Sunday, May 24, 2009

Here goes something a little different..

..but deserving of the same amount of attention. 

Lately, I've been spending my Thursdays at the place we've learned to love, oh Reggies.Reggies is the student bar at Concordia and one that is frequented by a lot of those who read this blog. If you have  been dancing on the dance floor, especially this summer on Retox Thursdays, you have heard the mixes and beats of DJ F.U.N.K. (and occasionally Marlowe!) 

The reason I'm writing here though is because just recently, DJ F.U.N.K. released his boogie remix of Yeah by Usher and it's definitely something you should try taking a listen too. You can find it here along with an amazing thirty minute set or so DJ F.U.N.K. or Andrew put together with the rest of Moustache Men, who also just finished a cross country Canada tour and are still playing some sets together back home here in Montreal. You can find that set here . This mix set brings everything together, taking from a hit by Ciara to going back a few decades and it all blends together perfectly.

Enjoy, and I'll be trying to put up more of these types of things when they come up. :)

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