Thursday, April 30, 2009

Artist of the Week: The Scene Aesthetic

I was looking through some bands myspaces (Yes, it's dorky but it's what works lately for finding some new little gems) and one of these little gems as I like to call them, is The Scene Aesthetic. Maybe only twenty minutes later after I had written their name down to give a look at, a friend of mine who knows about the music blog and it's going ons suggested them once again. Being myself, I saw this as a sign to move them right away to the beginning of the list to check out, and it was definetly worth it. These boys are amazing.  I was going to put up a quick snippet about their cover of "Love Story" by Taylor Swift which is surprisingly amazing. I never really trust covers of country songs by people who aren't in the genre which may seem kind of music snobby of me but now my opinions of it have been convinced to change. 

The two boys, Eric and Andrew, who make up the indie pop rock wonder, "The Scene Aesthetic", based out of Seattle, Washington make every girl melt with their music.  An example being "Humans", which comes up right after the "Love Story" cover that first put my heart strings in a twist, "So I wrote you this song, I hope that you like it, cause you light up my life, and I know you can't fight this, you're the most beautiful girl in the world and I wanted you to know".  Going thru their playlist on that trusty myspace of theirs, there isn't a point I didn't like.  At first I was writing down my favorites, but realized I was writing every single one down.  The Scene Aesthetic are one of those bands that you could have amazing appreciation for when listening to their music and at the same time reading their lyrics.  The way Eric and Andrew sing with passion about the loves and the special girls in their life would make any girl melt no matter the front she may put up, no matter the style of music she loves most.  

Take a chance on these boys, you can thank me later. They'll definetly be worth their time and you can find their music here


Just An Idea..Let me know what you think!

Hey all my beautiful beautiful readers.

I hope you are enjoying what I am putting up so far, now that I am done with exams, it's going to be ridiculous in a good way for the work I'll be putting in on this blog.

I have a few interviews that will be up on the blog soon, hopefully putting up a new Believe Berlin interview tomorrow (or maybe even tonight!) but I have a question for all of you if you have any opinion on this new segment I want to try.

What it is a piece every week or two on a band from one area. I'm doing that kind of for Montreal right now with a few local guys..or, no a mix of Toronto and Montreal but I want to try one for where I grew up-The Midwest of the United States. A lovely region, really and if any of you have any input on this, just let me know what you think!

And like always, if you know of any amazing artists, just let me know, leave me a comment or if you know me in real life, drop me a line!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just A Little Something that made me Smile.

I just came across a short video clip of really my top favorite band in my musical knowledge, a band that has always been a favorite..Augustana. I've seen them twice in Montreal, this clip of my favorite song by them "Sunday Best" is from the last show. From the first show to the second, there was a huge transformation, a great transformation and the show in May, it's been almost a year, crazy, is when I first met the boys from Wild Sweet Orange who I did an interview a while back and also David Ford, the one man band!

The video is from their May 17th show last year at Les Saints Show bar, an amazing venue that you should definetly give a try. More up soon, I just wanted to post a little something. Enjoy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Sit down with the boys of The Balance!

I had to "borrow" this picture from The Balance's myspace (complete photo credit!) and wondering why theren't more pictures I can find of this great band that has been constantly on tour it seems around Ontario this month. With their many dates,  I wasn’t sure where an interview would fit in with the talented and very busy guys of The Balance, a Canadian based band and a group that has many career plans, examples being astronauts, judges and a five some of boys who have big dreams which they will be at some day! They also are about to release their first full length album and whill be having a cd release party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto on the 24th of April!

 These boys are fast becoming some of my favorites and can not wait to see them at a show here in Montreal and I hope you are there with me!

 I recently sat down with the boys of the Balance via the inter webs and everything was up for grabs, from favorite treats (like bite sized ice cream, I’m a two bit brownie girl too!) to their major inspirations and some may be quite surprising to you. We also talked about who they would love tour with (there are some great answers!) and the always important predictor question of their first album bought!

