Saturday, May 30, 2009

See some music with me?

Hey Guys!

I'm always going to see live music and lucky for me a few of the amazing bands I have worked with and will be working with at the shows are coming all next weekand. It's going to be a great time!
So if you find yourselves itching for some live music, and you live in the Montreal area, here are the upcoming dates among many great shows happening soon :

June 4th at Le National, I'll be talking with Here Goes The Magic out of Brooklyn who will be opening for Grizzly Bear that night.

On June 5th, I will be running around this great city of ours like a crazy lady going to two shows, one being at Divan Orange with Montreal treasure Hollerado and then at Caberet Just For Laughs with the amazing JF Robaitaille doing interviews at both shows (so look for all of these video *exciting* interviews soon) 

and ending up the weekand with two in one venue night with Norglen and Benefit of A Doubt on Saturday night! Norglen being one who I have already interviewed which you can find here on this blog and with Benefit of A Doubt we are looking forward to finally meeting at the show to do our interview! This show will be at an awesome new venue which is a collab project between some great music promoters at Il Motore!

So if you find yourself craving some live music, let me know and hope to see you guys hearing some sweet tunes!

Can't Stop Waking Up To...The Midway State

With "Never Again" quickly climbing the charts and touring around the world, Toronto based band The Midway State show no signs of stopping soon. I'm a sucker for some good piano playing and  Nathan Ferraro does not disappoint in this department in any nature. Along with Nathan, Daenen Bramberger, Mike Wise and Mike Kirsh respectively on drums, guitar, and bass are the perfect pieces to complete the puzzle that is the Midway State. 

The passion in this band is never doubted when rocking at their live shows on tour with such acts as Theory of a Deadman, Shiny Toy Guns, Chris Daughtry, Mika and Lifehouse nor when watching their music videos that garner over 200,000 views combined. 

Recently, I was lucky enough to sit down via the inter webs with one of the  guys and we talked everything  from what would be the best super power to their favorite venue!

How did you come up with the name The Midway State? Was it ever anything else?
It has always been The Midway State. When we were teenagers, growing up, it made sense to us at that point in our lives. Transitioning. It's grown to mean many other things. Whatever you like!

How do you go about the song writing process?
Usually Nathan will write the basis of a song and we'll flesh it out as a band in the rehearsal space and in the recording studio. 

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Teletransportation so I could be wherever whenever. 

What did you want to be when you were ten years old?
A rock star!

Who are your major inspirations?
Too many to list but everyone from Bob Dylan and Neil Young to Coldplay and Radiohead to Dr.Dre to Miles Davis.

What is your favorite venue to play? Your dream one?
The best venue we've played is "Le Zenith" in Paris, France. It's a really amazing arena style venue.  A dream venue would be Red Rocks Amphitheatre in the US. It's a beautiful outdoor natural amphitheatre.  

If you had to put your music into little genre boxes, what would the top three ones be?
Rock, pop, pop/rock!

What was the first concert you ever went to? The first album you bought?
My first concert was the Dave Matthews Band.
First album was "Nevermind" by Nirvana. 

What is your favorite treat?
Snickers..Ketchup Chips!

Any last words?
Rock on.

You can find more of their music here including the title song 'Can't Stop Waking Up to You' here
The great video to their hit single "Never Again". Check it out if you're like me being a sucker for a good piano:

Artist Of The Week: A Cursive Memory

I'm a sucker for covers, and always the ones that seem to come out of nowhere. That's what I got when I came across a cover of that over played Rihanna hit (not like it's any different from her others!) 'Disturbia' but with a twist from the band A Cursive Memory. It regained my trust in these guys and brought back some sweet memories from when I first heard of them and their crazy phenom idea of 'Bandarazzi'.

