Saturday, March 5, 2011

I was not in the "scene".

A lot of people are talking about how they feel they've outgrown "the scene"and what is happening right now. I actually think kind of the opposite right now for some reason but I think it's because my story isn't the typical one!

I remember the first show I went to as clear as day. It wasn't years ago, I wasn't sixteen and I wasn't dressed in neon. It was Augustana and Vega4 and I was terribly dissapointed in the former band. I was almost ready to give up on my all time favorite band and it was the first show I had ever seen them play. I gave them another chance and saw them a year later and fully regained my love for them. Three years later I got the opportunity to interview Dan the lead singer himself.
Besides Augustana, my first "scene" show actually wasn't till I was 20 and currently I'm just 22. It was the last Fall Out Boy headlining tour with Metro Station and three bands I had never heard of (honestly). I was so late on the "alternative scene" which is why it's so surprising that I've decided to go the route I've gone and gotten to the place I've gotten. When All Time Low walked past the line I stood in, I didn't recognize any of their faces and had no idea who they were yet girls were sobbing over them. They had played the AP Tour, had headlining tours and idea. Same story for Hey Monday I had no clue who they were and even Cobra Starship.

The only "alternative bands" I had listened to up to this point were alternative but on the radio like Plain White T's and Fall Out Boy and maybe a little bit of Parachute (p.s. I was a huge fan of these guys). Now almost a year and half later, I've gotten to a point so quickly where I ran into Plain White T's at a party I had no idea they were attending and melted every time I caught eyes with Tom Higgenson the lead singer. I literally had to pinch myself. I was able to talk to Andy Hurley the drummer of Fall Out Boy which was my huge turning point and I also was able to sit down for an hilarious in person interview with the full band in Parachute.

Going back to what I said before, I had always listened to Fall Out Boy and that night is what made me decide that I wanted to do something in my music industry and not necessarily writing about it especially to the point where I've gotten tonight. As I sang every word and danced through the set, I couldn't believe that it was the first time I had seen a band that pretty much defined me play. As I left the venue to try and meet people I ran into a friend who worked as a security guard at the venue and saw what I felt was insane at the time a huge bunch of girls pretty much clinging to the fence. As I stood and talked to Nick, the crowd began to clear out and run to people I didn't even know like the kids in All Time Low and Cobra even. The guards made a fake announcement that Fall Out Boy had already left so tons of kids left the venue and that's when he told me to hold back and I was able to talk to Andy for about thirty minutes in a full on conversation about the music industry. It immediately spiked my interest and ever since, I've been on this kick!

I started by email interviewing local bands in Montreal and posting them on Mix and Mark which was actually my blog and where I posted interviews up until October of that year. I did my first in person interviews EVER at Warped 2009 and I was blown away. I was that nerdy kid freaking out about multiple colored dyed hair and hearing everyone talking about some band named BrokeNCYDE. I ran into some people who worked for CJLO (our university's radio station) on the metro and they laughed as I got excited about getting text messages about setting up last minute interviews. I talked to people in bands who I had no idea about what they did. I had so many random interviews that I would ask ridiculous questions too. I couldn't recognize my interview subjects (shout out to Nick Miller of A Skylit Drive!), had no idea how famous Underoath was, stood under a rain soaked tent for eight hours, saw The Maine get treated like rockstars with out knowing who they were but I kept smiling through the day and made it through.

Instantly, I was bitten by the bug. Two months later I covered The Rescues and then broke into the "modern day scene" with Breathe Carolina, Cash Cash and Queen's Club. Just two months later, those boys were my next interviews along with Mat Devine of Kill Hannah. At the time, I thought it was so rad to meet the people behind the music . I met A Skylit Drive again and instantly fell in love with what I do. Since then, I've grown so much and have met so many amazing people. I've made mistakes. I've met the founder of AP in Mike Shea. I've fallen in love with and gotten to know the beautifully talented kids in bands in Boston. I've had my heart broken and broken hearts. I've interviewing sky rocketing kids like The Maine and Never Shout Never three times. I've met legends I didn't know about like Ace Enders and had heart stopping interviews with Simple Plan and Hellogoodbye.I've interviewed the kids who held the number one single in the country (Getting slizzered like a G6!)To think I've been in the dark about the scene and alternative music in general up until less then two years ago is so shocking to me. I think that's why I'm still in love with this scene. I've met and gotten to know the actual people behind the music and feel like it is something we need to hold on to till no tomorrow. Don't give up on it and just find some fresh music in it. Personal recommendations include? A man with an incredible heart and love for his music in Andy Six in Black Veil Brides, the amazing kids in Go Radio and the beloved Ace Enders. Fall back in love with your scene! If you need a tour guide back to it, just give me a shout!

...and see Good Charlotte on their tour. Pick up the new Yellowcard and Simple Plan records. Believe in your favorites...

