Monday, July 27, 2009


A new feature I'm going to be trying out starting today is #musicmonday! Every Monday if all goes like the plan, I'll be putting up artists you should be looking out for, new indie interviews from a few bands out there today!

Starting with Mourning District, look for them later today! :)
Hope your weekends have all been fabulous!

I'm also working on a few projects I've been dreaming up for a while, so look for those soon!xo

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Maine..falling into your arms?

The boys of The Maine, an awesome band that I had the pleasure of meeting on the Warped Tour, just released the brand new video for their hit single 'Into Your Arms'. The song is incredibly romantic, and can play with any girls' heart strings. You can find the video here and definitely expect more coming from this great band!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

adidas and moustaches? can't go wrong!

Just listened, albeit in bits and pieces, due to time constraints called other things, to the brand spanking new remix hitting you from the talented deejays making up the previously talked about Moustache Men. Featured in this trio are Classi Assi, DJ F.U.N.K. and New Money who have been playing the hottest clubs in Canada (and internationally!) and will be playing Reggies this Thursday for the release party of their newest remix-Hypercolor!

Hypercolor lasts a solid 1:15 minutes, and smoothly transitions from the latest hits going all the way to the classics. Listening to it, you never know what's gonna hit next (unless you have that set list up!) and will find new favorite songs everywhere you look! Favorite moments include the actually insane take on "Lip Gloss" by Lil Mama to the stank leg. You can find the link to the new dl at: and can find the boys providing the tunes for the sure to be a party at Reggies in Montreal this thursday for the official release of the new mix meets the new issue of Color Magazine launch with a little adidas action thrown in for good measure!

Be prepared to get a little sweaty, get those finger mustaches ready, drink a lot of dollar beers and hear the hottest mix from the moustaches men yet! xo

All Great Things..will hopefully never come to an end!

Recently, via the inter webs, I searched out for the great act, "All Great Things".

This class act's music is definitely music you can just relax too, and jam along to. The music is something that you don't hear every day and definitely has it's own style to it. I could see it as a soundtrack to a movie montage, as strange as that may sound and it's not a bad thing. It has an older edge to it's vocals and musical arrangements, and definitely something I love!

A while back, I sat down via the Internet with Anthony Seffera and talked about everything with these new york indie wonders, even finding something that is becoming a common love interest with a lot of great new yorkers these days in Neutral Milk Hotel. What's even more surprising though is their personal selection of who their dream tour would consist of!

Meet All Great Things.

How did you come up with the name "All Great Things"? Has it ever changed before?
Uh, the name, the name, what's in a name? well, "all great things.." is really an ode (of sorts) to impermanence of all things, great or small, good or bad. It's a celebration of dust! its the music! its the blues! and uh, it's the only way I could really think to represent what we create or, why we create, you know, as people, as artists (pardon my french)...champions of falling! a celebration of dust!

What is, in your opinion, the top album of 2009 thus far or of 2008?
Well, to be honest, I have had my head in the dust bin lately, been listening to a lot of jazz and pre war folk music and have not been listening much to the radio or new albums. So, with that in consideration, i'd have to say a welsch band called "el condor pasa" has really intrigued me, they only released an EP but it has some fantastic melodies on there. I'd also have to say "Jungle Blues" by C.W. Stoneking, some serious instrumentation on that album, and maybe "Keep it Hid" by Dan Auerbach, I am a sucker for anything that guy touches!

How do you go about the song writing process? Does one person write the lyrics or is it more of a collective effort?
Well, I started this project about a year ago, and have played live shows with half a dozen musicians since then. Most recently, the didgeridoo skills of Andre Dimapilis and the lovely Ms Eva Vossmerbaumer on the fiddle, but as far as the recording and writing goes, at least thus far, it's been a somewhat lonesome affair...

Who are your major musical influences?
Tom Waits, The Doors, Leonard Cohen, Rev. Gary Davis, Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Billie Holiday, Beethoven, Skip James, Conor Oberst, Dave Van Work, Woody, Folk Music in general, from all around the world...Balkan, French, American, Spanish. whatever! Inspiration is everywhere.

If you could choose any three acts to go on tour with, who would they be?
The Doors, Bob Dylan
&...Cyndi Lauper!