This band went around where they grew up in West Hollywood, carrying around a stereo blasting their tunes and quickly taking pictures of themselves with random celebrities (and a little ditty with TMZ). During this celebrity picture taking phase with Carlton from the Fresh Prince and Spiderman included, I quickly fell for these guys but after a while, they fell off my radar and now they have regained a spot!

You can check out more of their music here, including the cover of Disturbia. 

Friday, May 29, 2009

For those summer barbecues.

Last week, I posted links to some great mixes done by the deejays of Moustache Men being DJ Funk, Classi Assi and New Money and here we go with another one! This one was just released yesterday to my knowledge and it's perfect for those summer barbecues that you may have planned. It's "Chillin' Illin'& Grillin' and is perfect for grilling some good old chicken kabobs (my favorite!) and lasts about the time it takes, eighty minutes!

It's a collaboration with the Moustache Men deejays and Faction Soundcrew, coming out of Vancouver. From my understanding, it's a fifteen minute mix from each deejay involved in the project and you can hear my favorite mix of Yeah somewhere in the mix too. You can find it right here so throw it on along with those steaks and you're in for a good time!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beat Radio IS the teenage anthem.

"We navigate freely the arc of the starbright evening the classic rock station says 'don't stop believing.' 'It's more then a feeling," are just a snippet and preview of the amazing lyrics that the guys in Beat Radio have been singing since their first public appearance in 2005. Lead by Brian Sendrowitz, Phil Jiminez, Brian Ver Straten and Frank Gagliardi, based out of Bellmore, NY have been blending in their 60's influences with indie noise and a few electronic elements to make songs like Teenage Anthem and Treetops quick moving classics. 

Being compared to great bands and one who Brian lists as one of his classic inspirations   like Broken Social Scene, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Sparklehorse and Luna is no small feat. When listening to  their three musical projects, their LP The Great Big Sea and two EPs (The Ecstatic and Miracle Flag), there is a lot of evidence in the comparisons but Beat Radio gives a little something more. I've been listening to these indie darlings for a while now which is why when Brian Sendrowitz agreed to do an interview, I knew I was in for some great, thoughtful answers and couldn't wait! 

How did you come up with the name Beat Radio? Has it ever changed?
I though the name was memorable, and for me it makes a reference to the Beat generation literary movement of the 50's. Ever since I started reading Jack Kerouac  when I was 17 I was drawn to a certain ethos that these guys inhabited. I try to carry on with some of that spirit, not only in the way I create art, but in the way I approach life in general. I've never used another band name, though I have put out a couple albums under my own name. They were more acoustic based singer songwriter records. 

How do you go about the song writing process? Is there something about it that may make you a little different from some other acts?
I write words all the time. I walk around with songs in my head. Its not the most practical way to function as a human being, but I wouldn't want to trade places with anyone. My songs are probably more lyrically driven than most other bands. I try to write with an open heart, from a place that is genuine and unguarded

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Sometimes I think I might like to have the power to make time stand still.

What did you want to be when you were ten years old? Does it affect you at all today?
I wanted to play first base for the New York Yankees. I'm not interested in sports at all anymore, but I think I took part of that dream with me. I still have that competitive spirit and a sort of grandiose ambition. 

Who are your major inspirations?
There are so many, but the ones I always go back to are Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Yo La Tengo, Sparklehorse, Neutral Milk Hotel and The Replacements. 

Who would be the top three acts you would most like to tour with?
Probably Sparklehorse and Wilco. Maybe The Digg's because they're my friends and it would be really fun.

What is your favorite venue to play? Your dream one?
My favorite venue to play is Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn. From the very first time we played there they always made us feel at home. I grew up going to shows at the Jones Beach amphitheater on Long Island, so I guess I've daydreamed a bit about someday playing there. 

If you HAD to,though everyone hates this kind of question, how would you explain your music to people who have never heard of your stuff before?
Beat Radio plays: teenage anthems for the drunken boat, flea market pop, arena rock for mystics, ramshackle electro

What is your favorite snack/treat?
I'm off sugar. My most frequent indulgences are coffee in the day time, beer in the night time. 