 What is your favorite snack?

Dan: Frozen One bite brownies... They're like bite sized chunks of ice cream!

Nick: Frosted Flakes! They're Grrrreat!

Mickey: Sour Cream and Bacon Ruffles

Steve: tostitos and Salsa

Scott: Pie!

How did you come up with your band name,
The Balance?

After we finished recording our first album, we still hadn't decided on a name. Based on the album having a really varying sound, Scott suggested "The Balance" and it stuck. I still think we should have named ourselves the "Bright Green Jalepeno Peppers".

What did all of you in
the band want to be when you were 10 years old? Has that changed?

Dan: I wanted to be Tarzan... Right up until I broke my ankle jumping out of a tree last summer!

Nick: Pro Hockey player... Chicks dig hockey players!

Mickey: An astronaut, but now an actor so I can just play one and not have my head explode in space!

Scott: "I wanted to be a judge until I found out you had to be a lawyer first!"

Steve: "I had no ambition and nothing has changed"

What is your favorite venue to play?

Unanimously the Opera House!

If you were touring with three bands, what would be your dream three acts to play with?

 Foo Fighters


Zack Attack Featuring Zack
Morris and Lisa Turtle on
headless bass, AC Slater on
drums, and Screech Powers on
the Keys!

Who are your major inspirations?

 All star lineup of:
Brandon Boyd, Incubus

Ray Charles

 Buddy Rich

 Flea, Red Hot Chili Peppers

 Sean Combs

Though no one likes to put their music in little boxes, what would be some genres you think your music fits along
the lines of?

 In terms of soup, we could be classified as Rock Stew or Rock Gumbo, but not Rock gazpacho because that shit is cold! You could also sprinkle in some hip hop for seasoning!

What was
the first record you ever bought and who was playing at the first concert you ever went to?

First Album: Nirvana - Unplugged in New York
First Show: Fred Penner

First Album: Ghostbusters 2 - Soundtrack on Vinyl
First Show: Dream Theater

First Album: Metallica - Injustice for all
First Show: Bush X

First Album: Green Day - Dookie
First Show: Warped Tour '96 w/ Gob, NoFX

First Album: Green Day - Dookie
First Show: Pearl Jam @ Maple Leaf Gardens '96

And now for some easy but fun would you rathers?

chocolate or vanilla:
Swirled Ice Cream - best of both worlds

Snickers or milky ways:
Snickers - seriously... A milky way?

MTV or Vh1:
Much Music - especially for French Kiss!

Winter or Summer:
Summer festivals rock!


For more music and information, you can find them on their myspace at

If you would like to check out the band, below are a few of their ucoming dates:

April 24th, 8 pm@Hard Rock Cafe and CD Release party in Toronto, ONT(19+)

May 1st, 8 pm@Jim Bob Ways, in London, ONT (19+)

May 2nd, 5 pm@Chubby Pickle in Windsort, ONT

May 16th, 8pm@Central Public School with Forces Right and Radio Adelaide in Brampton, ONT

May 24th, 8pm@Kathedral w/ Vinny Vegas in Toronto, ONT

What You Should Be Listening To.

The Fray just released a streaming version of their cover of Kanye West's Heartless on

If you are a fan of The Fray and even if you aren't, this is just like then the White Tie Affair cover Got Money by Little Wayne. It is pure oozing of talent and goodness. The official cover becomes available tomorrow (the same day as Chester French drops their debut album!) and right now you can find the cover streaming at :

The song that you should be listening to right now. 

Friday, April 17, 2009

Song of the Week: "Vowels" Sew Intricate

I first heard about Sew Intricate when I clicked on to the popular project, Haley’s Ipod. I never doubt Haley’s choices and she always picks bands that I kind of adore. That is what happened when I read about her band of the month, Sew Intricate. I fell in love at first site with the song ‘You called me hot’ with  lyrics that went “Obviously cute is what we aim, I could not  even explain more, When I try to explain myself to anybody else but you it comes out wrong”. These lyrics got stuck in my head for I don’t even know how long and that’s when I knew that these guys were worth spending some more time on.


