Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two updates in two days.

So something's hit me recently. This whole IDGAF thing actually kind of has a strange thing that goes with it. If I truly DGAF, it means that I feel connected to certain ones. We text, we tweet, it's something that most music journalists don't do. I am just a girl though. It comes naturally. You'll find boys to be attractive, feel for them when they're going through something crazy and possibly even drink with them, flirt with them. Some kind of view it as like a "professional groupie" but there's a difference with me. I don't want to give it up to you the first time I meet you because I know what that would do to our professional relationship. I like that I have many that have instant recognition and I like that we can have off the record discussions.

So, fate worked out and I had the 18th off with out asking for it off so get to hopefully cover as much as I can of the Sparks show then shoot out to Worcester for the Valencia show :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's funny how it works.

So I've been pretty bad about updating this personal journal blog so to speak but life's getting a little busy. I'm finally working again at this sweet little gastropub literally a block from the Harvard Square station as a hostess and I really like it. What's awesome too is because I obviously buy a pass to go to work, it's instant access and being able to go to as many shows as I want on my days off. Tomorrow, I'll be working my booty off pre work to try and get into and interview as many of the bands playing the Where's the Band tour? (Chris Conley of Saves The Day :) & and the lead singers of The Get Up Kids, Bayside and Thrice) which is on Wednesday, finally may be able to work out an interview with Miniature Tigers and the rest of the line up on Thursday and on Saturday with Dashboard Confessional at the dise!

I also have been working incredibly hard lately at this music thing and it's amazing to be in the city. I love commuting to work surprisingly and have read the same book a million times on those trips. Time is also flying here. I feel like if I was on the cape every single day it would inch by. I would miss so many amazing opportunities. I'd be flexing every day to work. Living in a place smaller then my apartment with my mother. I don't think I would get close to the guys at venues andfellow music peeps.

One last thought. Today I got my confirmation for an in person interview with Attack Attack at the show on the 15th. It's not something huge but it's funny how careers work. You can know about a band for years and not interview them till much later on. Really looking forward to my time in this pretty little city and glad things are happening for me :)
And... I may secretly excited for the groupies on the 15th. They make me laugh so much when I'm talking to the guys they want and the boy shuts them down. Austin Gibbs, I'm looking at you mr. cutie pants! Fannie is also making the trip from Montreal for the 15th. Hope I see a epic interaction between her and Mike Fuentes. And hopefully I get to spend some time with some boy I know.