Monday, July 20, 2009

Artist you should know? Gallows.

Being a avid AP reader looking at the Warped Tour issue, I was looking at the well known faces of 3OH!3, Chiodos and A Day To Remember, when I came across an interesting looking guy sporting a cross right below his eye. After flipping through the pages,that's when I realized what Frank Carter aka cross tattood british man was all about. Frank Carter does the lead vocals for the UK based group Gallows!

Gallows has been playing Warped Tour since the beginning of the tour this year taking off in Pomona. Easily recognizable with their red hair and accents, these boys are a foreign affair that are quickly picking up audiences and new fans at Warped Tour across the country. A favorite song of theirs for me is definetly "London Is The Reason" where their voices shine in a video that actually reminds me of A Clockwork Orange and definetly gives a treat with a little something different. They are definetly of the rock and roll genre but allow it to be a little more mod then the stereotypical rock and roll tunes! Gallows is just one of the reasons why Warped Tour is getting better year after year, having all different kinds of music on the tour! Two cheers for Mr. Lyman!

They first formed in 2005 and since then have been playing shows all over and putting out new music. Their new album "Grey Britain" just got released and you can catch these boys on the rest of the tour, along with for any readers within the english commonwealth and beyond only a week after they finish the Warped Tour back in California. You can find more of their music here and see the video in question, "London Is The Reason" here:

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