Who are you listening to at the moment?
At this exact moment? Neutral Milk Hotel "Aeroplane Over The Sea"

Do you ever play covers in your sets? If so, which ones?
Sure, occasionally I will play a cover of another number..some Blind Willie Mctell, um, I am partial to a song called "Two Trains", not sure who wrote it originally though, it's covered by a lot of people. I'd really like to work out a version of "When I See A Elephant Fly" from Dumbo, but I think it may be out of my league.

What are you up to right now, music wise?
Oh, learning how to be satisfied with my work, but I suppose the Stones had it right all along..I guess I am trying to laugh more, there is a lot of humor in art that I think gets overlooked, mostly by the artists. Humor is very important for all things.

What's the most unusual place you have played or made a recording at?
In the bottom of a sand crater in the South of Wales, surrounded by gypsies and mystics and there were hundreds of glow worms around the rim of the thing, so it looked like some kind of celestial disco! I hope the moon men enjoyed the show.

What's your favorite treat?
Hmm, saving the tricky ones for last I see. I think just about anything you can eat with your hands. and scotch, you know, for vitamins.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Artist you should know? Gallows.

Being a avid AP reader looking at the Warped Tour issue, I was looking at the well known faces of 3OH!3, Chiodos and A Day To Remember, when I came across an interesting looking guy sporting a cross right below his eye. After flipping through the pages,that's when I realized what Frank Carter aka cross tattood british man was all about. Frank Carter does the lead vocals for the UK based group Gallows!

Gallows has been playing Warped Tour since the beginning of the tour this year taking off in Pomona. Easily recognizable with their red hair and accents, these boys are a foreign affair that are quickly picking up audiences and new fans at Warped Tour across the country. A favorite song of theirs for me is definetly "London Is The Reason" where their voices shine in a video that actually reminds me of A Clockwork Orange and definetly gives a treat with a little something different. They are definetly of the rock and roll genre but allow it to be a little more mod then the stereotypical rock and roll tunes! Gallows is just one of the reasons why Warped Tour is getting better year after year, having all different kinds of music on the tour! Two cheers for Mr. Lyman!

They first formed in 2005 and since then have been playing shows all over and putting out new music. Their new album "Grey Britain" just got released and you can catch these boys on the rest of the tour, along with for any readers within the english commonwealth and beyond only a week after they finish the Warped Tour back in California. You can find more of their music here and see the video in question, "London Is The Reason" here:

Video of the Week

Right now, one of the bands that I've been listening to for years now in Augustana is once again touring with the famous Counting Crows on The Medicine tour and hopefully we'll be seeing them on a headlining tour of their own once again coming through Boston. For now though, I'm content with some fun coming out of this group's main opener set for the band.

Being me, of course I'm following augustana music and augustanafans on twitter, and recently they linked to a performance from their Washington date three days ago with 'I Want to Make Love to You'. Featuring the amazing Jared Palomar rocking out and dancing up a storm on his guitar, Justin "South" playing the drums, Chris Sachtleben playing like he's known for, with John "Grizzly Keys" Vincent on the piano, this band is one that is quickly making new fans everywhere they go, and you can catch them in Boston on August 31st at the Bank of America Pavilion!
You can also find more of their music here . Here it goes:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Totally Written For Me.

Boys that I constantly write about on here, and quickly becoming great friends, just did a performance on a local Chicago Tonight program and surprisingly, it's called "Colleen". I've been given great assurances that it was written for me, and I'm totally gonna just go with it. The boys of Treaty of Paris:

Sing me a song, boys (and Vicky!)

Haven't done one of these in two months (remember the Fray's cover of Heartless?) and I only do them when I'm really feeling a new track and here the time comes again!

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know one of my huge guilty pleasures in Cobra Starship, especially pre the whole let's use Blair from Gossip Girl days-not that it's a bad thing. But continuing on, the people behind the cobra are releasing their new album 'Hot Mess' on August 11th and about to start a tour in support of it with the friday night boys and the plasticines trying something new going to only small clubs.
The guys just dropped a stream of the title track, Hot Mess and it definetly hits the pleasure spot.

A little love game..

If you know me, you may be aware of a little love affair I have going on with the boys of Chester French, two fresh out of Harvard pre law turned music grads who are currently rocking their debut album 'Love The Future'. Just last night, the guys played on Jimmy Kimmel, being only their second network television performance, even paying tribute to the geisha of their album cover with Max sporting a little costume work.

