Monday, April 20, 2009

A Sit down with the boys of The Balance!

I had to "borrow" this picture from The Balance's myspace (complete photo credit!) and wondering why theren't more pictures I can find of this great band that has been constantly on tour it seems around Ontario this month. With their many dates,  I wasn’t sure where an interview would fit in with the talented and very busy guys of The Balance, a Canadian based band and a group that has many career plans, examples being astronauts, judges and a five some of boys who have big dreams which they will be at some day! They also are about to release their first full length album and whill be having a cd release party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto on the 24th of April!

 These boys are fast becoming some of my favorites and can not wait to see them at a show here in Montreal and I hope you are there with me!

 I recently sat down with the boys of the Balance via the inter webs and everything was up for grabs, from favorite treats (like bite sized ice cream, I’m a two bit brownie girl too!) to their major inspirations and some may be quite surprising to you. We also talked about who they would love tour with (there are some great answers!) and the always important predictor question of their first album bought!

 What is your favorite snack?

Dan: Frozen One bite brownies... They're like bite sized chunks of ice cream!

Nick: Frosted Flakes! They're Grrrreat!

Mickey: Sour Cream and Bacon Ruffles

Steve: tostitos and Salsa

Scott: Pie!

How did you come up with your band name,
The Balance?

After we finished recording our first album, we still hadn't decided on a name. Based on the album having a really varying sound, Scott suggested "The Balance" and it stuck. I still think we should have named ourselves the "Bright Green Jalepeno Peppers".

What did all of you in
the band want to be when you were 10 years old? Has that changed?

Dan: I wanted to be Tarzan... Right up until I broke my ankle jumping out of a tree last summer!

Nick: Pro Hockey player... Chicks dig hockey players!

Mickey: An astronaut, but now an actor so I can just play one and not have my head explode in space!

Scott: "I wanted to be a judge until I found out you had to be a lawyer first!"

Steve: "I had no ambition and nothing has changed"

What is your favorite venue to play?

Unanimously the Opera House!

If you were touring with three bands, what would be your dream three acts to play with?

 Foo Fighters


Zack Attack Featuring Zack
Morris and Lisa Turtle on
headless bass, AC Slater on
drums, and Screech Powers on
the Keys!

Who are your major inspirations?

 All star lineup of:
Brandon Boyd, Incubus

Ray Charles

 Buddy Rich

 Flea, Red Hot Chili Peppers

 Sean Combs

Though no one likes to put their music in little boxes, what would be some genres you think your music fits along
the lines of?

 In terms of soup, we could be classified as Rock Stew or Rock Gumbo, but not Rock gazpacho because that shit is cold! You could also sprinkle in some hip hop for seasoning!

What was
the first record you ever bought and who was playing at the first concert you ever went to?

First Album: Nirvana - Unplugged in New York
First Show: Fred Penner

First Album: Ghostbusters 2 - Soundtrack on Vinyl
First Show: Dream Theater

First Album: Metallica - Injustice for all
First Show: Bush X

First Album: Green Day - Dookie
First Show: Warped Tour '96 w/ Gob, NoFX

First Album: Green Day - Dookie
First Show: Pearl Jam @ Maple Leaf Gardens '96

And now for some easy but fun would you rathers?

chocolate or vanilla:
Swirled Ice Cream - best of both worlds

Snickers or milky ways:
Snickers - seriously... A milky way?

MTV or Vh1:
Much Music - especially for French Kiss!

Winter or Summer:
Summer festivals rock!


For more music and information, you can find them on their myspace at

If you would like to check out the band, below are a few of their ucoming dates:

April 24th, 8 pm@Hard Rock Cafe and CD Release party in Toronto, ONT(19+)

May 1st, 8 pm@Jim Bob Ways, in London, ONT (19+)

May 2nd, 5 pm@Chubby Pickle in Windsort, ONT

May 16th, 8pm@Central Public School with Forces Right and Radio Adelaide in Brampton, ONT

May 24th, 8pm@Kathedral w/ Vinny Vegas in Toronto, ONT

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