Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two updates in two days.

So something's hit me recently. This whole IDGAF thing actually kind of has a strange thing that goes with it. If I truly DGAF, it means that I feel connected to certain ones. We text, we tweet, it's something that most music journalists don't do. I am just a girl though. It comes naturally. You'll find boys to be attractive, feel for them when they're going through something crazy and possibly even drink with them, flirt with them. Some kind of view it as like a "professional groupie" but there's a difference with me. I don't want to give it up to you the first time I meet you because I know what that would do to our professional relationship. I like that I have many that have instant recognition and I like that we can have off the record discussions.

So, fate worked out and I had the 18th off with out asking for it off so get to hopefully cover as much as I can of the Sparks show then shoot out to Worcester for the Valencia show :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's funny how it works.

So I've been pretty bad about updating this personal journal blog so to speak but life's getting a little busy. I'm finally working again at this sweet little gastropub literally a block from the Harvard Square station as a hostess and I really like it. What's awesome too is because I obviously buy a pass to go to work, it's instant access and being able to go to as many shows as I want on my days off. Tomorrow, I'll be working my booty off pre work to try and get into and interview as many of the bands playing the Where's the Band tour? (Chris Conley of Saves The Day :) & and the lead singers of The Get Up Kids, Bayside and Thrice) which is on Wednesday, finally may be able to work out an interview with Miniature Tigers and the rest of the line up on Thursday and on Saturday with Dashboard Confessional at the dise!

I also have been working incredibly hard lately at this music thing and it's amazing to be in the city. I love commuting to work surprisingly and have read the same book a million times on those trips. Time is also flying here. I feel like if I was on the cape every single day it would inch by. I would miss so many amazing opportunities. I'd be flexing every day to work. Living in a place smaller then my apartment with my mother. I don't think I would get close to the guys at venues andfellow music peeps.

One last thought. Today I got my confirmation for an in person interview with Attack Attack at the show on the 15th. It's not something huge but it's funny how careers work. You can know about a band for years and not interview them till much later on. Really looking forward to my time in this pretty little city and glad things are happening for me :)
And... I may secretly excited for the groupies on the 15th. They make me laugh so much when I'm talking to the guys they want and the boy shuts them down. Austin Gibbs, I'm looking at you mr. cutie pants! Fannie is also making the trip from Montreal for the 15th. Hope I see a epic interaction between her and Mike Fuentes. And hopefully I get to spend some time with some boy I know.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

it's things like this that make me smile!

It's a fact! New interview goes up with Ryan of The Bigger Lights tomorrow. I miss this band, lots. Hopefully we reconnect soon! :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

I love the way I make them laugh.

Just had a phone interview today with Matt Good, front man of From First To Last (not sure if they're still together or not) and guitarist for D.R.U.G.S. Craig Owen's new band! Lots of laughs through out from Matt and it was a great interview.

Did I mention that I love every day of my life? So glad to interview every band that will grace me with one and can't wait to see this band live in action! Next up, Fun. :) And during the week after Fake Problems and Vampires Everywhere!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I think it's easy to say that my favorite "work" day of the year is Warped Tour when it rolls into town. I don't think I could ever find myself applying to be the 'pit reporter' but I think it's something great. Maybe next year!

I think it's because it's like a mini reunion. A few favorite moments? Being able to sit down with a band that you may have seen two months ago like you're breaking rules. This year just two months after we had last talked, I sat down again with Anarbor, Hey Monday and NSN and it made for great interviews. This year I had my "corner" where bands would literally
wait for me to finish the interview before them. I get to see familiar faces like the way I and I think the boys both lit up from Of Mice& Men. I'm not being self centered with this next comment but I like the way I make my "interview subjects" aka male musicians with a few girls included get excited and I feel like it's a break up of the rest of their interviews they may have. But sometimes, it doesn't make for the grea
test love from other bands. I think I'm really the same way with everyone I interview despite if I like your music or not, how you look, your mindset it's all the same. I'm smiley, laugh at your jokes and through out your interview and always make for good ones I think! I remember this one time where I had just interviewed AM Taxi and had a great interview. It was Jason and
Adam we had a lot of fun and then I turned around to have a really sweet interview with Joel fromConfide and David from BC right in a row and I would look up and see the AM boys watching me do the interviews with no smile on their face. It killed me because I actually think the AM boys are really rad and always have fun with them. I remember when we had done the first interview it was me and Adam but I talked to Jason inside and when a girl accidently knocked a beer out of my hand, I went to go back to the bar and Jason after hearing my story threw down one of his drink tickets and told me a story of what happened to his beer the previous night. Their music is so good and their live show? So gritty and rock and roll I fell for it the first time I saw it!
But back to topic, and the reason why I'm writing this post. The band line up for next year's Warped Tour (at least the first confirms or however it is working this year) go up December 8th which is on next Wednesday and their are rumored ones flying about. A lot are past inte
rviews so this is kind of like a reminscing post. Out of the sixteen rumored bands, I've interviewed eight so far and all have been positive experiences. I figure my statistics are pretty good if that's just sixteen of the supposed bands.

First up, A Day To Remember! We all know how much I fell for this band and ha
d an amazing experience and interview with Kevin and Josh of the band. It was a weird situation because I hadn't been confirmed and going into the show, I didn't think I had the interview which is understandable considering how big they've gotten. I get a call from their tour manager asking me where I can meet up with the guys. No questions prepared, of course I'm taking this opportunity. I'm told to make eye contact with him by their merch table considering how sold out the show truly was and they were headlining and sit down with Kevin and
Josh to see that I was on their list and scheduled strangely enough. It was a great interview with lots of laughing and some jokes! With their new record just dropping, it would be great to catch up with the boys again :-) They actually finish their current tour tonight with past interviews Underoath and The Word Alive but I've made a strict no travel rule!

Next up that would be at least a second interview is the band Black Veil Brides. I adored this interview with Andy Six during their summer headliner. Again, it was a bit of a strange circumstance. I jumped out of my cab at the venue to see kids painted all over their faces and when I called their tm said 'I'm the one who's not dressed like a crazy' and the TM laughed as of course he didn't have the face paint and tattoos either. He brought me inside as the band was still soundchecking and I sat in the back of the room watching the boys warm up. A
fter about fifteen minutes, Andy Six came over to me and we went into the larger room to do an interview. We were the only ones in the large room at Palladium and it was a great and extremely intelligent interview from his part. As we were both walking out, I forget what he was saying but it was about management or something and it literally felt like a movie. He would like spin a bit as he walked and kept on turning back towards me to say something. It was great!