Any last words?
Everything is possible. Nothing is beyond your grasp. It just takes practice. To quote Henry  Miller: "Once You have given up the ghost, everything follows with dead certainty, even in the midst of chaos." Also, the new Beat Radio is coming out this summer! Thanks for getting the word out about our music!

You can find great songs like Treetops and my personal favorite Teenage Anthem right here 
and I hope when these boys come up north, you'll be at that show with me too!

Monday, May 25, 2009

These boys are worth more then just A Moment's

Good thing I read other music blogs since one had  included the awesome guys of A Moment's Worth, a five member group out of the Bronx who have been friends since forever. At first glance, they may seem like the typical pop punk band that is all over your airwaves, but ten seconds into any of their songs and you know that is not what this band is about at all. Yes, there is a bit of that flavour but there is also something extra about these guys and one song never sounds like another. Every one has a different flare to it!

The guys recently got signed to In and Out Records(Japan) which is crazy and have released three albums all available on iTunes. They have also been featured on sites like and and also released a video for their great song, The Eternal Optimist which you can find at the end of this interview. These guys are constantly growing their fan base and are going to be huge some day!

I recently sat down via the inter webs, with the lead vocalist Alex Bondarev and Anthony Albanese who is one of the two guitar players in the band. We talked everything from their major inspirations (both in music and life) to their favorite treats (Believe  me, they are both delicious!): 

How did you guys come up with the name A Moment's Worth? Has it ever changed before?
Alex: We first started out as Dibs on Anthony, which we came up with when we first started playing our instruments. As our sound and style changed we wanted a name that really captured the feel of the band and the direction we were heading in.  So after some thinking, we took it from a line in one of our newer songs at the time, Cross My Heart--"a moment's worth is what you make it," which we felt captured what this band is about.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Alex: To fly, because flying rocks. Who wouldn't want to fly?
Anthony: To have Austin Power's mojo.

What did you want to be when you were ten years old? Is it still the same thing?
Alex: I wanted to be either a musician or a comic book artist-I absolutely loved drawing and writing my own comic books. There was a period when I was nine where I wanted to be a rap artist as well (no joke).  I guess I'm living out my dreams today as A-Train (if you hear any of the hidden tracks on our CDs, you'll find out what I mean).
Anthony: I'd rather be a rock star, or a fireman.

Who are your major inspirations in music and life?
Alex: My inspiration really is anyone who is a part of my life--especially my family--my parents, my little brother and sister,my girlfriend and my friends. But I am inspired tremendously every day in things I read, people I talk to and things I see. I've found inspiration to be pretty abundant if you're open to it. 
As far as musicians/bands go, the biggest inspirations for me are Third Eye Blind and Jimmy Eat's World. I'm also a huge fan of our friends, another local band from the Bronx called Looking Glass Wars, as well as a lot of other really talented groups from in our hometown scene, The Bronx Underground. 

Anthony: Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, Jeremy from A Day To Remember, and Robert Downey Jr. 

What are your three dream acts to tour with if you had the opportunity?
Alex: Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Eat's World and Goldfinger
Anthony: A Day To Remember, New Found Glory and Goldfinger

If you had to put your music into three little boxes, what would the top three genres be?
Alex: Hmm...this tough for any band or musician I think but if I had to I'd put it in rock/alternative/indie.
Anthony: Pop-Punk? Indie? Punk?I don't know, we just play what sounds good...probably need more then three boxes lol.

What is your music guilty pleasure? Your TV one?
Alex: I'm a big sucker for any girl musician with a really pretty voice--Vanessa Carlton, Imogen Heap, this girl group Au Revoir Simone from Brooklyn (they write such beautiful/catchy songs!), Taylor Swift haha.
TV-90's Disney channel shows, Boy Meets World, Full House and Family Matters.
Anthony: Music-Taylor Swift's Love Story
TV-Nick toons

What is your favorite venue to play? Your dream one?
Alex: My favorite venues are those we play with The Bronx Underground--especially FLC, Amvets, The Point. Dream ones-Irving Plaza and Madison Square Garden.
Anthony: The St. Theresa Feast in the Bronx is my fav..if we could play Irving Plaza I'd shit myself lol.

