Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beat Radio IS the teenage anthem.

"We navigate freely the arc of the starbright evening the classic rock station says 'don't stop believing.' 'It's more then a feeling," are just a snippet and preview of the amazing lyrics that the guys in Beat Radio have been singing since their first public appearance in 2005. Lead by Brian Sendrowitz, Phil Jiminez, Brian Ver Straten and Frank Gagliardi, based out of Bellmore, NY have been blending in their 60's influences with indie noise and a few electronic elements to make songs like Teenage Anthem and Treetops quick moving classics. 

Being compared to great bands and one who Brian lists as one of his classic inspirations   like Broken Social Scene, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Sparklehorse and Luna is no small feat. When listening to  their three musical projects, their LP The Great Big Sea and two EPs (The Ecstatic and Miracle Flag), there is a lot of evidence in the comparisons but Beat Radio gives a little something more. I've been listening to these indie darlings for a while now which is why when Brian Sendrowitz agreed to do an interview, I knew I was in for some great, thoughtful answers and couldn't wait! 

How did you come up with the name Beat Radio? Has it ever changed?
I though the name was memorable, and for me it makes a reference to the Beat generation literary movement of the 50's. Ever since I started reading Jack Kerouac  when I was 17 I was drawn to a certain ethos that these guys inhabited. I try to carry on with some of that spirit, not only in the way I create art, but in the way I approach life in general. I've never used another band name, though I have put out a couple albums under my own name. They were more acoustic based singer songwriter records. 

How do you go about the song writing process? Is there something about it that may make you a little different from some other acts?
I write words all the time. I walk around with songs in my head. Its not the most practical way to function as a human being, but I wouldn't want to trade places with anyone. My songs are probably more lyrically driven than most other bands. I try to write with an open heart, from a place that is genuine and unguarded

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Sometimes I think I might like to have the power to make time stand still.

What did you want to be when you were ten years old? Does it affect you at all today?
I wanted to play first base for the New York Yankees. I'm not interested in sports at all anymore, but I think I took part of that dream with me. I still have that competitive spirit and a sort of grandiose ambition. 

Who are your major inspirations?
There are so many, but the ones I always go back to are Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Yo La Tengo, Sparklehorse, Neutral Milk Hotel and The Replacements. 

Who would be the top three acts you would most like to tour with?
Probably Sparklehorse and Wilco. Maybe The Digg's because they're my friends and it would be really fun.

What is your favorite venue to play? Your dream one?
My favorite venue to play is Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn. From the very first time we played there they always made us feel at home. I grew up going to shows at the Jones Beach amphitheater on Long Island, so I guess I've daydreamed a bit about someday playing there. 

If you HAD to,though everyone hates this kind of question, how would you explain your music to people who have never heard of your stuff before?
Beat Radio plays: teenage anthems for the drunken boat, flea market pop, arena rock for mystics, ramshackle electro

What is your favorite snack/treat?
I'm off sugar. My most frequent indulgences are coffee in the day time, beer in the night time. 

Any last words?
Everything is possible. Nothing is beyond your grasp. It just takes practice. To quote Henry  Miller: "Once You have given up the ghost, everything follows with dead certainty, even in the midst of chaos." Also, the new Beat Radio is coming out this summer! Thanks for getting the word out about our music!

You can find great songs like Treetops and my personal favorite Teenage Anthem right here 
and I hope when these boys come up north, you'll be at that show with me too!

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