Next up is someone I haven't seen, or it will be two years at this point with Big D and the Kids Table. Of course, I do not expect this band to remember me but I actually live in the area they live in now (sort of they're from Allston) so if I run into him prior, meaning the fron
t man, totally going to say something. They are really, really fun ska and sound like they are from California. The first time I met him for our interview he said I looked like I had walked out of a John Steinbeck novel in a good way. I had a classic look in his eyes and he definitely charmed his way in. It was one of my favorite interviews at Warped and one of my first in person interviews. Hope this rumor is very true in particular! :) I still listen to this band a lot and it would be great to see what's been going on for the band in these last two years. Hopefully I can catch them live before this
Oh Every Avenue, the next band up, you make me giggle. In our first interview at AP Tour, they were shit faced which made them say a few things their record label would probably not want them saying about their future plans and they told me plenty of inappropriate anecdotes about Dave's whiskey dick. Partiers yet cuties, they msummer comes!

ade for a great time. I had a partner interview them when they were here just over a month ago once again and yet haven't see
n the transcribed interview yet. Hopefully if they are playing, I'm able to catch up with them once again!

The next band would be amazing to catch up with for a few reasons. They were my first interview that was on my "dream list" for interviews and they're Hellogoodbye. It didn't help that right before our interview I had met Zach Hanson in a very intimate way and not like meet and greet style so when I was walking down the hallway my heart was running at a mile a minute and our interview was hilarious. I was sitting next to Forrest during the interview and across from Joe, Travis and Andy. I really liked the interview too because Forrest's now wife was in the interview sitting on the other side of Forrest and she was so down to earth and laughing at their responses. Even when Forrest hit me on the knee joking when I as
ked about their dream line up saying 'You want me to say Hanson, Steel Train and Sherwood don't you?' she didn't even flinch. I haven't had problems yet with significant others being there during my interviews and I love that.
It was also my first time seeing Hellogoodbye live that night and I loved it. They are so funny and real on stage so I definitely wanted my second interview if I could. We had it all lined up four months later until the night before when their TM realized they were getting in so late to the show but still got me in free to the show which was incredibly appreciated considering it was such a sold out show. Their album just dropped that's been in the works for two years plus 'Would It Kill You?' so I really hope I get to catch up with these boys again soon (and hopefully at Warped)!

This turned into the longest post ever and still there are three more familiar faces in The Swellers, VersaEmerge and The Wonder Years (via email) that are rumored to play. Shaping up to be an amazing day and it seems like this day gets better and better every year. Hope these guys all work out! :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Why do I put myself in an industry where I meet and know so many amazing people yet I only see you every few months?

Miss vodka tonics and music talk.
Drink ticket sharing with cute boys.
Reminiscing with new york cuties.

I love this.

I Feel Like..

I want this to be my outlet. I was watching the "World of Jenks" episode that featured VersaEmerge and I could totally relate to what Sierra was saying where as a girl, you experience all of these amazing things in this industry and scene but you can't tell anyone. So this is the place where I can be my true self and get excited and have it be like an outlet.
I've been in this mode since Warped 2010 I feel where I just don't care anymore. I do what I want, I do these interviews how I want to do it, I cover the people I feel like covering and I'm completely happy with what I've done so far.

Can't wait to see the future and be sure to keep on coming back to this blog. So excited to get the new direction rolling if you haven't realized it yet.

We Came As Romans? Who Would have known!

So the other night I was at the Circa Survive show here in Boston and the typical people that I know were there so it was fun! The thing that stuck out to me though and made me think of this band once again is this. There was this band, Animals As Leaders, who are purely instrumental. Being a girl who loves her lyrics, they just weren't my cup of tea but I was rooting for them considering they'll be first to play in the new Thursday/Underoath/Skylit Drive tour next year. I realized something at this point. At the end of their set which was six songs lasting about twenty five to thirty minutes, I realized that maybe I was wrong in hoping that they would become the next big thing but one band I realized would become huge after our first interview back in February was We Came As Romans.

I saw them play live that night and then again in June when I sat down with Josh that evening as well and then I caught a few minutes of their set again in August. Over just this past year, this band has sky rocketed and I couldn't be happier for them. Such a nice group of dudes and ones that actually care. I've met a million it seems like musicians over these past almost two years now and this band is still one of the stand outs for me. Unfortunately they don't have dates announced anywhere near me yet but hopefully I'll see them at an even bigger point. Just some thoughts and I think the perfect way to kick off the new direction of this blog. No more promoting my own stuff, just a general old blog of a girl who is living her dreams out every single day. Even if it means, I eat pasta for a meal some days and even though I'm still waiting tables. I'm doing it and I want this blog to be a good thing to look back on through it all!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Must Shop: Love Before Glory!

Over time, I've had the opportunity to interview Jaxin Hall twice with his past band Of Mice&Men which he has now left but it's only to pursue what he's been wanting to do forever it seems. He's started Love Before Glory which is a clothing line that has sick deals today! Everything is at 25-40% but it's kind of a special Black Friday special as it lasts all weekend. So pick up your favorite designs! I know I will be-those skinny jeans look great. Too bad if they're meant to be for boys!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

You Me At Six confirmed as main support for new Blink tour!

These are the kinds of days I wish I had my own website. Believe me, it's in the works!

As we come to the end of 2010, everyone is getting stoked for 2011 in the alternative scene. One of those bands that we'll be keeping an eye on through all of it is You Me At Six who have started announcing their touring plans and the most shocking? The band will be playing as direct support for Blink 182's announced UK tour dates this summer. In the US, this may seem crazy as the band had released just their first physical material earlier this year but back home the boys are one of the biggest alternative rock bands there are. The band is about to go out on a winter headlining tour in the UK and earlier this year they actually had a fully sold out tour with support coming from We The Kings and Forever The Sickest Kids!
I've watched this band grow back here in the US and actually had the chance to sit down with Josh and Max from the band at Warped Tour this summer! This summer they played the Altec Lansing stage and killed it every day surrounding themselves in a stage line up that included bands like Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, Attack Attack and Breathe Carolina. They are one of the bands that is probably the most surprising and make for an incredibly real interview which can be found here!

The band plans to be back in the new year and hopefully for longer this time around. Considering how music saturated we are, this band is definitely something different and show it if you really look into it. Josh who actually does lead vocals for the band was recently featured on "Fuck" by Bring Me The Horizon and the band has actually started to include screams in their own tracks as well!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Video: "Right Girl" The Maine!

Recently, for Music Remedy I sat down with John O from the Maine during the Harmony tour as in less then a week ago and he told me about the new music video the band was about to debut:
"I’m really excited for you to see it because it’s definitely an interesting idea and it was just kind of a spur of the moment thing. We just threw it together. Doesn’t necessarily pertain to the song which I like a lot. It doesn’t have really anything to do with the song and once you see it, hopefully you’ll see why we had so much fun but we shot it in Arizona and it was just homies (laughs). It was awesome!"