What was the first album you bought? The first concert you went to?
Alex: First Album--The Fugees: The Score (this is back in my rap-star-wanting-to-be days when I was 9). 
First Concert--Green Day when I was 12 at the Roseland Ballroom--it changed my life.
Anthony: First album was Green Day's Dookie ...first show was Edna's Goldfish and Catch 22 at the Wetlands lol.

What's your favorite treat?
Alex: Cinnabons! Deeeelicious!
Anthony: Gushers lol.

And now for some either/or's:

Rangers or Islanders
Alex: Rangers!
Anthony:Let's go Rangers!

Kanye West or Pharell
Alex: Kanye, even though he likes fish sticks.
Anthony: I hate Kanye, so Pharell.

MTV or Vh1
Alex: The Food Network
Anthony: MTV

The Beatles or the Monkees
Alex: The Beatles.
Anthony: I don't know...I don't listen to either one lol.

The guys are playing a few shows in the New York area this weekend, if any of you guys find yourselves in New York playing in Port Chester, NY on Friday and playing my favorite play (even though I have never been there, because it's Pete Wentz's music bar) Angels & Kings on Saturday night!

Also, if you can't click your way to their myspace and music here
you can always check out the video for their song Eternal Optimist right now!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Here goes something a little different..

..but deserving of the same amount of attention. 

Lately, I've been spending my Thursdays at the place we've learned to love, oh Reggies.Reggies is the student bar at Concordia and one that is frequented by a lot of those who read this blog. If you have  been dancing on the dance floor, especially this summer on Retox Thursdays, you have heard the mixes and beats of DJ F.U.N.K. (and occasionally Marlowe!) 

The reason I'm writing here though is because just recently, DJ F.U.N.K. released his boogie remix of Yeah by Usher and it's definitely something you should try taking a listen too. You can find it here along with an amazing thirty minute set or so DJ F.U.N.K. or Andrew put together with the rest of Moustache Men, who also just finished a cross country Canada tour and are still playing some sets together back home here in Montreal. You can find that set here . This mix set brings everything together, taking from a hit by Ciara to going back a few decades and it all blends together perfectly.

Enjoy, and I'll be trying to put up more of these types of things when they come up. :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Video Of the Week, not Weak

Cause even though your miles away, I still am feeling the love for Treaty of Paris lately. They are a great band out of Chicagoland who I first met at a show here in Montreal while they were opening for Jack's Mannequin and FUN.  They have put up some new songs which you can find here and I am also trying to a show for them here in Montreal.

This video is an amazing acoustic cover that Mike Chorvat, the lead singer learned how to play on guitar for a lucky group of people, with the merch guy cleverly trying to make sales out of it :)

Enjoy. Hopefully. :)

Miss You Yet? Yes I do.

With their single "Miss You Yet" rising in popularity and their current tour across Canada with Benefit of A Doubt (You can catch them tonight in Grand Prairie, AB!), these boys are quickly becoming Toronto's own indie phenom out of a great music scene.  The creative juices are flowing when it comes to their music, videos, and even through their CD designs. Just take a look at their latest video for the single Miss You Yet! 

Recently I sat down via the inter webs with the bass guitar player, Hugh Allen and we talked about everything ranging from Mr. Hugh Allen's love for the Beatles and all the varied influences that may be affecting the tunes they are putting out. 

How did you come up with the name Norglen? Did that name ever change?
The name came from the street Andrew, Joel and Branden grew up on in Alberta where the band started.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Being able to fly would be great. Better than being stuck at any airports.

