Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Sit Down with Wild Sweet Orange.

From left to right, Garrett Kelly, Taylor Shaw, Preston Lovinggood and Chip Kilpatrick are the lovely southern gentleman that make up the band 'Wild Sweet Orange' hailing from Birmingham Alabama.

I met these boys for the first time at a show going on a year ago when they made a stop at Les Saints Show bar in Montreal while on their tour with Augustana and David Ford.  The guys were nice enough to post for a million pictures with my friends and I.  That's when I knew that this band was one to love and I was right.  They released their EP 'The Whale' and their first full length record 'We Have Cause To be Uneasy' this summer and they have been winning new fans in every town they have been in since. 

It's been a while in the works, but I recently sat down via the interwebs with Preston Lovinggood.  We talked everything from the way they came up with the name Wild Sweet Orange (not just after the tea variety!) to their hopeful evolving into a true rock band (they are already there!)

I know Wild Sweet Orange is a type of tea, but how did you decide to name your band that? How did it come about?
 An old man at a coffee shop that Chip works at gave him the name.

What are the top three genres you would use to describe your band for people who don't know you just yet?
 Rock, Pop, Indie

I've heard that the songs you write are very autobiographical? Are there any challenges that yourselves as a band overcame that are represented in your music?
 Yeah..It can feel weird on stage..It can wear you out..but it's the price you pay..Gotta keep it real.

Who are your major musicial influences? Any that would surprise people?
 Robert Smith/Ammiee Mann/Denison Witmer

If you were to do a tour with three other bands, who would those bands/artists be and why?
 Maria Taylor, Whispertown 2000 and the Great Book Of John because it's important to play with people you love!

How has your music evolved as a band over time?
 We have become closer. So I think there is a new vulnerability to it. I think it has become more rock. I hope it's become more of a rock band.

Are there any future shows coming up this summer for the band?
 We are in the studio for a while. Touring this summer I hope!

Any last words?
We want to be big starts!

These guys are constantly working and you can find their music at : 

On iTunes!
On their website @ www.wildsweetmusic.com
On their blog @www.wildsweetorange.wordpress.com

They also have some up coming shows if you are in the area:

April 17th, 8 pm @Alabama Music Box in Mobile Alabama
April 18th, 8 pm @Dogwood Arts Festival-Market Square in Knoxville , Tenessee 
April 19th, 6 pm  @University of Dayton Arena in Dayton, Ohio
April 21st, 8 pm @University Of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas
April 22nd, 6:30 pm @Stubbs Waller Creek Auditorium in Austin, Texas
April 24th, 8 pm @ Meridien in Houston, Texas

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