Check out the definitely interesting video below and check out our third interview with The Maine here! We've been lucky enough to continuely catch up and keep up with the band for about a year now and hope to be able to continue to do so in the future!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Band: Scattered Trees

So normally, especially when tired, sometimes I'll just click delete and delete and delete but today I luckily took a chance on a band called Scattered Trees and their first single is up in "Love and Leave". Check it out asap and we'll definitey be keeping in touch about this band. So talented, check them out!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New video from Pierce The Veil.

So hey there guys! Times have been a wee crazy in Colleen's life covering shows, interviewing your favorite bands and serving tables but since I moved to Boston just on the 2nd I've sat down with The Summer Set, Stereo Skyline, Modsun, The Downtown Fiction, Austin Gibbs, Green River Ordinance, Needtobreathe, Bedouin Soundclash, Motion City Soundtrack, Saves The Day, Lights, Starshell and Far East Movement. Tomorrow? The Maine, Ace Enders and Carter Hulsey so be sure to keep your eye out for all of these interviews!

I'm also going to be covering a few more tours to round up 2010 which is crazy to think about. Getting these top ten lists is insane and soon I'll be making up my lists as well but let's not get ahead of ourselves.There are still tours to cover this winter and one of the ones I'll be at is The Rise Family Tour and I'll be back with Pierce The Veil who I last caught up with at Warped this summer and I can't wait! The video and song for Caraphernelia is too good so check it out and thanks for always being awesome!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Want me to review your record?!/"The Rainy Day Sessions" EP Review.

Hey dudettes! Like I say on repeat pretty much every week, I currently put a lot of my focus into working at Music Remedy covering sweet press events for you (in the works is Z100 Jingle Ball accreditation) along with just covering CMJ and constantly attending sweet shows in the Boston and Worcester area to do interviews with some of your favorite bands.
Something new I'm going to try and get back into though is steadily reviewing new records which I'll post here and on Music Remedy as well. So, if you are an artist or in a band and you're interested in having me review the record, just shoot it over my way. Whatever gets sent me to, I will review the material and post it on BOTH websites. I've been trying to get back into doing these reviews on a regular basis and started it off today with a review of the new Rainy Day Sessions EP from A Rocket To The Moon. You can find it on MR here!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Interview: Hello Hollywood

So it's been a while since I've been able to post an interview on here just because of my commitment to Music Remedy and everyone but I wanted to try to get back into it again. I don't know what I'm thinking considering how crazy life has been lately but I wanted to give it a try and the first band to be on here is Hello Hollywood. I missed doing interviews with fun pictures and everything so here we go!
I first found Hello Hollywood when I was flipping through an issue of Alternative Press as one of the artists you should know/hometown heroes idea and after listening to a few tracks off their myspace, I definitely wanted to do an interview with them! The band first started in 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona and have grown in their scene to get to the point where they're currently recording their full length record after their great EP's that they have put out in the past. Read on for our exclusive interview with guitarist Stephen Simpson!

You've shared the stage with modern day scene favorites like The Maine and the Cab. If you could tour with any three dream bands, who would they be and why?
I would have to say the Rocket Summer, Something Corporate and Jimmy Eat World. They're all extremely talented bands that I have looked up to for a long time. It would be amazing to tour with bands like I, and the rest of the guys, draw so much inspiration from.

How did Hello Hollywood come to be?
Mike and I started Hello Hollywood as an acoustic project after a band we were both in broke up. We wrote a couple songs and decided we wanted to be a full band, and just kinda ran with it.

Why Hello Hollywood for the name?
Well, when Mike and I started everything we were originally called Hollywood High. When we decided to be a full band we wanted to change the name but really liked the HH initials. We tossed around some names and Hello Hollywood just stuck.

How does the band typically go about the songwriting process? Is it one person, more of a collective effort?
Usually Mike and I will write something acoustic. Then we bring it to the other guys and we'll jam it full band, change some things and polish it up. Every song has everyone's creativity and input by the time it's done.

I read on your myspace blogs that you're working on a new record and it said you were recording this month. How is that process going? Is it looking like an EP or a full length?
It's going extremely well. We've all grown a lot as people and as musicians over the past two years and you can certainly hear that in the new music. When we first went into the studio we planned on doing another EP but we all decided it was time to do a full length.

You've put out two EP's in the past. How has the fan's reception grown to the music?
So far we've put out two EP's. We got a great response from the first EP we put out. The second EP was all acoustic with three acoustic renditions of older songs and three new ones. Having an energetic full band record and then a stripped down acoustic one really offers two sides to the band. I think that's helped us grab the attention of more fans. This record will definitely be a lot different then anything we've done in the past. We're excited to see how everyone takes it all in.

Through your myspace and online social media, you've really grown a huge fan base over North America (&more!). How do you believe online social media has really helped you guys?
Social networking sites not only gives bands the opportunity to spread their music across the world, but to also connect with their fans on a more personal level. That's something we as a band really strive to do, and I can honestly say we enjoy doing. We try to spend as much time as we can interacting and getting to know our fans. That simple fact has greatly helped the success of our band.

What can fans look forward to with in these next few months from you guys?

Our new record! Which means a new single, new promos and a possible tour are all in the works!
What would you say is your favorite treat?
Anything dark chocolate! I can't get enough of that stuff.
If you could do a music video for any of the tracks you've put out so far, which would you choose and what's the craziest concept you could think of?
I'd say "Believe In Love". I would want to shoot it in New York City and have everyone walking around with shirts that say believe in love. Have it painted on cars, buildings, and us playing through out the city. I think that would be pretty sweet!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Personal Post, what's that?

Can't wait for the one day I'm covering of CMJ. Get to see several familiar faces in the boys in Tv/Tv, Postelles and Fake Problems with doing interviews with all three that night at their seperate shows and then attending a bit of the AP Art Exhibit opening along with hopefully seeing a bit of the Bad Books show & Dierks Bentley?

wild card baby.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The latest and the best.

So unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the new BMTH record dropped this past week, that the new Punk Goes is dropping in November and so much more..and I've been in love with it all.
Over the past few months, my musical tastes have changed a lot and I think it's been through all of this work, all of these interviews, all these reviews and I've become way more of a harder music/heavier stuff fan. The new Bring Me record is AMAZING and I can't get enough of Asking Alexandria's cover for Punk Goes. It's little things but it's what I've been most involved in covering lately. Last night, I interviewed everyone on the Whitechapel tour and experienced my first full deathcore show (besides Miss May I) interviewing everyone on the line up all the way from I Declare War up to Whitechapel which all of will be going live this next week (after this week).
I'll also be out at CMJ on Wednesday and Thursday hopefully seeing some familiar faces and also catching some new acts I've been so into lately like Phoenix and seeing the Manchester Orchestra side project Bad Books. I'll also be interviewing the artists/musicians at the Alt Press opening the same night which you may have seen advertised in the new issue. Pretty much, life has been amazing and that's all and it's about to get even better since I'll be living in Boston starting November 1st. :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Real life? Kesha Releases?