Going through their extensive track list (also known as their full album), I came upon the song Vowels which I even more quickly became in love with. This song is so much fun, just the upbeatness  (is that even a word?) of it and it just makes you smile and seriously want to clap along. Though it does not   seem exactly be a happy song in the lyrics, it is just incredibly catchy and something you can’t not let yourself dance to. I also love the verses and bridges that really pull together the song. “The spaces between our faces is congruent with the traces left of the fingerprints left on his clothes”.  I just can not  stop smiling and stop dancing when I hear these songs and I really hope you take a chance on them!

 You can get more of their music, including the songs I talked about at their myspace with the address being

 I hope to be putting a new song of the week up every week on Wednesdays, this was just the first one and I really really wanted to post it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Talk with 10th Concession.

Ian and Evan Koteles hailing from Tampa, Florida are quick to give a shout out to their dad both as a major influence and what they call a international superstar performer in his rock and roll band, Conspiracy. It just shows their love for their dad and the respect for who raised them which makes many a girl swoon.

Growing up with a international superstar drummer and a professional theatre actress as a mother, it had to be known that you were made for something big.  The boys are working ridiculously hard, but it is definitely seeming to be worth the time put in from the tracks and success they have on their myspace account. It's a sound that gives a twist to the pop and rock genre making their debut album into something "provocative, edgy and real".(direct quote from their biography).  Something that is going to throw the genre into a tizzy, in a good way.

I sat down with the boys, Ian and Evan, via the Internet but all the same.  Everything was up for grabs.  We talked about everything ranging from their favorite teams and the dream acts they would most want to play with!

How did you come up with the name 10th Concession?  Was it ever something else?
We didn't necessarily come up with 10th Concession...It is actually the road our dad grew up on in Canada (near London, Ontario).  With our dad also being a musician and one of our biggest influences, we thought it was really cool to have that, "where he came from and where we are not kind of a name" it just worked! Before 10th Concession we went by "E&i" (Evan& Ian) we keep things simple..haha

How is it being in a group with your brother? Do you ever have hard times?
We have our moments: We are very different and very much the same...if that make any sense..haha=there seems to be a good balance I suppose...for now!  Anyone who says there are never hard times would be lying..especially now, geeze! But we really do get along great. 

What did you want to be when you were ten years old?  Has that changed?
Don't think I had any idea..still don't!  But until then, and I think I speak for Evan as well, we would both need nothing more out of life then to be respected musicians/songwriters/ and performers.

What is your favorite venue to play?  What would be your dream one to play?
Our favorite venues to play are always those that are a little more intimate.  Where there is a definite connection made with the audience, whether they're close friends or complete strangers hearing us for the first time.  It's always gratifying knowing that people are listening..but at the same time we can't wait for the day to play Madison Square Garden.

Who are your major inspirations in life?
Like we'd mentioned earlier, our father.  He's a phenomenal singer/drummer and has opened our eyes to many things growing up and never forced us into music.  It was just always there.  There are a wide range of artists that have inspired us along the way from oldies to punk rock.  And of course our family and friends who have surrounded us with support..without them this journey would be near impossible.

Who would be your top three artists you want to tour with?
At this stage it would be great to be out with anybody..Kinda hard to say where our music would fit in, but since we're playing "in our dreams", we would love to be on tour with U2, John Mayer or One Republic.

If you had to put your music into three genre boxes, what would they be?
We consider our music Rock/Pop/Adult Contemporary.

What was the first album you ever bought?  The first concert you ever went to?
We always had stuff of our dad's to listen to, but I remember getting Green Day "Dookie" for my tenth birthday.  Evan recalls there being so many, he doesn't remember his first..Aerosmith was the first concert our dad took us to..was a family event and remember it was very loud..ha.