As well, buy those records. Get to know how that band really is. I recently covered the CMJ festival for example in New York City and had a full sit down with Ryan the drummer where for twenty seven minutes instead of talking about Bigger Lights stuff, we broke down the scene. 27 year old boys playing with kids that are 19 which is why they've taken themselves off the radar for a while and are making a new record.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Haters make me smile.

Really kids?
Recently I got the chance to interview the lead singer of Augustana in Dan Layus and someone commented and critiqued my interview style. It led me to think that kids who "hate" on some one else for doing what they love are kind of silly. Pretty sure my interviewing style works when I steadily interview the biggest alternative acts in the scene right now including everyone from screamo to pop punk to electronic rock. Get over yourselves kids. Hate brews from jealousy!

Check out this next band I'll be interviewing!:

Why yes it's Chiodos. Hmm..I wonder if anyone knows them? I'm not parading what I'm doing and what I get to do but it's just an example. Pretty sure my "interview style" works if I steadily interview the biggest names in the scene, thank you! And multiple times at that!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two updates in two days.

So something's hit me recently. This whole IDGAF thing actually kind of has a strange thing that goes with it. If I truly DGAF, it means that I feel connected to certain ones. We text, we tweet, it's something that most music journalists don't do. I am just a girl though. It comes naturally. You'll find boys to be attractive, feel for them when they're going through something crazy and possibly even drink with them, flirt with them. Some kind of view it as like a "professional groupie" but there's a difference with me. I don't want to give it up to you the first time I meet you because I know what that would do to our professional relationship. I like that I have many that have instant recognition and I like that we can have off the record discussions.

So, fate worked out and I had the 18th off with out asking for it off so get to hopefully cover as much as I can of the Sparks show then shoot out to Worcester for the Valencia show :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's funny how it works.

So I've been pretty bad about updating this personal journal blog so to speak but life's getting a little busy. I'm finally working again at this sweet little gastropub literally a block from the Harvard Square station as a hostess and I really like it. What's awesome too is because I obviously buy a pass to go to work, it's instant access and being able to go to as many shows as I want on my days off. Tomorrow, I'll be working my booty off pre work to try and get into and interview as many of the bands playing the Where's the Band tour? (Chris Conley of Saves The Day :) & and the lead singers of The Get Up Kids, Bayside and Thrice) which is on Wednesday, finally may be able to work out an interview with Miniature Tigers and the rest of the line up on Thursday and on Saturday with Dashboard Confessional at the dise!

I also have been working incredibly hard lately at this music thing and it's amazing to be in the city. I love commuting to work surprisingly and have read the same book a million times on those trips. Time is also flying here. I feel like if I was on the cape every single day it would inch by. I would miss so many amazing opportunities. I'd be flexing every day to work. Living in a place smaller then my apartment with my mother. I don't think I would get close to the guys at venues andfellow music peeps.

One last thought. Today I got my confirmation for an in person interview with Attack Attack at the show on the 15th. It's not something huge but it's funny how careers work. You can know about a band for years and not interview them till much later on. Really looking forward to my time in this pretty little city and glad things are happening for me :)
And... I may secretly excited for the groupies on the 15th. They make me laugh so much when I'm talking to the guys they want and the boy shuts them down. Austin Gibbs, I'm looking at you mr. cutie pants! Fannie is also making the trip from Montreal for the 15th. Hope I see a epic interaction between her and Mike Fuentes. And hopefully I get to spend some time with some boy I know.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

it's things like this that make me smile!

It's a fact! New interview goes up with Ryan of The Bigger Lights tomorrow. I miss this band, lots. Hopefully we reconnect soon! :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

I love the way I make them laugh.

Just had a phone interview today with Matt Good, front man of From First To Last (not sure if they're still together or not) and guitarist for D.R.U.G.S. Craig Owen's new band! Lots of laughs through out from Matt and it was a great interview.

Did I mention that I love every day of my life? So glad to interview every band that will grace me with one and can't wait to see this band live in action! Next up, Fun. :) And during the week after Fake Problems and Vampires Everywhere!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I think it's easy to say that my favorite "work" day of the year is Warped Tour when it rolls into town. I don't think I could ever find myself applying to be the 'pit reporter' but I think it's something great. Maybe next year!