Let's just pause for a second.

I'm pretty sure they are about ten posts or more on here that just talk about how lucky I feel and how much I'm thankful for everything I've gotten to achieve, everyone I've been able to meet and interview but life just got a little crazier. Over the past month or so I've recieved press releases/information about some of the biggest names in the game like Ke$ha, Justin Bieber himself and Usher.

Oh life? I'm in love with you! Don't fear though I'm going to stay just as alternative as well but who wouldn't take these opportunities?

Monday, September 20, 2010

They're the party in your bedroom.

If you've been reading this blog for a while slash my work on Music Remedy by now I'm sure you're well aware of who Cash Cash is. It's been a while since the boys have strolled through the area (can't believe it's been the better part of a year since our last interview!) but JP and the boys always make for a great show and are a great group to talk to!
They flew back onto my radar about a month ago where I saw they were opening on the latest Stereo Skyline headlining tour and since then I've heard all about everything from their "Forever Young" cover to their latest single to drop featuring Lacey Schwimmer and Spouse. Check out the new EPK the boys just released and believe me next time they come through I'll definitely bring a new interview to you!

Thanks for always being awesome. If it weren't you for the readers, I'd never be doing this today!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Ms. busy bee here reporting some new interviews for you! This year/summer has actually been some of my most productive times and that means new interviews pretty much every day and the latest three? Hot Chelle Rae, The Audition and There for Tomorrow!

The band jumped onto Warped tour just a few days after I did my press at the tour but lucky for me I had the opportunity to spend some time with the band at Six Flags just a month later! I did the typical interview routine with RK and Nash which can be seen here but after the interview, I hit the roller coasters with the boys for the rest of the day leading up to their show! Catch the boys on the road with Parachute this fall and in the small clubs when you can. With the backing of Jive Records and their irrestible live shows, the boys are sure to be playing the bigger stages soon!

I may be one of the biggest crusaders for the Chicago music scene there is just because I grew up there but one of my personal favorites from that scene is the pop punk quartet The Audition! I recently got the chance to sit down with the boy who provides lead vocals Danny Stevens where we talked about everything from what he may have been doing if he wasn't in the band to how they formed and it's all right here!Finally but definitely not least, over the last few months Music Remedy/me has had the chance to steadily stay in the loop with several bands including Hey Monday, A Rocket To The Moon and Anarbor but the most recent interview we've done is this next group There for Tomorrow. Since April, we've been getting the low down with the band and just did our third interview with the boys but for now read our introduction with Maika for everything There for Tomorrow that just got posted here! We just caught up with the boys again two days ago so be sure to keep your eye out on the site and thanks for always coming back for more. I would be nowhere with out starting this blog and I'm even jumping to the next step of doing some video interviews soon along with Music Remedy so maybe this whole work at a restaurant all day, every day doesn't have to continue much longer :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New VFFA Acoustic EP.

Hey folks!
So like I said in the past I've decided to make this something a little bit different then it was in the past and this is exactly the kind of thing I want to have on it. I interviewed this next band back in February and their interview can be found on the website I work for here but the reason for writing about them today?
Well they've been little busy bees and have put together a FREE downloadable acoustic EP and even though I'm just listening to the first song on it today it brings me back to the roots of what I listened to all the time when I was younger. It kind of reminds me of a more mature Just Left sounding record (who VFFA's producer Ace Enders also worked with) and definitely is something I'd recommend to you readers. Also, catch the boys doing some headlining dates along with some touring with Backseat Goodbye and Jonas In Color this next month and catch the video below promoting the EP.

(P.S. I'm pretty sure Nick may be one of the most adorable boys ever.Ssh, don't tell him!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Latest Interviews up with Stereo Skyline & Anarbor!

Two new interviews that I did just went live on Music Remedy and I hope you check them out! First up is one with Stereo Skyline that I did at Bamboozle Roadshow with the full band (including Clayton!) where we talked about everything from how they met Clayton to their plans for the future. They had a busy summer releasing their first full length record and had the Stuck On Repeat headlining tour! They are four polite adorable boys who made for a great interview which you can find here!

And next up is a follow up interview with Anarbor who we talked to back during the Bout Damn Tour in April! Even though it had only been a few months, plenty has happened for the boys including touring both the UK and Japan and dropping their first full length record even though they have been playing together since about 2003. The four piece have never changed their line up, have been together since middle school and always give a good interview! Read it here and check out all their videos on the Hopeless Records youtube channel as they won't let embeds. I tried promise!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A little update..

So I'm trying something new with this blog. I took the time to read through it and there's definitely a little bit of natural progression. I first started it over a year and a half ago and it's crazy to go back through some of the entries, see who used to be on my dream list and now I've interviewed them etcetera. The excitement I had in the beginning which believe me is still there once again etcetera. So I'm changing it up and I'm making this my personal blog about my adventures, random pictures I take through out of everything including the one I put on this post. I'll be doing video updates, everything really. Like today, I'm going to do a write up through music videos of some milestones through it all!
Once again the point of me doing this is because Music Remedy is purely the interviews really and sometimes some really cool stuff happens or I find a band I really like from around here locally that maybe isn't the best fit for Remedy so hope you stick around!
So keep on coming back to read all about my adventures through all of this, follow, love, please :) xo

Friday, September 3, 2010

Never Shout Never on Jimmy Fallon tonight!

Back in April, I got the chance to do an interview with Christofer Drew/Never Shout Never where I met a young but very intelligent soul who gave along with his bandmates several acoustic performances through out along with sharing a million little anecdotes and instantly I knew I had a new favorite interview.
I got the chance to talk to him briefly again at Warped tour this summer which will be coming to you soon! It's a little sound byte about his inspiration for making "Harmony" which is his latest release just dropping a week or so ago. It's folky and fabulous and definitely something I hope to be able to talk to him about again in the future.
But for now, to the point of this post! I just got an alert that nineteen year old Drew will be playing with his band on Jimmy Fallon tonight so if you need a little distraction from the hurricane you'll know where to look.

Catch this great musician again on a headlining tour this fall with The Maine, Ace Enders and Carter Hulsey which is where hopefully I'll get another chance to speak to him!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

New on Music Remedy..slash me.