What's your favorite snack?
Lately I've really gotten into Craisins (and they're good for you too!) As for Evan, he has a new found love for Hummus..also good for you!

And now some either/ors,
Mtv or VH1.
Panthers or Lightning.of course, we gotta represent!
Vanilla or Chocolate (dark for me, milk for Evan).

These guys were great, and definitely something I personally suggest for all of you out there! They hail from a bit farther away but I know I'll be in attendance if they ever make it a little closer to Montreal or here! (Hopefully!)

You can find their music at their official myspace: Concession

They also have some upcoming shows with just a few upcoming dates here. You can find the rest on their myspace. These guys always seem to be playing which must be amazing: 

April 20th, 7:30 pm@ Eddie's Attic in Tampa, FL
April 21st, 9 pm@Dave's Aqua Lounge in Decatur, GA
April 23rd, 9 pm@Market on 7th in Tampa, FL
April 24th, 11 am@Tampa Downtown Market in Tampa, FL
April 27th, 10:30 pm@Meridian Hookah Lounge in Tampa, FL

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Animations with Mike Mangione.

When I first youtube searched Mike Mangione, I just saw animation and for a second, I thought I had found a new cartoon show.  Instead, I found videos for my personal two favorite songs "You Don't Wanna Leave" and "It's Me, Not You".  The animation was perfect in these videos and intrigued me from the start.

This album, to my eyes, is a whole lot of romance, all about the one who wants to get out of the relationship and the one who wants to stay in.  Just take a look at the names of my favorites to give you a little hint into it.  Every song has that tinge to it and it is comprised of some strings (cello and others) with guitar licks and drums.

I recently sat down via the internet with the front man of Mike Mangione, Mike Mangione himself!  Everything was on the table it seemed.  We talked about everything from his favorite album of 2008 to who he would love to tour with if he could.

What's the origin of the name Tenebrae for your second album? How did you come up with it?
Tenebrae means shadow.  I came up with it after my brother, Tom had mentioned to me that majority of the material on the album dealt with redemption.  I didn't realize this and thought that somehow the theme of redemption needed to be in the title.  A couple days after that conversation I went to Tenebrae service which takes place during Holy Week.  The service works with shadows, light and darkness to reveal a spiritual mystery.  I thought, hey, shadows are a great metaphor for the full spectrum of redemption, I should name the album Tenebrae. And I did. 

If you could choose any three bands to do a headlining tour with, who would those bands be?
Do you mean who I would like to open up for or to headline and have them open for me? I would love to open for Dylan, U2 or Daniel Lanois.  I would love to tour with Shame Train out of Iowa City, they are fantastic all around.

What do you believe is your top favorite album of 2008?
"Here is what it is" by Daniel Lanois hands down.

What would be the top three genres you tell people Mike Mangione and band classify themselves as?
White, Boy,Soul

What's your favorite tour memory?
Leaving Indianopolis...again and again and..Australia was pretty incredible as well.

Who are you major influences?
The same as who I would open for, Dylan, U2, Daniel Lanois, Peter Gabriel, Van Morrison older cats like that.

Do you have any upcoming shows?
We also have shows, it is the never ending tour.  You may find info on our website, myspace etc. or

Do you play covers? If so, what songs have you covered?
No, sometimes we play a Dylan song or two but we stick to our own stuff. I am happy those days are over :)

Personally, what is everyone's favorite song to play?
It really changes for me.  Songs take on different attitudes each night. I like certain things about each song and sometimes one song clicks that night while the one from last night is a stinker thsi night.  The song that bridges a strong connection to the audience is my favorite for the night.

