Saturday, September 18, 2010


Ms. busy bee here reporting some new interviews for you! This year/summer has actually been some of my most productive times and that means new interviews pretty much every day and the latest three? Hot Chelle Rae, The Audition and There for Tomorrow!

The band jumped onto Warped tour just a few days after I did my press at the tour but lucky for me I had the opportunity to spend some time with the band at Six Flags just a month later! I did the typical interview routine with RK and Nash which can be seen here but after the interview, I hit the roller coasters with the boys for the rest of the day leading up to their show! Catch the boys on the road with Parachute this fall and in the small clubs when you can. With the backing of Jive Records and their irrestible live shows, the boys are sure to be playing the bigger stages soon!

I may be one of the biggest crusaders for the Chicago music scene there is just because I grew up there but one of my personal favorites from that scene is the pop punk quartet The Audition! I recently got the chance to sit down with the boy who provides lead vocals Danny Stevens where we talked about everything from what he may have been doing if he wasn't in the band to how they formed and it's all right here!Finally but definitely not least, over the last few months Music Remedy/me has had the chance to steadily stay in the loop with several bands including Hey Monday, A Rocket To The Moon and Anarbor but the most recent interview we've done is this next group There for Tomorrow. Since April, we've been getting the low down with the band and just did our third interview with the boys but for now read our introduction with Maika for everything There for Tomorrow that just got posted here! We just caught up with the boys again two days ago so be sure to keep your eye out on the site and thanks for always coming back for more. I would be nowhere with out starting this blog and I'm even jumping to the next step of doing some video interviews soon along with Music Remedy so maybe this whole work at a restaurant all day, every day doesn't have to continue much longer :)

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