The guys even went away from their hit single 'She Loves Everybody" and just showed how true they are to their fans, having their fans decide what song they would be playing which ended up being my favorite in C'mon!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a skylit drive?

A Skylit Drive is the six member band coming from Lodi, California that has been rocking the Warped Tour since June in Pomona, California. They recently put out their second full length, 'Adelphia' and will be going on a few dates in Europe post Warped Tour while right after opening for Senses Fail in the fall around the US.
Recently, at Warped, I got the chance to talk to Nick Miller, who plays one of the two guitars in the band along with Joey Wilson. On that rainy, rainy day Nick was nice enough to do the interview where we talked about the catering (a common favorite topic on Warped!) to another dream coming true for him this fall!

Are we on?
I'm Nick from A Skylit Drive.

How's Warped Tour been so far?
So good! Yeah, it's been a lot of fun. Tons of work, tons of parties.
You think you'll able to make it for the rest of the tour?
Oh hell yeah, of course. I don't know, I might not actually but I'm gonna give it my best shot.

You're gonna try? What's been your favorite memory of tour so far?
There's a couple I can't remember that were probably really awesome.
but the ones you can't remember are the best sometimes.
I mean, playing and hanging out like theres' been a couple shows that have been like the best shows of our A Skylit Drive careers but especially like hanging out. This is such a good opportunity to meet so many people that come to shows. Good times!

Is there anything you're really looking forward to on tour? like any big bands?
Well, every single day is like a dream come true to me so. I've always wanted to be on Warped Tour so I guess I look forward to every day. I can't sleep at night every night because I'm so excited for the next day.

That's awesome. Have you ever had any surprises in your set? Do you think you will in the future?
Yeah! Well like, it's so crazy because there are so many bands that I look up to, that are watching me play. They'll be standing on the side and I'll start getting so nervous I don't want to mess up, you know.

Isn't that awesome though?
Oh yeah! It's very cool!

How's the food?
Oh, so good! I think I've gained like ten pounds already. All I do is eat.

That's great! What's going on with your music right now?
Well, we just put out the new album so we're on tour a lot right now. We're going to do another tour a few weeks after Warped Tour then we're going to Europe so we'll be busy. It's always non stop for us.
Is there any place that you've always wanted to play?
Yeah, actually everywhere in Europe. It's our first time.

Awesome. Are you touring with anyone that we'd know?
I think we're going, honestly. I really never know what we're doing. I get a phone call like 'Dude, we're going on tour' 'Alright, sweet.' No, I dont really know what the deal is, I just know we're going to Europe.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

big d and the kids table

As some of you amazing readers and random fly by's know, I recently got the chance to do some interviews at the largest traveling festival in North America, Vans Warped Tour. I did interviews all day ranging from ska bands to electronic pop favorites and sang a million songs by the Millionaires a million times over, got soaked in rain water with the boys of bands like The Maine and Scary Kids Scaring Kids. Overall, an amazing experience and one I will always remember!
One of the first interviews I did this long and tired day was with a band that livened up the whole rest of the day. David "Dwayne" McWane, the lead singer and melodica of Big D and the Kid Table sat down with me at the Montreal date of Warped and we discussed everything from the not so hidden messages in their album titles ranging from "Strictly Rude" released in 2007 to their latest album, dropping just this past July, "Fluent In Stroll" and their veteran experiences on Warped Tour, including playing all of the dates this year!

You guys just came out with a new album, Fluent In Stroll? How would you describe the album to someone who's never really listened to you guys before who's never had a chance?
We try to put the definitions of the record somewhere in the title. Like, 'Strictly Rude' was supposed to say to the kids that there weren't as many punk songs, you know? 'Fluent in Stroll' What's stroll? Um, we describe it as hopscotch double dutch, soul, ska reggae. It's kind of got that little two girls from Brooklyn playing jump rope attitude. You know, you think you're going to be witty and say something but they actually school you in wit. 'Get out of here, Uncle Charlie!'