What inspired you guys to make music together? 
Our meeting each o ther was really providence.  What inspires us to make music together is how much we enjoy the experiences we have had together already.  Sometimes when you perform the line between audience and band fades and you become one entity experiencing something together.  The relationship between giving and recieving reverses itself and the audience gives back by recieving and so on and so forth.  When this occurs the whole becomes something in and of itself seperate from the band and audience relationship.  It is really something beautiful and is the source of inspiration for any performer I feel. 

How has your music evolved since you started playing together?
It has become easier to write. I better understand where I am coming from and want to go.  The result is the songs are more clear and easier to ingest.


If you want to catch a show soon from these guys, here are their next five dates...

April 24th, 7 pm@Cup O Joy in Green Bay, WI
April 25th, 7 pm@Greenman Music Hall in Viroqua, WI
May 22nd, 8 pm@The Heartlead Cafe in Chicago, IL
June 12th, 8 pm@318 Cafe in Excelsior, MN
July 10th, 8 pm@Horner Park in Chicago, IL

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Sit Down with Wild Sweet Orange.

From left to right, Garrett Kelly, Taylor Shaw, Preston Lovinggood and Chip Kilpatrick are the lovely southern gentleman that make up the band 'Wild Sweet Orange' hailing from Birmingham Alabama.

I met these boys for the first time at a show going on a year ago when they made a stop at Les Saints Show bar in Montreal while on their tour with Augustana and David Ford.  The guys were nice enough to post for a million pictures with my friends and I.  That's when I knew that this band was one to love and I was right.  They released their EP 'The Whale' and their first full length record 'We Have Cause To be Uneasy' this summer and they have been winning new fans in every town they have been in since. 

It's been a while in the works, but I recently sat down via the interwebs with Preston Lovinggood.  We talked everything from the way they came up with the name Wild Sweet Orange (not just after the tea variety!) to their hopeful evolving into a true rock band (they are already there!)

I know Wild Sweet Orange is a type of tea, but how did you decide to name your band that? How did it come about?
 An old man at a coffee shop that Chip works at gave him the name.

What are the top three genres you would use to describe your band for people who don't know you just yet?
 Rock, Pop, Indie

I've heard that the songs you write are very autobiographical? Are there any challenges that yourselves as a band overcame that are represented in your music?
 Yeah..It can feel weird on stage..It can wear you out..but it's the price you pay..Gotta keep it real.

Who are your major musicial influences? Any that would surprise people?
 Robert Smith/Ammiee Mann/Denison Witmer

If you were to do a tour with three other bands, who would those bands/artists be and why?
 Maria Taylor, Whispertown 2000 and the Great Book Of John because it's important to play with people you love!

How has your music evolved as a band over time?
 We have become closer. So I think there is a new vulnerability to it. I think it has become more rock. I hope it's become more of a rock band.

Are there any future shows coming up this summer for the band?
 We are in the studio for a while. Touring this summer I hope!

Any last words?
We want to be big starts!

These guys are constantly working and you can find their music at : 

On iTunes!
On their website @
On their blog

They also have some up coming shows if you are in the area:

April 17th, 8 pm @Alabama Music Box in Mobile Alabama
April 18th, 8 pm @Dogwood Arts Festival-Market Square in Knoxville , Tenessee 
April 19th, 6 pm  @University of Dayton Arena in Dayton, Ohio
April 21st, 8 pm @University Of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas
April 22nd, 6:30 pm @Stubbs Waller Creek Auditorium in Austin, Texas
April 24th, 8 pm @ Meridien in Houston, Texas

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I must be in a Chester French Mood today but this video is sick and the kids are adorable. It has been making the rounds of pretty much everyone and their grandmothers but it is amazing and so perfect. The Chester French song was not the original song that this little redhead was dancing to, it was actually Florida's "Low" as weird as that may sound but it works perfectly to these beats. Check it out. 

Artist of The Week : Chester French

When Solange Knowles, Janelle Monae, P.Diddy, Kanye West, Pharell, Jadakiss, Cassie, Kardinal Offishall and Talib Kweli among many others all want to be part of a project with two white boys out of Milwaukee and Boston, you know this is something special. And these are the  boys of Chester French.