What did you want to be when you were ten years old? Is it the same thing today?
It is. I have always pictured myself playing music and here I am. 

Who are your major inspirations in music and life?
Wow, that's a loaded question. I'm a fan of people that vary their sounds over the years.  David Bowie, Trent Reznor. Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo and Johnny Marr have been a big influence being a guitar player.  Trail of dead, Brand New, Foo Fighters, Neil Young, Pavement, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, The Smiths, Sunny day Real Estate and Wilco are all big inspirations just to name a few.

What are your dream top three acts to tour with?
Touring with Foo Fighters would be amazing, they always do a great show.  The Stills would be great to tour with, I'm liking their new CD a lot.  It would be amazing also to tour with The Strokes, we actually cover one of their songs in our live show.

If you had to put your music into little boxes, what would the top three genres be?
Indie Pop Rock Alternative haha.

What is your music guilty pleasure? Your TV one?
I don't really have a music guilty pleasure, I'll love all kinds of music.  I'm not really ashamed of anything in my collection...yet.  As for T.V., I'm really addicted to anything on the Food network. I can't get enough of it.

What is your favorite venue to play? Your dream one?
Favorite venue so far would be either Lee's Palace or the Mod Club.  The dream one would be Wembley Stadium.

What was the first album you bought? The first concert you ever went to?
First album I bought was Sonic Youth's 'Daydream Nation', still one of my favorites.  Teen age Riot is a really great song.
First show I went to was Oasis at the Maple Leaf Gardens, it was the tour they did in support of 'Be Here Now'.  It was a solid show.

What's your favorite treat?
Anything that has chocolate in it.

Now for some either/or's...
Poutine or Smoked Meat: Hands down Poutine
Kanye West or 50 Cent: Kanye West is the winner
MTV or Vh1: MTV
The Beatles or the Monkees: The Beatles 100% one of the greatest bands of all time!!

The boys of Norglen will be joined by Benefit of a Doubt in Montreal at Il Motore on June 6th, I hope to see all of you there. You can find their music here 

Something that Makes Me Smile

It is random, but exciting and maybe it's just my musical crush on the boys of Augustana and Jack's Mannequin, but while listening to some Norglen on their official myspace which you can find here , I realized that within their top eight friends are both Augustana and Jack's Mannequin.

This may seem incredibly lame of me, but normally for me I see top friends ending up as tour mates. Would that be a dream tour?
Why yes it would.

Want to see some live music?

Hey everyone. I know it has been a while of time since I posted something last but be prepared for some marathon work lately. I have some interviews with some great bands like The Movement, Chester French and Linden coming your way and I am also going to be putting up some video pieces soon along with some concert reviews. 

A few bands I have been talking with and two I have finished interviews with are going to be playing Montreal in about two weeks. On June 5th, half local Montreal/half Manotick, ONT band Hollerado will be playing Le Divan Orange with special guests Zeroes and The Goodluck Assembly for their Pop Montreal Tour, which shares it's name with the popular Montreal festival.  The boys of Hollerado just returned from a tour to China with The Stills and have plenty of dates coming up which you can check out all over Canada ranging from playing Ottawa with Malajube to Victoria, British Colombia all within the next month of June.  

Another concert coming up, just the day after Hollerado's set are two bands that I have finished interviews with (up today!), Toronto's own indie wonder Norglen and the boys of Benefit of a Doubt at Il Motore on June 6th.  These two acts are currently on tour with each other across Canada and it's going to be a great show and treat to see them play the same venue and knowing both of them.

I'll be at both of these shows and look forward to seeing some faces at them. Both promise to be great nights. 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I made you a mixtape.

A little ditty before I go to bed for the day, slash attempt to work on the Norglen piece a bit. 

