Tuesday, July 14, 2009

alana grace

Though we were surrounded in a monsoon really at the Montreal date of Warped Tour, there was a positive side in it that there were a whole lot of people under a really little tent through it all. In a fortunate way, it gave this journalist a chance to meet a lot of great bands and acts that maybe I wouldn't have heard of before and luckily, that's how I met the great female contemporary singer, Alana Grace!

Hailing from Los Angeles but a transplant to the thriving music city of Nashville, TN, performing seemed to be in Alana's blood. Her most known song "Black Roses Red" was featured in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie and her career has kicked off after releasing her sophomore album in April this year. The young 21 year old seems to have an amazing career ahead of her and will be playing the rest of the Warped Tour where you can find her on the Kevin Says Stage!

So how's the tour been so far?
It's been really good. Actually, it's our first year on it so it's been a learning experience definitely we've had. To get people to the show, to get people to your booth afterwards like that but it's been really fun and we've had a lot of different people and gained a few new fans which is really like why we're out here.

Awesome. Do you have any like favorite memory of tour so far?
Yeah, that's tough. My favorite memory of tour so far. You know, I actually have a lot of memories from the bus. I share a bus with Madina Lake. Those guys are so hysterical, it's just like a constant laugh party.

Right after this, having Matt from Madina Lake come in behind us egging her on to talk about her supposedly amazing kickball skills.

Knowing this is your first time on Warped Tour, is there any advice you would give to bands that maybe you didn't have?
I think it's important to have an open mind because people will be there for part of your show, leave and will come back to your tent later and be like "oh my god, i loved your show". For like the first few days, when people would leave before the last song, we'd be like "No, don't leave yet" but people try to see every band that they can and because all of the bands are playing at the same time, it's like people try to catch most of your set and go to another person's. People always come back so don't be disheartened by that.

Are there any bands that you've been excited to see on this tour that maybe you were a fan of before?
Um, definitely Saosin so that I was very excited to see um and actually I've heard a lot about Lights and I finally saw her last night. I felt bad, it's so hard to get to peoples' sets some times because you're always playing at the same time. She played at a totally different time then me last night so I was like yes, awesome!

So how do you feel normally, on the Warped Tour, theres' not a lot of girls represented on the tour. I know that there's you, theres Meg and Dia, there's Lights. Do you maybe feel like you're a figure for the future tours?
You know, it's funny. They do consider it a guys' tour but every one's so welcome to girls on the tour that I kind of feel like it's cool to be a bit different (laughs) as a chick among a bunch of boys. Well, if people don't feel like hearing guys screaming anymore, they can..you know!

You can find more of Alana Grace's music here and be sure to check her out on the rest of the Warped Tour!

Sounds like: Regina Specktor, Ana Nalik, Sara Barielles.

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