I know you guys are veterans on Warped Tour-
It's so weird to hear that. I mean, I guess we are.
Do you have any advice for any new bands that are coming out on the tour. You know for someone like Lights who must look up to you-
I'm guessing-
I mean your music isn't exactly the same style but kind of like it's her first full year of the Warped Tour but what kind of advice would you give to new bands who haven't played it before?
I would definetly say and this might crush a couple people but I'd just say don't do it in a van. You know, if you're gonna do it in a van, at least know that one of your members is probably gonna quit the band by the end. It's just demanding too much from you cause it's so hot. It's cool if you're in the van for a week or two but not too months so I wouldn't recommend it and the other thing is just grandma, truly grandma advice. It's no matter what, you're going to get caught up in the whole thing because it really is anarchy. Try to put sunblock on, and you have drink at least six waters every day and if you don't, you are just going to become a moany crankypuss then they'll deserve it. You want to have a good time so yeah yeah, you're gonna get as much beer as you want, don't worry, you know what I mean? Just make sure you drink water, you know what I mean because no one wants a cranky band guy.
Yeah not at all. Especially when you're on the road for a while. I mean you guys have been on it since the beginning, haven't you?
Yeah, Yeah. Isn't that crazy? First week is always party week and second week is jesus I got to slow down week.

How does it feel to, I mean you obviously have played Canada now, but how does the difference feel between playing Canada and the US scene. I know it's sometimes hard for acts to break into Canada.
Well, I mean to..describe Canada. It's so simple, some people even forget to say it and it's...Canada is to me, America without european influence and style and to me, it's America if it was perfectly right. So it's cool because Americans can still get their homebase draw but you guys just have so much more style that really is accepted in the states for some reason and you have more openness to being free enought to want to have a good time while some Americans might be introverted and "We can't have a good time yet, so we drink our drinks", you know what I mean? You guys have more natural positive attitudes.

Well I guess that's a good thing.

Are there any bands that you're excited to see this tour?
You know what? There was no band that was like in my playlist, you know that like, 'oh my god, i can't believe we're playing with bananas blind'. You know what I mean? But The Suicide Machines were that for me a couple years back. I was like 'Oh my god, I get to watch The Suicide Machines every day'. NOFX would be that but, except, I've just been lucky enough to see NOFX on so many different tours that you know, it's like I bet they would count but I have been, so I'm kind of just a little vagabond walking through going 'what's out here?' and I do like P.O.S. and um, I thought the Millionaires, you know them?
I saw a bit of their set this morning. Yeah they're interesting for sure.
A lot of people hating on them um but I don't know. They made me smile? So um, Andrew W.K. in the past, that was really lucky to be on that tour. Every day to watch Andrew W.K. was so cool.

Do you have any projects coming up after this tour? More tours? More Music?
Yeah, let's see. Right now, our video's being edited and it's for the song 'Fluent in Stroll'. That should be out in I think two and a half weeks. Our DVD, called 'Built up For Nothing' should be out in our fall tour in November and I have a book called 'The Gypsy Mile', but I have a new book of fourteen years of lyrics coming out in a month and then a new book of poetry coming out in November called 'The Art of Boredom'.

That's what I was actually going to ask you about because I heard that you also write poetry and stories. How do you balance it all? Does it ever come through in your lyrics?
Yeah, you know it's one of those things where I can't stop writing material because Big D had me writing lyrics so much that I got into it and then there would be things I would want to write but aren't really relevant at all for like a ska band's lyrics. You know, I could write it but then people would be like, 'Jeez Dwayne, I don't think this is really going to make it into a song' so I just kind of was writing and didn't stop and then once I stumbled apon, well I always liked John Steinbeck and different authors, just different guys, I realized that you're allowed to write. You know what I mean? It's not just for the elite, some of us are, some of us can go for it and it would be illicit readers.

My last question is I know there are a lot of ska bands on this year's tour, more then it has been in the past. Do you think ska's becoming a bigger genre and more bands are coming out or do you think it's going to stay the same?
You know, it's like everyone everyyear asks how's the ska scene? and it's like it's always the same. It's always the same. There was only one time when it got really really big in the nineties but other then that few couple years, it's just same same same same same. You know what I mean? Is it going up? Is it going down? It is what it is. You know, there is one difference that happened this year and that is the cool people, meaning people who don't listen to ska, don't mind it now. And if I want to be a dilweed about it, I'd say that everyone was hating on ska because it was the lame style of music and I think lamer styles of music have surfaced and so ska actually can now be pushed towards the light because everyone wants to hate on other stuff. It's kind of like the geek in high school, there was a new kid and now the new kid's the geek, and the old geek's okay now.

