Saturday, April 11, 2009

I pinky swear promise.

I pinky swear promise that I will actually be productive on this music baby project endeavour of mine. I am transcribing a few interviews and writing up the stories! I am currently working on an artist of the week piece and a favorite music RELATED video of the week. I have a pretty sick one in mind. So, I promise to be a bit more productive on this, especially in the next few days. So come back and visit on a regular basis please. I hope to make it worth the effort.

I never know what I'll put up on here, but I promise it will have something to do with music and I really hope you take a chance on me. Also putting together a youtube channel @ Right now there is  a video up from the Ease Down concert and I will be adding more and more to that channel as I go! I also am putting together a small website for this along with the blog!

Also, in news, I am applying for several internships, my biggest hope would be with Interscope right now but definetly looking around. I am also going to post a list of some of the artists' concerts that I am working with that will be happening in Montreal. So a lot is going to be going up in the next few days and I really hope you take a look!


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