a bunch of the new albums that are coming out/have come out so keep an eye on that as well but for now enjoy the brand new debut music video from one of the bands I sat down with this week at the 'Bout Damn Tour': The Bigger Lights!

Hey Summer (Official Music Video)


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where have you been?: A Rocket To The Moon Interview second time around!

They may not be a house hold name just yet, but A Rocket To The Moon are sure pushing to make it happen, and listen to the hype! They've toured with so many big names like 30h!3, The Maine, Cobra Starship, Boys Like Girls and are now finding themselves on the latest Motion City Soundtrack tour along with Fun. and Sing it Loud. I've sat down with Nick and Andrew from the band during the OP Tour before, and I got on the phone with Justin Richards this time around to talk about how they think the album is doing, the band that they would be most likely to collaborate with on their current tour line up and their plans for the next few months, amongst other things!

You just started your most recent tour with Motion City Soundtrack, Fun. and Sing it Loud. Already you've suffered some van set backs, but besides those problems how has the tour been going for you guys?
(laughs) Besides the van problems? It’s been amazing and its just been cool. We love all the music, the crowds have been awesome. It’s a lot of fun really.

Last time I talked to Nick and Andrew during the OP tour, On Your Side had been out for less than two months. Now that kids have had more of a chance to really soak it in, how do you feel it has been doing?
I think it’s doing well. Kids have been singing along and have been responding really well. It seems like it’s doing pretty consecutive numbers. It’s fun to see kids singing along and the more we tour on it, the more we see on it. Nothing to complain about!

You’ve toured with so many big names now like Cobra Starship, 3OH!3 and now MCS. If you could tour with any three dream acts, who do you think they would be and why?
Coldplay of course, I’ve always loved that band. Let’s see Kings of Leon and maybe Phantom Planet or something like that. I’ve always wanted to tour with the Format and now I kind of am with Nate (Nate Ruess, ex-Format).

What would you say personally is your favorite part of the touring experience?
The fact that we get to be in a different state every night like last night we went to the White Sox game but we just have a really fun job and we’re really lucky to be able to go to a different town every night.

If you could collaborate with another artist on your current tour, be it Fun., Sing it Loud or Motion City Soundtrack, who would you choose and what do you think the song would be about?
I would pick Fun. For sure and I think they are so talented. I mean I don’t know, it would have witty lyrics about I think love and you know kind of like heartbreak and stuff. Like talking about young love, something like that.

What can fans look forward when coming out to one of your shows?
We try to put off the vibe that we’re having a great time and just have a good time and do whatever you want to do kind of idea. We just like to play music!

What are some of your favorite cities to play or what cities are you looking forward to on this tour?

I love this place( Milwaukee)! I love LA, New York is fun. Nashville is probably one of my favorites.

Personally, what was the first show you ever went to as a kid?
I always went to like friends’ shows around town and my first real one was like Blink 182, New found Glory and Sum 41.

What can fans look forward to for the rest of 2010 from you guys as of now?
Lots of touring, we’ll be out all summer. New video for “Like I Used To”. Probably within three months, just keep an eye out for touring. Maybe new music!
(laughs) Maybe?
(laughs) Maybe!

Monday, April 12, 2010

I promise guys, it's gonna get sweet!

So, Lately everything on here has been actual things you may see on a blog. Shocker I know, but for some reason people are coming back, so I wanted to write a little update!

I have had some crazy opportunities lately and wanted to write you a little story because I know it may seem like I'm slacking off on you, but let me tell you it's really the exact opposite. Monday and Tuesday has now become my weekend, and currently I'm writing to you here at 2:15 in the morning and I just got home from Toursick, the latest A Day To Remember headliner. I sat down with the band themselves along with new friends in Veara and an old pal in Shane from Silverstein. This was our attempt at creativity in pictures. It's magical, I tell you!Along with some great interviews from all of those bands, I'll be heading right back to Boston in the morning to cover the This Providence headlining tour in its' entirety. I'll be interviewing all four bands (The Bigger Lights, Anarbor, The Audition and This Providence themselves) and I promise to take plenty of pictures. If you've been reading this blog for a while or just use that little search bar, you'll know that I've email interviewed with both The Bigger Lights and The Audition so I'm excited to see what comes from these in person interviews! I'm pretty sure I'll have some new favorites after tomorrow, seeing how tonight went!

I also worked on a preview with those rocket to the moon boys for their new tour! They currently find themselves on tour with Motion City Soundtrack and I'll be posting my interview with Justin tomorrow for you. Along with touring plans, when are they not on the road, Justin did tell us about some music! Find their latest video update below where they learn not to put chocolate bars in their engine, life lessons!