I was a busy little bee today and just posted a bunch of new Warped interviews which you can find all on Music Remedy! It's become my little project and honestly every time I see one of my interviews linked anywhere (even if it's on fygroupies...sweet!) it makes it that much more worthwhile. I've come so far through everything starting purely with myspace bands and local Montreal favorites to now make it to this point where I can say I have done interviews with Simple Plan to the Goo Goo Dolls but for now, you can find these on the front page.

Videos here/funny bits for each band and link below. Thanks for being faithful readers for ever and always:

Check out my exclusive with Brian Dales who plays lead vocals for The Summer Set where we talked about how he tries to get a leg up on Tyson Ritter's stage antics every day here. Also catch the band on their headliner this fall where we'll hopefully be catching up with them again!

Next up are the rockers in Confide! We caught up with drummer Joel Piper and talked everything from their mixed feelings about the latest record "Recover" and that they are already writing the next one. Find it all here!

Why Warped Tour is so awesome..the chance to go right from screamo rockers to acoustic legends! We caught up with Ace Enders former ex frontman for The Early November where he told us that I Can Make A Mess will be his main project right now and for him hopefully the final one which we talked all about here!

Next up (I've been busy what can I say?) was an interview with Cameron from The Downtown Fiction. We caught him right before he had to go into surgery on his vocal chords but we talked about the new record and the EP so read it all here!

Think that's a lot? Keep up to date here as we still have interviews coming with Hey Monday, Andrew W.K., Pierce The Veil, The Cab, Eyes Set To Kill and Of Mice and Men just to name a few! Again, thanks for making a girl's dream come true!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Breaking News: Kurt Travis leaves DGD.

Breaking news with the Dance Gavin Dance crew and I definitely saw this coming. Dance Gavin Dance has announced that they've officially parted ways with front man Kurt Travis. Seeing them play at Transmission fest while I was there doing coverage, it was sure from their stage energy that the line up wouldn't last too much longer (and that was less than two weeks ago!) I've never been a fan of Kurt honestly, he just seems like a huge mess as mean as it may sound.
Luckily though, they won't be going on much of a break because of it. Their original frontmen so to speak Jonny Craig of Emarosa and Jon Mess will be returning to the band and will be recording their next record to be released next year on Rise Records. Jonny will still be in Emarosa along with doing his solo project so don't fret! Keep your eye out on the band and check them out when they hit the road again in the spring!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The new Chiodos?

I just searched for pictures of the new line up of Chiodos and unfortunately was not able to find any. That's just one sign that the new album from Chiodos has been under such heavy wraps. Today though is the beginning of the unraveling of the secret plans and that first step is that the first record minus legendary front man Craig Owens will be hitting the shelves October 5th.

After listening to Craig's solo stuff, I was wondering how difficult it would be for me to like Chiodos but surprisingly I am loving the new track that has just started streaming on their myspace, "Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together". Brandon Bolmer has an extradionary voice which matches extremely well with the screaming and this 5:03 track is superb. I'm sure I'm not the only one incredibly excited to hear this new record and see it live as well! Congrats boys!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet the man behind the facade of Black Veil Brides!

Hi ladies and gentleman, check out my latest interview on Music Remedy with the extremely talented Andy Sixx of Black Veil Brides!

If there were one message you wanted your fans to take away after watching one of your live shows, what would it be?
"That the weird kid from Ohio did this and is standing up on the stage and singing the words that he wrote and gets to do what he loves every day and so can you. There’s absolutely no difference between me and them. We’re a mere reflection of you know each other and so honestly the number one message is that no rockstars in bands are shipped from the sky and if you want something, you can never let anybody tell you otherwise. "

Monday, August 9, 2010

Latest with Stephen Jerzak up now!

Hey there lovelies! I just wanted to let you know that my latest interview with Stephen Jerzak (it happened three days ago!) has gone live on MusicRemedy.com! Stephen told me it was his first interview where he talked about his upcoming first full length record so I knew this was a high priority to get up! Find it here and check out his latest cover below with "My First Kiss". Thanks for always being awesome readers!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back In The Studio: A Skylit Drive

It's been a while since we've talked to the band and a while since they've been touring in the area but the boys in A Skylit Drive have just posted a brand new trailer to tell their fans that they are making the new record! To be released/planned to be released in early 2011, the record is sure to be a very exciting follow up to Adelphia. Find our latest interview here and enjoy the update:

Fun. signs to Fueled By Ramen!

Who honestly didn't see this coming? Why yes Fueled, I caught your little hints when you started including their merch on your propaganda materials and I couldn't be more excited to see this talented band that we've interviewed signing with you guys! Does this mean we could see another tour with Paramore, another round with Rocket? Whatever it means, I think this is a great place for Fun!
Congrats Boys!

Friday, July 30, 2010

New Project..AP Reccomends?

Why hey there lovelies.

So if you know me well, you know my guilty addiction to AP Magazine. Maybe it's that I've interviewed a lot of bands that grace its' pages or just my love for finding new music but it's brought something new to my attention. I've missed posting interviews on here since all of the in persons, phoners I do now are requested for that website so I'm going to start a new exciting little project here!
Every month, I'm going to make it a goal to interview the bands that grace the AP Reccomends section every month and lucky for me, one of the bands highlighted this month I just interviewed! I miss being able to fill interviews with pictures, videos, etcetera so here is my chance to do so :)
Look for the interview with STAY today or tomorrow and if you're a local band or just a band who wants a little interview love let me know! :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New video from Hey Monday! "I Don't Wanna Dance"

Hey lovelies! So I know recently there have been a lot of music videos being posted lately but I see that as a good thing. It's a sign that we're bringing you the bands that are happening right now. New videos, new tours, new records and one that has really been doing everything this year is Hey Monday who just put out the brand new video for "I Don't Wanna Dance" which you can find here.
It's the first single of the new EP "Beneath it All" which hits shelves in August and is a fun little performance/not so much a love story video. Recently I got the chance to sit down for my second interview with the band at Warped tour and that will be going up very soon at MusicRemedy.com and maybe i'll post it here as well for you folks! Just let me know!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Want to help reveal the AP Bands for this fall's tour?

From the bands announced so far in Emarosa, Polar Bear Club and This Is Hell, the AP Fall Ball is sure to be a hard hitting rock show with no allowance for anything else. Maybe they're will be a shocker with a pop rock group but we need you to know that. I work for the AP Street Team as well and currently if you go to http://www. altpress.com/tourreveal/ you can help to reveal the rest of the bands. It's at almost 2.5 thousand now and at 3,000 they'll be announcing the last two bands!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

How times have changed.

Flash back to The Summer Set approximately 2007. A song they still play to this day! I just found this gem when I was doing a little research for my coverage of the Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour this Saturday night and found a video from a band I just interviewed on Sunday. Brian took the hard questions and has been rocking the tour all summer.

Check it out! Three years ago...

