Friday, April 17, 2009

Song of the Week: "Vowels" Sew Intricate

I first heard about Sew Intricate when I clicked on to the popular project, Haley’s Ipod. I never doubt Haley’s choices and she always picks bands that I kind of adore. That is what happened when I read about her band of the month, Sew Intricate. I fell in love at first site with the song ‘You called me hot’ with  lyrics that went “Obviously cute is what we aim, I could not  even explain more, When I try to explain myself to anybody else but you it comes out wrong”. These lyrics got stuck in my head for I don’t even know how long and that’s when I knew that these guys were worth spending some more time on.


Going through their extensive track list (also known as their full album), I came upon the song Vowels which I even more quickly became in love with. This song is so much fun, just the upbeatness  (is that even a word?) of it and it just makes you smile and seriously want to clap along. Though it does not   seem exactly be a happy song in the lyrics, it is just incredibly catchy and something you can’t not let yourself dance to. I also love the verses and bridges that really pull together the song. “The spaces between our faces is congruent with the traces left of the fingerprints left on his clothes”.  I just can not  stop smiling and stop dancing when I hear these songs and I really hope you take a chance on them!

 You can get more of their music, including the songs I talked about at their myspace with the address being

 I hope to be putting a new song of the week up every week on Wednesdays, this was just the first one and I really really wanted to post it!

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