Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two updates in two days.

So something's hit me recently. This whole IDGAF thing actually kind of has a strange thing that goes with it. If I truly DGAF, it means that I feel connected to certain ones. We text, we tweet, it's something that most music journalists don't do. I am just a girl though. It comes naturally. You'll find boys to be attractive, feel for them when they're going through something crazy and possibly even drink with them, flirt with them. Some kind of view it as like a "professional groupie" but there's a difference with me. I don't want to give it up to you the first time I meet you because I know what that would do to our professional relationship. I like that I have many that have instant recognition and I like that we can have off the record discussions.

So, fate worked out and I had the 18th off with out asking for it off so get to hopefully cover as much as I can of the Sparks show then shoot out to Worcester for the Valencia show :)

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