Today. Same band, no line up changes..

Friday, July 16, 2010

New VersaEmerge Video: "Fixed At Zero"

This lady just finished her Warped dates for the year and one of the bands I got to follow up with from our last interview in November was Versa Emerge. Only releasing their debut album after fans waited patiently for about two years just a month ago, they were a hot ticket and put an amazing show. We talked about the record and their live show and you can get a taste of it it in this amazing video they just put out for the title track. Their energy when playing their music is contagious and I'm sure you'll agree after watching the video!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weezer's putting out a new record? What's new!

Did I miss something or did Weezer JUST put out a new record last year? Were they unhappy with it? Did the accident with River Cuomos and his family scare them? Whatever it was, it allows us to enjoy some new music so soon after the release last year. The new record will be dropping on September 13th!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Keep Matthew Leone in your hearts.

Last night, something terrible happened. I can't even believe it to be real right now. Last year at Warped in Montreal, I met an amazing person. Quite possibly one of the happiest just to be alive people I've ever met in Matthew Leone from Madina Lake. Unfortunately due to some crazy weather, we couldn't do our interview but I did catch the band live that night and he kept encouraging me to come closer and really get into it.
I caught him next while the band was opening for Silverstein and he remembered me from Warped Tour with a huge grin on his face despite having to cancel on the interview. I then found out that him and his brother Nathan Leone, his rock, were on Fear Factor Twin edition so of course I watched to find out they won. Matthew was always there for his brother and would step up to the plate if Nathan couldn't take it anymore.
Last night, Matthew stepped up and tried to save a woman who was being beaten horribly by her significant other. When Matthew got in between the middle of them and proceeded to call the cops the man jumped Matthew from behind and beat him till he was unconcious and left the scene. When Matthew was found, he was brought immediately to the hospital where he had to have a third of his skull removed and currently they are waiting for the swelling to go down in his brain. Please pray for this amazing soul, Nathan and their loved ones. Matthew has had a life filled with tragedy and still has had hope and happiness through it all. Keep them in your prayers please.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Behind The Scenes with Am Taxi.

Recently, I sat down with Adam of AM Taxi during the last Spill Canvas tour, and something that came up was the new video for Fed Up. Quite possibly my favorite track on the new record that just dropped a little over a week ago, I was stoked to find a behind the scenes video in my email today. Check it out for yourself, and catch the boys on Warped all summer. Look for my interview with him soon on Music Remedy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I See Stars: Say Good bye to Christopher Moore.

It's not exactly a shocker but this is what I See Stars just posted on their myspace:

In the last 6 weeks we’ve poured our heart and soul into what is to be the next chapter of I See Stars. As we get closer and closer to finishing a new record a few things have been brought into light that you all deserve to be aware of. I See Stars and Chris Moore (keys/screams) have decided to part ways. This decision was mutual, and we still love and support him in everything he chooses to do and hope you all do as well.

Now on the upside of things, this record being a dream turned to reality. We are so excited for the fall/winter release. The original member for keys/screams was held by Zach Johnson who’s vocals and synth you all have heard on our debut record “3D”. He will be returning to the band, performing on Warped 2010. Hope you’re ready.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Blink 182 on Warped Compilation 2010.

Fearless Records just tweeted that six of their artists have a spot on the compilation so of course i wanted to check it out and strangely enough the first track is from Blink 182 "The Rock Show". Every single other song on the compilation is from an artist/band who is playing Warped this summer. Is there a one off in the works from these guys? Multiple dates? The whole thing? Is Blink going back to their roots of Warped?
Just a little something to think about.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Music: Tv/Tv "Much Too Much"

Common feature on both here and MusicRemedy, TV/TV is a local new york based band who are quickly making a name for themselves both locally and nationally. Playing both national tours like Warped Tour and touring across the country with Empires, and shows around New York City, with this new record they are sure to get their break.

The first track for their new record "Much Too Much" has been dropped and it's definitely something for the new band. Now as a three piece, it seems like, if the record follows the style of this track, the band is heading a little more electro. Josh's voice in the track is definitely of a different style then I've heard from their past Ep's but it's definitely that makes at least this girl move. The lyrics are also a little more edgy then their past tracks, and I could definitely see this playing in New York clubs.

Like I said before, this summer is the summer for loads of records to come out, and TV/TV will be included in this. It's their debut full length effort, and the first as a signed band, so watch for it soon!

Meet Vincent Minor!

It's crazy to think that I'm learning about albums and tours that are happening in the fall. Since I started being involved at all in the music scene and to the point I've gotten to today, the time flies by so fast.

I'll find myself missing a band/artist/someone in particular, waiting for a gig I've been looking forward to for so long and it comes so quick. Another positive to it all is that I get to hear about artists I know are going to be big a little bit on the earlier side. One of those acts is Vincent Minor, who will be dropping his debut record on September 21st.

From the track I've heard so far, I'm sure this boy is going to win over a lot of hearts. His music has the indie feel that most girls in this industry fall over and the electronic edge to the music that is sure to push him onto mainstream radio. Before all that though, he'll be playing a tour all summer across the country where he'll spend a week in each city finding a whole new band for each show he plays. From the track 'Late Night Show', I definitely will be attending his show if he comes through Boston, and I hope you do to..in your respective city of course!

New music from VE: 'Mind Reader'

This month is insane for new music, be it the past two weeks in records which gave us the new Against Me!, Rooney, Whitechapel, MyChildrenMyBride, Tamarama, Travie McCoy and so much more in these next few.

One of the new records yet to drop this month is the first full length for pop punk now trio VersaEmerge. I had the chance to sit down with this band back in November which was right before they were going into the studio to work on this record, and they couldn't have been more excited for it. From the tracks I've seen so far, I couldn't be either. This band has been working so hard and I hope it pays off with this record. It actually drops the same day as the new Hey Monday, so pick them both up in one trip!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Leaked early, enjoy!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The new ARRTM video..Monday!

Hey there beautifuls.

Well known here and local favorites A Rocket To The Moon have announced that the video for "Like We Used To" will drop Monday. It's a video that we've been waiting for for a while now, at least to my knowledge it was filmed at the end of the Take Action tour. These things take time, and lucky for all of you fans out there, we'll get to see the product of the hard work in just three days.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Video: 3OH!3 Feat. Kesha "My First Kiss"

The new record hasn't even dropped yet for the 30H!3 and already the second single's video is out. Nat and Sean started off the party with their video for 'House Party' and now we have 'My First Kiss' feat. Kesha!
'Streets of Gold' doesn't even drop till June 29th but I'm pretty sure all 3OH!3 fans are already stoked. The first tracks worried me a bit, but they have definitely grown on me and the videos just secured it. I can always count on this duo for just having fun and making controversial music videos/tracks, and they definitely keep that going in this new one.
You can catch the boys on the last few weeks of their Too Fast For Love tour with Cobra Starship, Travie McCoy and I Fight Dragons and check out the new video below!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Fun. remixes!