Artist of the Week: Longway

The ska movement is making a comeback on Warped Tour this year with bands like Big D and The Kids Table, Less Than Jake, Westbound Train and finally Longway among others. If you talk to the members who make up these bands though, they are just doing what the love and luckily enough ska is becoming "cool again" to the young fans that frequent Warped Tour.

Their audiences aren't hurting though, they are just getting better on this tour. Maybe it's Longway playing their ipods for the fans or their hard work as the barbecue band but really I just think it's the music. Longway is a band coming out of the Southern California music scene that we have grown to love here at Mix and Mark. Listening to the music of Longway, it just makes a girl happy and is a no fail solution to a bad day.

Luckily, I got the chance to talk to this talented band at Warped Tour despite the rain that graced that day and we talked about everything from to gaining new fans through reaching out with their music to bands that they were excited about seeing this year. You can find more of their music here on their myspace.

How is the Warped Tour going so far for you guys?
Awesome, amazing. The weather, except for the rain today, has been amazing. The beginning of the tour was a little hot for us but it's cooled off, it's been great. It's our second year back on the tour so we're stoked to be here.

Are there any bands that you're really looking forward to seeing on this tour?
I think we've lucked out on all of them because last year as far as bigger bands all we really had was The Briggs and The Bosstones, the Aggrolites but now you've got bands like Bad Religion and NOFX, all the stuff, Flogging Molly, Less Than Jake, all that stuff that's really really cool. It sucks that they put us all at the same time. Anti-Flag actually watched our show like three or four times which was really cool. There's a lot of side stage bands, Westbound Train and others that have been putting on the best shows on tour so we like watching those shows.

It must be awesome to be able to watch all these other bands while on tour while you are playing to also have them come see you. It's not like you just play your set then go back to your bus.
Well, one we don't have a bus. We're van living.
Vans are the best though.
Yeah we got a van that pulls a barbecue.
You guys have a barbecue?
We're the barbecue band. Two years in a row. We were originally asked to come out and just play this year. We did the barbecue last year, Kevin called us. We were thinking about it about two months and we thought fuck it, we did the barbecue again. We said "Yeah we'll do it!' He said, 'You know you don't have too, right?' It was rad.

It may seem like something kind of new to you guys but it seems like a pretty big part of the tour.
Well the barbecues are where everything is. It's what every band looks forward to every day. We get to hang around with all the bands, we control the bar also. We make them drunk, fed and happy!
They can't get mad at you.
No, not at all!

I know you guys are from Southern California, right?
I know your music scene is pretty present this tour, do you think it's becoming bigger or is it kind of..I don't know?
I don't think so, I think our music was big years and years ago but it's cool for us.
Being in a bit of a crowded area with all of us under one tent in the middle of thunderstorms there were plenty of distractions to all including cigarettes being accidentally put out on people and hellos and goodbyes :-) It's an older style of punk rock but it's cool because people come to Warped Tour and they think they're just going to see Bad Religion, NOFX, those bands. They'll see us and be like oh shit theres' still bands out there doing this. It's awesome, it's like Warped Tour is an amazing way for us to show there are still bands like us.

That's what I like about the Warped Tour. It's not just one type of music. It's becoming a tour where Kevin is taking all different styles. There is also a lot of ska representation this year like Big D and The Kids Table. I think it's really cool that you can see all different styles of music.
We spend all day at a merch table grabbing anyone that's wearing a Bad Religion shirt or any type of shirt that we're like, "You're gonna like our music, come over here and listen to our iPods".
You have them listen to your iPods?
Yep, we have two iPods set up and we just play them all day long, pulling people. I see a guy who I know is a punk rock fan, I just think that guy's gonna buy our cd. They go, 'This is what I love, this is what I listened to...twenty years ago, that's awesome!" You know what I mean? Other than the big bands, their not going to find it. Everybody else has got their own thing going. What's more popular with kids, what's on the radio and that sort of thing going on.
Unfortunately for us, we don't do what's on the radio, we do the what we want to play so we get to play on the small stages and not have anyone know who we are but we get to surprise a lot of people and make a lot of loyal fans because we're out doing the kind of music that we like.

