Thursday, April 30, 2009

Artist of the Week: The Scene Aesthetic

I was looking through some bands myspaces (Yes, it's dorky but it's what works lately for finding some new little gems) and one of these little gems as I like to call them, is The Scene Aesthetic. Maybe only twenty minutes later after I had written their name down to give a look at, a friend of mine who knows about the music blog and it's going ons suggested them once again. Being myself, I saw this as a sign to move them right away to the beginning of the list to check out, and it was definetly worth it. These boys are amazing.  I was going to put up a quick snippet about their cover of "Love Story" by Taylor Swift which is surprisingly amazing. I never really trust covers of country songs by people who aren't in the genre which may seem kind of music snobby of me but now my opinions of it have been convinced to change. 

The two boys, Eric and Andrew, who make up the indie pop rock wonder, "The Scene Aesthetic", based out of Seattle, Washington make every girl melt with their music.  An example being "Humans", which comes up right after the "Love Story" cover that first put my heart strings in a twist, "So I wrote you this song, I hope that you like it, cause you light up my life, and I know you can't fight this, you're the most beautiful girl in the world and I wanted you to know".  Going thru their playlist on that trusty myspace of theirs, there isn't a point I didn't like.  At first I was writing down my favorites, but realized I was writing every single one down.  The Scene Aesthetic are one of those bands that you could have amazing appreciation for when listening to their music and at the same time reading their lyrics.  The way Eric and Andrew sing with passion about the loves and the special girls in their life would make any girl melt no matter the front she may put up, no matter the style of music she loves most.  

Take a chance on these boys, you can thank me later. They'll definetly be worth their time and you can find their music here


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