The trio that is Fun. just released two remixes of their tracks 'All The Pretty Girls' and 'Walking The Dog' and they are something that I could definitely imagine playing at a venue in between sets or at a little music club in Brookyln..and that's not a bad thing.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, I would definitely call this band one of my favorites over time and honestly one of the only bands I'm openly a fan of. (You have to be really careful with those kinds of things! The list is short with Rooney, Something Corporate/Jack's Mannequin, Augustana and Brighten. Well those are the ones I'm open about!) I've put up their music video for the former track, along with doing a interview with the band back in January so I thought I would continue the pattern of coverage.

I've included the remixes here for you below. Let me know what you think and catch the boys if they add some tour dates! They just got off the road with Paramore, and are rumored to be working on the follow up to Aim & Ignite already which is awesome to hear! This super group is one I hope stays for a long while!

fun. - Walking the Dog (RAC mix) by nettwerkmusicgroup

fun. - All The Pretty Girls (RAC mix) by nettwerkmusicgroup

Post Fall Out Boy: The Damned Things.

With Joe and Andy's new band The Damned Things, and records coming out from both the Damned Things and Patrick's solo record, along with promises of touring from both, the music world is getting that more exciting.
The super group that is Joe and Andy from Fall Out Boy, Rob and Scott from Anthrax and with their front man Keith of Every Time I Die played their first show the other night at Brooklyn Knitting Factory and from the review done by Spin and listening to the two rough mixes on their myspace, I couldn't be more stoked.
The band will be heading over to Europe to play some shows and festivals, but hopefully they start playing shows steadily when they come back (after Keith's time on Warped of course), definitely check them out! Look for their record this fall on Island!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Studio Update from Never Shout.

Tomorrow, my first task on my mind is transcribing my interview I just did with Christofer, Nathan of the Never Shout band (and Nick their merch man!) and I just came home from a night of work at the restaurant to find the new studio update for their latest record Harmony.

From the new tracks, "First Dance" and "The Lousy Truth", I definitely like where the band is heading with the more folky songs and I think it's something I'll like more. I could definitely see Augustana opening for them or having it the other way around, but check it out for yourself! I hope to be catching up with both bands this summer so maybe I'll even suggest it! :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Back to the past: Wild Sweet Orange.

I kind of miss your sweet, sweet melodies and drumming.
I miss the insanely autobiographical lyrics.
It's unfortunate the way you were part of the "oh find an amazing band opening a show and never see you play again" curse.
It's sad that you won't be opening for Augustana again when I see them this summer.
It's sweet how after one show you became one of my favorite bands.
I miss the way you took picture after picture like it was a mini photo shoot.
It's grand how you gave me my first interview, and now I've come so far from then.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Win a trip to see Allison Iraheta in concert!

Look at little miss active today! You New Yorkers are lucky fools!

Oranthi, Adam Lambert and fellow American Idol contestant Allison Iraheta will be hitting the road this summer, and for one special person and friend, you can win a trip to catch her in New York on June 23rd. You can enter here and good luck!

Alert to New Yorkers!: Free in Borders Keane performance!

Any beautiful New Yorkers reading this? Want to check out some free live music from someone you wouldn't expect? The lovely boys in Keane will be doing a free performance at the Borders at 1o Columbus Circle, NYC. Admission is free, but capacity is limited so get there early. Also bring along your copy (or purchase) of their new record Night Train, they'll be signing! Catch them May 26th!

My Interview With Trevor Hall (as seen on Music Remedy!)

Hey everyone! As most of you know, I work as the features editor for Music Remedy and recently my interviews have all been publishing there, but Trevor Hall is one of the interviews I'm most proud of so far in my career and I wanted to share it here with you as well!

Reggae is something that reaches out to all different kinds of people. It’s something that just makes you feel good, and you can’t help but move to the beat of it. One of those artists that is breaking out of this genre is young but a veteran in twenty one year old Trevor Hall. Since he was fifteen, he has been writing, recording and performing his music and has had quite the roller coaster ride since.

Coming fresh out of high school and with a recording contract, it may have seemed clear that it was meant to be but after some hardships with his first label, Trevor made the switch to Vanguard and dropped his self titled record this past July. Since then he has been hitting the road and playing his high energy shows all over the country. Collaborating with such artists as Matisyahu and Colbie Caillat just to name a few (Unity and Lime Tree respectively), his name has began to be heard around the states. Finally, his hard work is paying off and I got the opportunity to talk about it all with him when he came to Cambridge last February with a sold out show at the popular venue Harper’s Ferry.

I know you’ve collaborated with a lot of artists like Matisyahu and Colbie Caillat, but if you could pick any artist to collaborate with, who would they be?
Do I have to pick one or can I pick a handful?
You can pick a handful.
Cool. I would definitely have to collaborate with Michael Franti. We just got done doing a tour with him and we became really good friends and I would love to do a song or have him on a song, something like that. I also am like a huge Bjork fan and even though our styles are like really different, I think it would be really fun just to see what would come of that mash up so Michael Franti and Bjork. Those are kind of my two main ones right now I’m thinking of.

And who would you say are some of your bigger musical influences?
When I was growing up I was really, really influenced by Ben Harper and I remember the first time I heard him and just thinking like just getting a really intense feeling like ‘woah! I want to make music like that’. So Ben Harper through out my high school years was a huge influence but you know, of course all the reggae stars like Bob Marley. Burning Spear was a huge influence, but in high school I was really influenced by hip hop like OutKast and you know Aesop Rock ,just the way that they would put words together and stuff and I think that really influenced me just lyrically like the way I write lyrics so it’s kind of a mash up organically of a whole bunch of stuff.

And in high school, you ended up getting signed to Geffen your senior year and then unfortunately you got dropped by now you’re with Vanguard? How did that time when you were really doing it on your own help you grow as a musician?
Well, you know when I was on my own I was lucky to have, even though I wasn’t on a label, I was still lucky to have a lot of like good people around who were working for me and stuff. So it was just a struggle because I didn’t have some of the necessary tools you know a label can really help you with. Things like radio and you know putting up money to help make a record which I didn’t have so it was great but when I was on Geffen you know, we had a little bit of trouble, a lot of trouble, getting albums released but it was a really good experience. Just to be on a big label and say ‘Hey I did it!’ So now I’m with Vanguard which is a smaller label then Geffen but it’s more of a family vibe which I think I’m more about and it’s been a little easier communication you know. Communication is really important in anything, but especially I think in the business and we just weren’t getting a lot of communication when we were on the bigger label so it’s better just to bring it down.