It's a great way that, are you guys played the Kevin Says Kevin stage?
No, the Ernie Ball stage.
Ernie Ball Stage! I know a lot of great bands that are playing that stage like VersaEmerge and The Flatliners and a lot of Montreal bands were playing there.
The Flatliners are awesome. Yeah, we heard them from our merch booth and I was like they're good, they're really good.
You get to check out everyone's music, from your iPods, your merch booth.
It's a good time. Every year, I think we've come out here expecting. Last year, you know you see all these bands you may have never expected to like but you come out here and, they put on some of the best live shows I've seen. It's stuff like that that I would never have thought of or really seek them out. That's the cool part of, you kind of step out of what you normally when on tour, see a small scene of bands and get to step out and see a bunch of different ones.

alana grace

Though we were surrounded in a monsoon really at the Montreal date of Warped Tour, there was a positive side in it that there were a whole lot of people under a really little tent through it all. In a fortunate way, it gave this journalist a chance to meet a lot of great bands and acts that maybe I wouldn't have heard of before and luckily, that's how I met the great female contemporary singer, Alana Grace!

Hailing from Los Angeles but a transplant to the thriving music city of Nashville, TN, performing seemed to be in Alana's blood. Her most known song "Black Roses Red" was featured in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie and her career has kicked off after releasing her sophomore album in April this year. The young 21 year old seems to have an amazing career ahead of her and will be playing the rest of the Warped Tour where you can find her on the Kevin Says Stage!

So how's the tour been so far?
It's been really good. Actually, it's our first year on it so it's been a learning experience definitely we've had. To get people to the show, to get people to your booth afterwards like that but it's been really fun and we've had a lot of different people and gained a few new fans which is really like why we're out here.

Awesome. Do you have any like favorite memory of tour so far?
Yeah, that's tough. My favorite memory of tour so far. You know, I actually have a lot of memories from the bus. I share a bus with Madina Lake. Those guys are so hysterical, it's just like a constant laugh party.

Right after this, having Matt from Madina Lake come in behind us egging her on to talk about her supposedly amazing kickball skills.

Knowing this is your first time on Warped Tour, is there any advice you would give to bands that maybe you didn't have?
I think it's important to have an open mind because people will be there for part of your show, leave and will come back to your tent later and be like "oh my god, i loved your show". For like the first few days, when people would leave before the last song, we'd be like "No, don't leave yet" but people try to see every band that they can and because all of the bands are playing at the same time, it's like people try to catch most of your set and go to another person's. People always come back so don't be disheartened by that.

Are there any bands that you've been excited to see on this tour that maybe you were a fan of before?
Um, definitely Saosin so that I was very excited to see um and actually I've heard a lot about Lights and I finally saw her last night. I felt bad, it's so hard to get to peoples' sets some times because you're always playing at the same time. She played at a totally different time then me last night so I was like yes, awesome!

So how do you feel normally, on the Warped Tour, theres' not a lot of girls represented on the tour. I know that there's you, theres Meg and Dia, there's Lights. Do you maybe feel like you're a figure for the future tours?
You know, it's funny. They do consider it a guys' tour but every one's so welcome to girls on the tour that I kind of feel like it's cool to be a bit different (laughs) as a chick among a bunch of boys. Well, if people don't feel like hearing guys screaming anymore, they know!

You can find more of Alana Grace's music here and be sure to check her out on the rest of the Warped Tour!

Sounds like: Regina Specktor, Ana Nalik, Sara Barielles.

These boys will definetly be bringing you to love and back.

A fresh new band out of the growing alternative music scene, This Century, is quickly taking over my iTunes shuffle. Just this summer, the band released their EP 'To Love and Back' which is quickly making new fans along the Warped Tour this summer and through their internet presence, are quickly becoming a fan favorite.

I got the chance to talk to three out of the four members of the band with Joel, Sean and Ryan at the Montreal Warped date luckily before the downpour!

How does it feel to be playing warped tour?
Joel: Amazing. Especially in Canada.
Sean: It's beautiful, it's like beautiful and music comes together.
Ryan: Ditto.

Why Canada? Is it more exciting?
Joel : You know what, it's a combination of just the weather.
Ryan: People are really polite.
Sean: There's something about saying please and thank you that goes a long way you know.
Joel: And it's beautiful.
Sean: We learned it was belle, beautiful in french.

