Monday, May 25, 2009

These boys are worth more then just A Moment's

Good thing I read other music blogs since one had  included the awesome guys of A Moment's Worth, a five member group out of the Bronx who have been friends since forever. At first glance, they may seem like the typical pop punk band that is all over your airwaves, but ten seconds into any of their songs and you know that is not what this band is about at all. Yes, there is a bit of that flavour but there is also something extra about these guys and one song never sounds like another. Every one has a different flare to it!

The guys recently got signed to In and Out Records(Japan) which is crazy and have released three albums all available on iTunes. They have also been featured on sites like and and also released a video for their great song, The Eternal Optimist which you can find at the end of this interview. These guys are constantly growing their fan base and are going to be huge some day!

I recently sat down via the inter webs, with the lead vocalist Alex Bondarev and Anthony Albanese who is one of the two guitar players in the band. We talked everything from their major inspirations (both in music and life) to their favorite treats (Believe  me, they are both delicious!): 

How did you guys come up with the name A Moment's Worth? Has it ever changed before?
Alex: We first started out as Dibs on Anthony, which we came up with when we first started playing our instruments. As our sound and style changed we wanted a name that really captured the feel of the band and the direction we were heading in.  So after some thinking, we took it from a line in one of our newer songs at the time, Cross My Heart--"a moment's worth is what you make it," which we felt captured what this band is about.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Alex: To fly, because flying rocks. Who wouldn't want to fly?
Anthony: To have Austin Power's mojo.

What did you want to be when you were ten years old? Is it still the same thing?
Alex: I wanted to be either a musician or a comic book artist-I absolutely loved drawing and writing my own comic books. There was a period when I was nine where I wanted to be a rap artist as well (no joke).  I guess I'm living out my dreams today as A-Train (if you hear any of the hidden tracks on our CDs, you'll find out what I mean).
Anthony: I'd rather be a rock star, or a fireman.

Who are your major inspirations in music and life?
Alex: My inspiration really is anyone who is a part of my life--especially my family--my parents, my little brother and sister,my girlfriend and my friends. But I am inspired tremendously every day in things I read, people I talk to and things I see. I've found inspiration to be pretty abundant if you're open to it. 
As far as musicians/bands go, the biggest inspirations for me are Third Eye Blind and Jimmy Eat's World. I'm also a huge fan of our friends, another local band from the Bronx called Looking Glass Wars, as well as a lot of other really talented groups from in our hometown scene, The Bronx Underground. 

Anthony: Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, Jeremy from A Day To Remember, and Robert Downey Jr. 

What are your three dream acts to tour with if you had the opportunity?
Alex: Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Eat's World and Goldfinger
Anthony: A Day To Remember, New Found Glory and Goldfinger

If you had to put your music into three little boxes, what would the top three genres be?
Alex: Hmm...this tough for any band or musician I think but if I had to I'd put it in rock/alternative/indie.
Anthony: Pop-Punk? Indie? Punk?I don't know, we just play what sounds good...probably need more then three boxes lol.

What is your music guilty pleasure? Your TV one?
Alex: I'm a big sucker for any girl musician with a really pretty voice--Vanessa Carlton, Imogen Heap, this girl group Au Revoir Simone from Brooklyn (they write such beautiful/catchy songs!), Taylor Swift haha.
TV-90's Disney channel shows, Boy Meets World, Full House and Family Matters.
Anthony: Music-Taylor Swift's Love Story
TV-Nick toons

What is your favorite venue to play? Your dream one?
Alex: My favorite venues are those we play with The Bronx Underground--especially FLC, Amvets, The Point. Dream ones-Irving Plaza and Madison Square Garden.
Anthony: The St. Theresa Feast in the Bronx is my fav..if we could play Irving Plaza I'd shit myself lol.

What was the first album you bought? The first concert you went to?
Alex: First Album--The Fugees: The Score (this is back in my rap-star-wanting-to-be days when I was 9). 
First Concert--Green Day when I was 12 at the Roseland Ballroom--it changed my life.
Anthony: First album was Green Day's Dookie ...first show was Edna's Goldfish and Catch 22 at the Wetlands lol.

What's your favorite treat?
Alex: Cinnabons! Deeeelicious!
Anthony: Gushers lol.

And now for some either/or's:

Rangers or Islanders
Alex: Rangers!
Anthony:Let's go Rangers!

Kanye West or Pharell
Alex: Kanye, even though he likes fish sticks.
Anthony: I hate Kanye, so Pharell.

MTV or Vh1
Alex: The Food Network
Anthony: MTV

The Beatles or the Monkees
Alex: The Beatles.
Anthony: I don't know...I don't listen to either one lol.

The guys are playing a few shows in the New York area this weekend, if any of you guys find yourselves in New York playing in Port Chester, NY on Friday and playing my favorite play (even though I have never been there, because it's Pete Wentz's music bar) Angels & Kings on Saturday night!

Also, if you can't click your way to their myspace and music here
you can always check out the video for their song Eternal Optimist right now!

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