You played with Ben Harper actually and Stevie Nicks, Colbie Caillat etcetera. If you could tour with say three dream acts, who would they be?

I just think it would be awesome to be able to tour with Bob Marley. I mean, there would be a lot of pressure involved because he’s a huge star. It would have been really hard but I would have liked just to travel with him and his crew even if his crowd didn’t like me. It would still be fun just to be on the same stage as him every night but, uh, other acts I would like to tour with. I mean, I love Michael Franti, and we just did a tour with him but it was just so beautiful that I would just do it over and over again like we just really hit it off. Some other dream acts, I mean, it would be fun to do stuff like out of the ordinary like tour with Bjork or tour with like Radiohead or somebody that’s really different and not be the same old thing but those are probably some dream ones.

For sure, and I think you’ve actually shared the stage with Ziggy. How was that experience because you’re kind of similar to Bob Marley’s style?
Yeah, Ziggy is amazing and I didn’t really listen to that much of his music before we went on tour with him. The thing about Ziggy is that his band was one of the best bands I’ve heard, not just reggae bands, but just an amazing band. So to be around that high caliber of musicianship every night like really taught me a lot and he was very like focused and he had this intense like feeling about really wanting to have everything right. The effort that he put into his music was really inspiring but the cool thing about it was he did sing a lot of his dad’s songs and he kind of sounds like his dad so if you closed your eyes, you could just feel like ‘Oh man, I’m with Bob Marley right now’. That was a lot of fun, that was one of the best tours we’ve been on for sure.

How do you normally go about the writing process?
Uh, the writing process. It’s a process that takes a lot of time but for me, the writing process is a very kind of meditative thing. For me, I just try not to, when it’s working perfectly, be thinking at all and the songs are just coming out and I’m not trying to figure out what they’re about. I’m not trying to think ‘oh this makes sense’. I can’t say that, I’m just trying to let it come out and usually the music comes first and like the sound and the music will inspire me with the words. Sometimes words come first but mostly for me, it’s the music but it’s just a big process of me moving aside and letting whatever wants to come through come through and not try to think about it too much.

How is your last album, ‘Unity’ doing? I mean, the show’s sold out tonight.
Really? I didn’t know that, that’s cool! It’s been going good, I mean we released it a little while ago-
Last year?
Yeah, last year like around summer/fall. The cool thing about Vanguard is that they’re releasing it and then they’re like it’s not like if it doesn’t do good, then we give up on it and do another one. They’re the type of label that just really works at it and you know that was kind of our goal with this record. It was like let’s just put this out and then use this as a way of, you know, getting the name out but I think, that being said, it’s been doing pretty well. To be honest, I don’t really pay attention to much of the numbers.
But like by kids coming out, the shows.
Oh the shows have been like, this tour has been really surprising for us just because some places that were sold out were a lot bigger then we expected. Places that we haven’t played where people come out and kids singing songs so that’s been really like amazing. So, we’ve been really blessed on this tour for sure.

And how do you believe you’ve grown as a musician? I know you started really young 15 or so.
Wow like when I listen to that stuff, I’m like ‘What the hell was I thinking?’ I think that you know, just time is just a very interesting thing. It’s a very interesting like illusion but it is this thing that just makes you grow and you have to have patience. Patience goes with time, they go hand in hand. If you don’t have patience, then the time will destroy you. So, just over time I’ve just had experiences and stuff. I don’t think it’s really only a question of how my music has grown since then because the music is a reflection of my life, what I’m going through, so it’s like through time I just grew as a person. In a different direction that I never thought I would grow, but I think I’m just going that direction and I’m just learning along the way. So the writing process has just been with the music as a way of exploring all sides of me and the past and other peoples’ past and what is this all about. So, it’s just kind of over time but I don’t think back then I was writing a lot about like you know my relationships with people and like now I’m writing a lot more about my relationship with like spirit. It’s a larger thing so music is about relationships for me just depends with what, and I really think I’ve grown in that way.

Yeah for sure. What can fans expect when they come to a live show of yours?
You can expect to rock! I really don’t know, I just can always speak from my point of view, like when we play a show, we just love to have a good time and a lot of that depends on the audience you know. Seeing an audience just standing there, it’s hard for us to get in to it right but we just love to have a good time and we just love to play music and I think that that just shows so people feed off that. You know, we’re also really spontaneous like we just tend to switch it up at night or stuff. I just think people should expect just to like you know, have a good time and just enjoy themselves because we’re not singing any songs like about bad things I don’t think so far. So, people should just expect to feel good.

What’s your favorite part about playing on the road and touring?
On the road? Hmm, I can definitely list the things I don’t like. The things I love about being on the road. You know, there’s pros and cons of everything but you know travel is like a really good teacher because you’re just seeing a lot of places, seeing a lot of different people. You’re just learning from your environment so in that sense it’s really good. In another way you know, I think touring is just one of the best ways to build your family of fans. I mean you meet people and they come out again. It’s just great to roll into a town and be like ‘Oh I know a few people there’. It’s like you have a family which is good. And of course, you know, we get to play music every single night which is you know what we love to do. It’s a pretty great thing!

If there was one message you wanted someone to take away after listening to your music, what would you want it to be? What do you want them to feel?
I don’t really want to impose my thing on them you know what they should feel. You know, like I mean I want to make them feel good but you know that can go on many different levels. I mean in a general sense, from my point of view, music has given me inspiration. Inspiration in everything, like in my life, the way I live, the way I dress, everything. I remember growing up and just being so fascinated with all these different styles of music. It inspired me in so many different ways. So the only thing that I can hope for is that it will do the same for other people. It will give them inspiration to live like the way they want to live. I mean, whatever way that may be. If it supports them in their life, it makes me happy in whatever sense that is.

And then what can fans look forward to? A lot of touring or new music?
Well, you know we’re doing this tour and we’re going to be done in a couple weeks. Nothing is kind of set in stone but we have a rough plan of just getting back in the studio. We have some songs so you know just work on another record hopefully, just getting that out but they can expect a lot of touring. I mean, we do tour a lot in general but right now because of just like a little bit of you know hype I guess you can say like just a little bit more recognition. We’re probably going to be on the road a little more then usual so come out and see us everywhere! All fifty states!
Hawaii! Hey, I’ve been to all the states except Alaska. I don’t know how it would go but I think my friend Matisyahu went one time but I’ve never been up there.
I saw Matisyahu once way back in the beginning.
Oh yeah? Way back when?
I knew you guys were friends. You did a version of Unity together?
Yeah really good friends and I did some songs for his record but we’re just good friends. We just get along, he’s a good egg. He’s like a big brother, he helps me out a lot.