For all of my friends, or most of you, you know this is my favorite new music project and sometimes I just won’t stop talking about it but they are legitimately the best thing, as cliché as it sounds, since sliced bread. And that is fricking amazing that beautiful invention we had.


I first got turned on to DA Wallach and Maxwell Drummey, the sole two members of Chester French ,  after I actually clicked on a Myspace ad for their new tour with Lady Gaga and The White Tie Affair. I did not know what I was getting myself into but right when their first single, “She Loves Everybody” started playing with some “shas” coming from Mr. Wallach, I knew I was in for a musical treat. The video for the song is just as great. The lyrics from the song tell it,‘So I use protection. And I know she loves me, She loves everybody’ which then drives the girl in the video to start beating up DA and Maxwell with  her love for everybody clearly. The video and song are a mix of artistic ability and also just seemingly two guys having fun writing about a possible ex flame.


It isn’t just their videos and songs that caught my eye, its their personalities also which glow through in their tour videos that they have put together. The way these two boys interact with their fans is amazing and they can just laugh about everything and let themselves be a little youthful sometimes which I think is a big reason why they are getting so much publicity from every which way in the music industry. They also are so eager to interact with their fans or try to sell people to try out their music or come to a show. Another big deal, due to myself being a twitter addict, DA and Maxwell both  actually write personable “tweets” and just are two great enthusisastic  people in general.


They release their first full length album a week from Monday called “Love the future” and they recently just released to all their fans for free on a full length album mixtape featuring the likes of Lady Gaga and tons of the biggest hip hop influences in the business, of which they will join the club some day soon. The mixtape tells a story in chapter form of first starting at Harvard University where they met, trying to pick up girls and working on their “endurance” (check out the mixtape for where this comes from. I’ll link it at the end), getting signed by Pharell, living the Los Angeles life style then realizing that if they are serious about their music, they can’t live in that kind of environment or that’s what the album story tells that they need to regain the focus.


The album itself features fabulous tracks. Personal favorites include Ciroc star with P.Diddy and Jada kiss. Some of you may know that Ciroc is the vodka P.Diddy made and it may seem like a bit of self promotion (a like his twitter) but it still makes for a great song and a great skit afterwards featuring DA with his players club. Also, this blogger really likes the mix of songs, the perfect performers chosen for each song to be on. The skits lining up to the songs, in particular with The Jimmy Choo’s and the skit with Solange Knowles just prior. The lineup is great and with out any fault. I definetly rate this album, this band, these amazing two talented guys five out of five stars for all their endeavors. 


They have a few more dates on their tour before they start their Europe tour on June 5th, mostly at universities like Villanova and West Virginia but we will hopefully be seeing Chester French back in Montreal and on tour again very soon!


Check this link for the FREE full length album mixtape download :


Enjoy and please come by again.

Let me know what you thought of the artist of the week!

I will be trying to update this every Saturday with a new artist so take a stop by!



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I pinky swear promise.

I pinky swear promise that I will actually be productive on this music baby project endeavour of mine. I am transcribing a few interviews and writing up the stories! I am currently working on an artist of the week piece and a favorite music RELATED video of the week. I have a pretty sick one in mind. So, I promise to be a bit more productive on this, especially in the next few days. So come back and visit on a regular basis please. I hope to make it worth the effort.

I never know what I'll put up on here, but I promise it will have something to do with music and I really hope you take a chance on me. Also putting together a youtube channel @ Right now there is  a video up from the Ease Down concert and I will be adding more and more to that channel as I go! I also am putting together a small website for this along with the blog!

Also, in news, I am applying for several internships, my biggest hope would be with Interscope right now but definetly looking around. I am also going to post a list of some of the artists' concerts that I am working with that will be happening in Montreal. So a lot is going to be going up in the next few days and I really hope you take a look!