I had a slacker day filled with endless pots of coffee, two horribly rom com style movies that I loved, and now going to bed for my next slacker day,

but do yourselves a favor and check out 'beat radio' to make that little indie heart of yours go boom. brian sendowitz is genius.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just A Little Something that Made Me Smile

I'm having a lot of those lately.

I write about them all the time on here, but I just saw this video that Chester French (I know it's crazy how much I feature them on here) did during their tour with Lady Gaga and The White Tie Affair that they just came off of. They are just looking for some good old advice really, and we are just trying to spread the movement.

What movement you ask? Just watch DA and Max explain it all :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Talking to those Believe Berlin boys.

Finding Believe Berlin from recommendations of friends who were like me in their love for the Midway State was a gem.  The boys of Believe Berlin have it all in their music. Amazing, catchy lyrics and beats and rythms all mixed together.  They also have this writer's heart since they are from the beautiful city that she currently finds herself living in..oh Montreal!  

When we sat down via the interwebs, like most of my interviews right now, everything was down and I knew that they were even more amazing when they all choose la poutine as their favorite over smoked meat, even better when it was Le Banquise from Duke. I'm a sucker for boys who appreciate the fattiest foods ever. Also, there are some pretty unique and classy treat choices. It's offical. Food? It's a weakness. 

How did the band come up with the name Believe Berlin?Has it ever changed before?
Duke: Random
Eli: It was taken after drinking a lot, looking at my lyrics, combined with my obsession of wanting to go there. It's pretty random.
Luke: With the help of Dr. Bang and Mr. Booze

If you could have any superpower, which one and why?
Duke: Make life eternal
Eli: I would force people who use car horns too much to perish.
Luke: The one that rules them all.
Dennis: Time Travel.

What did you each want to be when you were ten years old?
Duke: Camera Man
Eli: Marine Biologist 
Luke: Astronaut
Dennis: Millionaire

What is your favorite venue to play? Your dream one?
Duke: Favorite Venue: Club Soda (Montreal). Dream one: Wembeley Stadium
Eli: Mod Club, Toronto
Luke: Spectrum, Tokyo Dome

Who are your major inspirations?
Duke: Music in general.
Eli: Pete Doherty, David Gahan, Matthew Bellamy, Liam Gallagher, Tom Petty
Luke: People and organized nonsense
Dennis: Booze

Who are the top three acts you guys would like to tour with?
Duke: Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins and U2
Eli: Libertines, Motley Crew, Nirvana
Luke: Muse, U2, Coldplay
Dennis: Muse, Led Zeppelin, Primus

If you were to classify your music into three genres, what would they be?
Duke: Indie, Rock, Alternative
Eli: rock and roll, rock,and, roll

What was the first album you ever bought? The first concert you went to?
Duke: 1st album: Fat Boys (The TWIST); 1st concert: Metallica Novembre 1991 Montreal
Eli: 1st album: Siamese Dream, Smashing Pumpkins ; 1st concert: Kideo...
Luke: 1st album: Bon Jovi New Jersey; 1st concert: Slayer
Dennis: 1st album: Vanilla Ice; 1st concert: Anthrax with White Zombie

What is your favorite snack/treat?
Duke: General Tao
Eli: Sushi
Luke: Olives
Dennis: Bacon

And now for some either or's!
Always fun..maybe?

Habs or Alouettes? HABS.
MTV or Much Music? MM
Poutine or Smoked Meat? Poutine (La Banquise)
Chocolate or Vanilla?Chocolate

Habs or Alouettes?Habs
MTV or Much Music?Both terrible.
Poutine or Smoked Meat?Poutine with smoked meat. 
Chocolate or Vanilla?I like vanilla yogurt.

Habs or Alouettes?Habs
MTV or Much Music?MM
Poutine or Smoked Meat?Pout Pout
Chocolate or Vanilla?Chocolate

Habs or Alouettes?Habs
MTV or Much Music?MTV
Poutine or Smoked Meat?Poutine with extra bacon
Chocolate or Vanilla?Chocolate


These boys were amazingly funny, patient and kind and because of that (and of course their amazing music), take the time to catch them if they are near you :)They just finished some dates with the Midway State out of Toronto( look for their interview soon!) and I know I hope to see them on the road again soon, particulary making a stop again in their hometown. We can totally get some poutine together soon, right? 

