Saturday, May 30, 2009

See some music with me?

Hey Guys!

I'm always going to see live music and lucky for me a few of the amazing bands I have worked with and will be working with at the shows are coming all next weekand. It's going to be a great time!
So if you find yourselves itching for some live music, and you live in the Montreal area, here are the upcoming dates among many great shows happening soon :

June 4th at Le National, I'll be talking with Here Goes The Magic out of Brooklyn who will be opening for Grizzly Bear that night.

On June 5th, I will be running around this great city of ours like a crazy lady going to two shows, one being at Divan Orange with Montreal treasure Hollerado and then at Caberet Just For Laughs with the amazing JF Robaitaille doing interviews at both shows (so look for all of these video *exciting* interviews soon) 

and ending up the weekand with two in one venue night with Norglen and Benefit of A Doubt on Saturday night! Norglen being one who I have already interviewed which you can find here on this blog and with Benefit of A Doubt we are looking forward to finally meeting at the show to do our interview! This show will be at an awesome new venue which is a collab project between some great music promoters at Il Motore!

So if you find yourself craving some live music, let me know and hope to see you guys hearing some sweet tunes!

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