I think it's because it's like a mini reunion. A few favorite moments? Being able to sit down with a band that you may have seen two months ago like you're breaking rules. This year just two months after we had last talked, I sat down again with Anarbor, Hey Monday and NSN and it made for great interviews. This year I had my "corner" where bands would literally
wait for me to finish the interview before them. I get to see familiar faces like the way I and I think the boys both lit up from Of Mice& Men. I'm not being self centered with this next comment but I like the way I make my "interview subjects" aka male musicians with a few girls included get excited and I feel like it's a break up of the rest of their interviews they may have. But sometimes, it doesn't make for the grea
test love from other bands. I think I'm really the same way with everyone I interview despite if I like your music or not, how you look, your mindset it's all the same. I'm smiley, laugh at your jokes and through out your interview and always make for good ones I think! I remember this one time where I had just interviewed AM Taxi and had a great interview. It was Jason and
Adam we had a lot of fun and then I turned around to have a really sweet interview with Joel fromConfide and David from BC right in a row and I would look up and see the AM boys watching me do the interviews with no smile on their face. It killed me because I actually think the AM boys are really rad and always have fun with them. I remember when we had done the first interview it was me and Adam but I talked to Jason inside and when a girl accidently knocked a beer out of my hand, I went to go back to the bar and Jason after hearing my story threw down one of his drink tickets and told me a story of what happened to his beer the previous night. Their music is so good and their live show? So gritty and rock and roll I fell for it the first time I saw it!
But back to topic, and the reason why I'm writing this post. The band line up for next year's Warped Tour (at least the first confirms or however it is working this year) go up December 8th which is on next Wednesday and their are rumored ones flying about. A lot are past inte
rviews so this is kind of like a reminscing post. Out of the sixteen rumored bands, I've interviewed eight so far and all have been positive experiences. I figure my statistics are pretty good if that's just sixteen of the supposed bands.

First up, A Day To Remember! We all know how much I fell for this band and ha
d an amazing experience and interview with Kevin and Josh of the band. It was a weird situation because I hadn't been confirmed and going into the show, I didn't think I had the interview which is understandable considering how big they've gotten. I get a call from their tour manager asking me where I can meet up with the guys. No questions prepared, of course I'm taking this opportunity. I'm told to make eye contact with him by their merch table considering how sold out the show truly was and they were headlining and sit down with Kevin and
Josh to see that I was on their list and scheduled strangely enough. It was a great interview with lots of laughing and some jokes! With their new record just dropping, it would be great to catch up with the boys again :-) They actually finish their current tour tonight with past interviews Underoath and The Word Alive but I've made a strict no travel rule!

Next up that would be at least a second interview is the band Black Veil Brides. I adored this interview with Andy Six during their summer headliner. Again, it was a bit of a strange circumstance. I jumped out of my cab at the venue to see kids painted all over their faces and when I called their tm said 'I'm the one who's not dressed like a crazy' and the TM laughed as of course he didn't have the face paint and tattoos either. He brought me inside as the band was still soundchecking and I sat in the back of the room watching the boys warm up. A
fter about fifteen minutes, Andy Six came over to me and we went into the larger room to do an interview. We were the only ones in the large room at Palladium and it was a great and extremely intelligent interview from his part. As we were both walking out, I forget what he was saying but it was about management or something and it literally felt like a movie. He would like spin a bit as he walked and kept on turning back towards me to say something. It was great!

Next up is someone I haven't seen, or it will be two years at this point with Big D and the Kids Table. Of course, I do not expect this band to remember me but I actually live in the area they live in now (sort of they're from Allston) so if I run into him prior, meaning the fron
t man, totally going to say something. They are really, really fun ska and sound like they are from California. The first time I met him for our interview he said I looked like I had walked out of a John Steinbeck novel in a good way. I had a classic look in his eyes and he definitely charmed his way in. It was one of my favorite interviews at Warped and one of my first in person interviews. Hope this rumor is very true in particular! :) I still listen to this band a lot and it would be great to see what's been going on for the band in these last two years. Hopefully I can catch them live before this
Oh Every Avenue, the next band up, you make me giggle. In our first interview at AP Tour, they were shit faced which made them say a few things their record label would probably not want them saying about their future plans and they told me plenty of inappropriate anecdotes about Dave's whiskey dick. Partiers yet cuties, they msummer comes!

ade for a great time. I had a partner interview them when they were here just over a month ago once again and yet haven't see
n the transcribed interview yet. Hopefully if they are playing, I'm able to catch up with them once again!

The next band would be amazing to catch up with for a few reasons. They were my first interview that was on my "dream list" for interviews and they're Hellogoodbye. It didn't help that right before our interview I had met Zach Hanson in a very intimate way and not like meet and greet style so when I was walking down the hallway my heart was running at a mile a minute and our interview was hilarious. I was sitting next to Forrest during the interview and across from Joe, Travis and Andy. I really liked the interview too because Forrest's now wife was in the interview sitting on the other side of Forrest and she was so down to earth and laughing at their responses. Even when Forrest hit me on the knee joking when I as
ked about their dream line up saying 'You want me to say Hanson, Steel Train and Sherwood don't you?' she didn't even flinch. I haven't had problems yet with significant others being there during my interviews and I love that.
It was also my first time seeing Hellogoodbye live that night and I loved it. They are so funny and real on stage so I definitely wanted my second interview if I could. We had it all lined up four months later until the night before when their TM realized they were getting in so late to the show but still got me in free to the show which was incredibly appreciated considering it was such a sold out show. Their album just dropped that's been in the works for two years plus 'Would It Kill You?' so I really hope I get to catch up with these boys again soon (and hopefully at Warped)!

This turned into the longest post ever and still there are three more familiar faces in The Swellers, VersaEmerge and The Wonder Years (via email) that are rumored to play. Shaping up to be an amazing day and it seems like this day gets better and better every year. Hope these guys all work out! :)