Wednesday, July 22, 2009

adidas and moustaches? can't go wrong!

Just listened, albeit in bits and pieces, due to time constraints called other things, to the brand spanking new remix hitting you from the talented deejays making up the previously talked about Moustache Men. Featured in this trio are Classi Assi, DJ F.U.N.K. and New Money who have been playing the hottest clubs in Canada (and internationally!) and will be playing Reggies this Thursday for the release party of their newest remix-Hypercolor!

Hypercolor lasts a solid 1:15 minutes, and smoothly transitions from the latest hits going all the way to the classics. Listening to it, you never know what's gonna hit next (unless you have that set list up!) and will find new favorite songs everywhere you look! Favorite moments include the actually insane take on "Lip Gloss" by Lil Mama to the stank leg. You can find the link to the new dl at: and can find the boys providing the tunes for the sure to be a party at Reggies in Montreal this thursday for the official release of the new mix meets the new issue of Color Magazine launch with a little adidas action thrown in for good measure!

Be prepared to get a little sweaty, get those finger mustaches ready, drink a lot of dollar beers and hear the hottest mix from the moustaches men yet! xo

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