Keep on coming back please, because every day I realize how far I've come and how grateful I am for every interview I get granted, the concerts I experience, the new music I receive, the great connections I've made at labels and the friends I've made along the way. Also, look for a possible website that's all mine soon. Thanks for reading and read AP!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just something that made me smile.

Oh Breathe Carolina boys, I miss you. Check out my two interviews with the band on the blog!

Review: The Rocket Summer in Worcester 4/8

I don't make the trip to Worcester too, too often but when I do it's for a act I really want to catch and one of those times was this past Thursday when The Rocket Summer or Bryce Avary was playing an intimate club show in between two much bigger tours with One Republic and The Goo Goo Dolls. The show featured two local Boston bands Lannen Fall and View From An Airplane, both have interviews coming this way soon and made for a great lineup! I've become a sucker for the local Boston music scene, but I think that's the best kind!

First up was View From An Airplane and they put on just as great as a show as I saw when they opened for Lannen Fall and Sparks The Rescue a while back! This musical project is pretty new to the Boston scene but they have definitely made a name for themselves and had some fans in the audience singing along to the lyrics. Their stage presence is pretty dynamic, and unlike a lot of bands can actually control and do both slow and fast songs with out a hitch.

Recently releasing their debut EP "All The Right Words", they played several tracks off the EP including their stand out track 'Alive'! This band is a true group of passionate musicians and I'm looking forward to the next time I have a chance to catch them! Look for an interview to be posted with in the next few weeks with this band as well!

Next up was Lannen Fall, a Boston band as well who actually announced the next day that they will be calling an end to their Lannen Fall chapter of their life! You can catch two last shows from them though one in May and then their farewell in June! It was my second time catching this band with the first being back in March, and I thought it was even better then the last time! Their stage presence is undeniable and Danny, who has been working it on vocals lately killed it. They played a lot of their bigger hits like Holly Hospital and Miss Innocent amongst a bunch of old tunes which made for a whole different vibe. They definitely had a lot of fans in attendance and it showed with the way the crowd was into it from the first song to the last song! After seeing the talent in just the two sets I've been able to see, I really hope all the best to this talented quintet and will be posting my interview with them soon on Music Remedy! They will definitely be missed in the local boston scene and I'll be sure to catch their farewell show, and you should make it too!

And last, but definitely not least, The Rocket Summer took over the stage! More often seen in arena settings and large venues, it was a rare chance to catch them on a headlining tour in an intimate club tour. The start of his set seemed like a hit parade with Do You Feel, Roses, Hills and Valleys and You Gotta Believe all with in the first four tracks of his set and it just continued on from there! Be sure to catch him on all of Warped Tour this summer to really experience what his set is. It's extremely powerful and definitely a treat! I sat down with Bryce that night, so look for my interview with him as well!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The girls that should have been the soundtrack of Grease.

When Sandy and Danny were sharing a strawberry milkshake across the table, when the pink ladies were having a sleepover and when the seniors were enjoying their carnival, these ladies should have been the soundtrack. You know, if Grease came out this year.

Over the past few months, I have had a thorough introduction to the boom she bop she bop music and the ladies behind the music that you just want to do the sock hop to and snap your fingers the whole way through. The Living Girls, She & Him and A Fine Frenzy are all making a name for themselves and their melodic happy lyrics and beats. I just got an email featuring the latest video from my personal favorite out of the three, A Fine Frenzy just released her video for her latest single Electric Twist and it may be the most adorable thing ever. I first caught the live set from A Fine Frenzy when she was headlining a show I had attended to see Landon Pigg and you can't help but dance along to her songs.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Interview with the band formerly known as Giant Space Bear...Sleeperstar!

The new one today for you is the great pop rock quintet coming from Dallas Texas, Sleeperstar. I sat down with this talented group while they were on the road as main support for Green River Ordinance in Cambridge at Harper's Ferry this February. I sat down with the group as a whole and they made for a very memorable interview be it their anecdotes, influences or their personalities themselves! During our interview, we talked about everything from their major influences to both the made up story and the real story behind their name. We also talked about their debut album that will be coming out on June 8th, ‘Just A Ghost’ along with how they went about writing and recording that album!
Sleeperstar started just a few short years ago, and since then have already started to make a positive name for themselves with their latest EP release ‘To Speak, To Love, To Listen’. Their melodic pop rock is sure to get you moving, and they’ll be bringing their show across the country playing shows every where you look, in particular for Boston fans on May 7th at Tommy Doyle’s. Read on for my exclusive interview regarding all the plans the boys have lined up for their fall and influential things like their first shows! For once with this band, their first shows were acts like Switchfoot, Smashing Pumpkins and Damien Rice which was something incredibly different from a lot of the past answers like Nsync and Christina Aguilera. This group is definitely a band I’ll be watching for and you should be too!

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