Monday, July 6, 2009

Video of the Week!

A definite guilty pleasure of mine that has been all over this blog lately just dropped their latest video for "Weightless". The band? All Time Low. One that will be filling your airwaves very soon if they haven't been already! The guys drop their new album "Nothing Personal" tomorrow and just dropped this video earlier this morning.

These guys never fail to impress me, and are in general just awesome, modest guys. I've been lucky enough to meet the drummer after a great set on the "Believers Never Die Tour (part 2)" in May in Montreal and they are gonna be huge!

It's a video like nothing I've seen before, kind of giving a comic book feel at the same time analyzing and breaking down the stereotypes of what goes on at a show or on tour life. Throwing in a few cameos of some people you will definitely recognize twittering away to each other as they do every day for those who "follow them" to each other, it all makes a great video and hopefully will lead to more by this amazing guilty pleasure that I'm just not afraid to admit!

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