Are there any bands that you're looking to forward to seeing on this tour, like historic bands like Bad Religion and NOFX?
Ryan: Oh Bad Religion is definetly awesome.
Joel: Growing up like eight years old love bad religion and then you're on warped tour and you find out that they're playing. Underoath is one of my favorite bands so it's just crazy to actually get to see them every day for free (laughs).

That's awesome. Well are you guys doing any music projects coming up after Warped Tour?
Sean: Well, right now we're kind of just promoting this new EP, "To Love And Back" as much as we possibly can getting it out there. It's pretty new, I mean it came out about a week ago but we're already writing and working on pre production for our record. Hopefully, that will be out-
Joel: Early next year, we hope-
Ryan: We'll cross our fingers-

See how it goes.
Sean: Exactly but I think right now it's just the EP that's the focus and we're writing a lot of material that we're kind of just stockpiling it up for next year.

Perfect. That's awesome. What's your favorite part of Warped so far? I mean, have you been on it for long?
Joel: Yeah we've been on it since very beginning of it in Pomona, California. Favorite thing other then seeing bands that we want to see, all the time-
Sean: Yeah (laughs)
Ryan: Probably like getting out to meet all the kids, meet the fans that we haven't got to meet yet that we've only talked to via internet.
Sean: Yeah, I think that's what's so cool about the myspace thing. It's like social network type sites that have gotten these kids together where we'll go to like Ohio or somewhere on the East coast where we've never even touched before or played before where there's just this following for our band and that just blows us away to know that many people know of our existence, I guess, even without hearing us.

But do you think the internet has helping the music business for you guys or has it hurt it? I mean personally, that's why I ask.

Ryan: For us, it has. I mean touring, concerts is so expensive. To be able to reach out to, get a lot of people through the internet.
Sean: I mean, I think that it's one of those things that get to a certain level that it can be detrimental to what you're doing because of you know the way it works.
Joel: Saturation.
Sean:Yeah, oversaturation of the music market but I think that what we're doing right now-getting the word out, having new fans. This has been extremely succesful, with the whole internet promotion side.

Have you guys attended the famous barbecues? Had the experience yet?
Sean: Yeah, I mean we've been doing the barbecues as often as we can. Sleeping is really good too (laughs).

Always a good part of tour.
Sean: They've been rad.
Joel: But the coolest thing about barbecues is that all the bands hanging out at the end of the day and everyone's just kind of bonding. You just kind of get to meet people you didn't think you were going to meet-
Sean: And the bands, I think one of the coolest things is how receptive some of the bands have been to. You know, they're all very nice to me and very pleasant and want to talk and that's really cool.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Video of the Week!

A definite guilty pleasure of mine that has been all over this blog lately just dropped their latest video for "Weightless". The band? All Time Low. One that will be filling your airwaves very soon if they haven't been already! The guys drop their new album "Nothing Personal" tomorrow and just dropped this video earlier this morning.

These guys never fail to impress me, and are in general just awesome, modest guys. I've been lucky enough to meet the drummer after a great set on the "Believers Never Die Tour (part 2)" in May in Montreal and they are gonna be huge!

It's a video like nothing I've seen before, kind of giving a comic book feel at the same time analyzing and breaking down the stereotypes of what goes on at a show or on tour life. Throwing in a few cameos of some people you will definitely recognize twittering away to each other as they do every day for those who "follow them" to each other, it all makes a great video and hopefully will lead to more by this amazing guilty pleasure that I'm just not afraid to admit!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Big D & The Kids Table

A little behind on when I said I would start but I'm starting to finalize my interview schedule and thought I would post a video from each band leading up to the date! Also, most likely putting up a new interview today, as I've been slammed lately! Happy 4th everyone! This video is for the song "My Girlfriend's on Drugs" by Big D and The Kids Table, a ska band who has been around quite a while who I luckily enough secured some face time with next weekand in Montreal! For all of you Montrealers, hope to see you some of you when I'm there, and hopefully most of all at the festival! only 40 dollars for the whole day with over sixty amazing acts including NOFX, Bad Religion and down to two of my favorite girls in the business, Meg and Dia and three that are so ridiculous that it's good ridiculous, the Millionaires!

This is one of my favorites so far! :