Besides that though, you can find their music here 

Just A Little Something That Made Me Smile.

While watching a few tour video diaries that those boys of Treaty of Paris put together, I saw this hilarious group of younger boys who frequented a few of them, the boys of the Frantic. A video popped up in my youtube subscription box (Wow, maybe I shouldn't have admitted I actually subscribe to people on youtube) of the boys on their "Maul" tour, yes that is what it said but besides that fact, there was a video of their famous cover of Build Me Up Buttercup. 

I found the video on the youtube channel for where they do a quick introduction for the performance but what makes it even seemingly sweeter is that these guys are barely legal, with the front man barely eighteen which kind of turns the rock and roll into something sweet like honey. 

A Sit Down with The Ease Down

Listening to the very talented Ben Wilkins and his band The Ease Down perform their illustrated and powerful  songs at the Concordia Student Union  Winter Orientation concert, I knew that they were a treasure to remember. I talked to Ben at the show and decided to sit down and talk about the direction of the band, life on the road and his inspirations soon after all via the interwebs. When you hear a band classify themselves as “Pop music is preferable, and then Gangster Pop followed by Roid Rock,” you would have no idea what to expect  of what you are getting into. That is unless you are lucky enough to already know the make up of The Ease Down.   

A band may change over time depending on the changing times and events, that may be why I asked Ben what the first album he bought was and his first concert experience, one where he snuck in as a kid to a Sloan concert. “When I was a kid I hid in the bathroom to once to see Sloan at a university bar.  The Dears opened.  It was an amazing show, beer flew everywhere, and I wondered why none of the security guards noticed that I was very underage. “His first album buying experience he believes was Miles E. Davis Kind of Blue, “It’s a classic, so I guess I started safe.  Before that I mostly listened to mix tapes. “ Buying a Miles Davis album may have not seem like the most preliminary artist  on the path to whom he cites as his major inspirations in life ranging from classical songwriters the likes of Paul Simon and Stevie Wonder to Fiona Apple and Joni Mitchell. There are also other influences in his life though, some that may surprise you including the film Notorious.  

            With this influences, it makes each song excitedly unexpected and gives a great sound to each song in its own way. Ben’s answers I found particulary interesting to this question, especially the last for me which I find really sweet: “U2 - not because I think our music is similar but because I think it would be fun to play in front of a huge crowd that is easily impressed. An opening spot for Shakira would be fun too.  And I fantasize about being apart of Def Leppard’s 2009 summer tour.  What I wouldn’t give to sing those guys some catchy pop-ditties.” Imagine pop becoming a big part of Def Leppard songs. It could change the world! 

            When Ben Wilkins was attemping to put together what we know now as the Ease Down,  he seems to go the way of the internet, “I met Armen on the internet.  He was looking for a band and I was looking for a bass player.  It was beautiful,” oh and also places that may be a little out of the ordinary, “ I met Hugo at a step aerobics class.  There was just something about his rhythm.” You can never guess how bands will choose their name. For the Ease Down, it was like pavlov’s bell for Ben from when he used to work for a moving company and would say easy down easy down.

            They have gone on tour around the United States and Canada, have had some great experiences and some not so great. One faithful memory is of their goldfish from tour, “We also won a goldfish at a county fair and felt responsible for it so we decided to free it in Lake Erie,” ranging to when they were called names in Indiana like “creeper” and “long hair” but these experiences only made them stronger.

            The people behind the music of the Ease Down plan on visiting the United States soon and I look forward to seeing them play soon again in Montreal. You can find their music here


The video below is also their video for my favorite song, Shapeshifter: