Saturday, April 11, 2009

Artist of The Week : Chester French

When Solange Knowles, Janelle Monae, P.Diddy, Kanye West, Pharell, Jadakiss, Cassie, Kardinal Offishall and Talib Kweli among many others all want to be part of a project with two white boys out of Milwaukee and Boston, you know this is something special. And these are the  boys of Chester French.


For all of my friends, or most of you, you know this is my favorite new music project and sometimes I just won’t stop talking about it but they are legitimately the best thing, as cliché as it sounds, since sliced bread. And that is fricking amazing that beautiful invention we had.


I first got turned on to DA Wallach and Maxwell Drummey, the sole two members of Chester French ,  after I actually clicked on a Myspace ad for their new tour with Lady Gaga and The White Tie Affair. I did not know what I was getting myself into but right when their first single, “She Loves Everybody” started playing with some “shas” coming from Mr. Wallach, I knew I was in for a musical treat. The video for the song is just as great. The lyrics from the song tell it,‘So I use protection. And I know she loves me, She loves everybody’ which then drives the girl in the video to start beating up DA and Maxwell with  her love for everybody clearly. The video and song are a mix of artistic ability and also just seemingly two guys having fun writing about a possible ex flame.


It isn’t just their videos and songs that caught my eye, its their personalities also which glow through in their tour videos that they have put together. The way these two boys interact with their fans is amazing and they can just laugh about everything and let themselves be a little youthful sometimes which I think is a big reason why they are getting so much publicity from every which way in the music industry. They also are so eager to interact with their fans or try to sell people to try out their music or come to a show. Another big deal, due to myself being a twitter addict, DA and Maxwell both  actually write personable “tweets” and just are two great enthusisastic  people in general.


They release their first full length album a week from Monday called “Love the future” and they recently just released to all their fans for free on a full length album mixtape featuring the likes of Lady Gaga and tons of the biggest hip hop influences in the business, of which they will join the club some day soon. The mixtape tells a story in chapter form of first starting at Harvard University where they met, trying to pick up girls and working on their “endurance” (check out the mixtape for where this comes from. I’ll link it at the end), getting signed by Pharell, living the Los Angeles life style then realizing that if they are serious about their music, they can’t live in that kind of environment or that’s what the album story tells that they need to regain the focus.


The album itself features fabulous tracks. Personal favorites include Ciroc star with P.Diddy and Jada kiss. Some of you may know that Ciroc is the vodka P.Diddy made and it may seem like a bit of self promotion (a like his twitter) but it still makes for a great song and a great skit afterwards featuring DA with his players club. Also, this blogger really likes the mix of songs, the perfect performers chosen for each song to be on. The skits lining up to the songs, in particular with The Jimmy Choo’s and the skit with Solange Knowles just prior. The lineup is great and with out any fault. I definetly rate this album, this band, these amazing two talented guys five out of five stars for all their endeavors. 


They have a few more dates on their tour before they start their Europe tour on June 5th, mostly at universities like Villanova and West Virginia but we will hopefully be seeing Chester French back in Montreal and on tour again very soon!


Check this link for the FREE full length album mixtape download :


Enjoy and please come by again.

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