Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just An Idea..Let me know what you think!

Hey all my beautiful beautiful readers.

I hope you are enjoying what I am putting up so far, now that I am done with exams, it's going to be ridiculous in a good way for the work I'll be putting in on this blog.

I have a few interviews that will be up on the blog soon, hopefully putting up a new Believe Berlin interview tomorrow (or maybe even tonight!) but I have a question for all of you if you have any opinion on this new segment I want to try.

What it is a piece every week or two on a band from one area. I'm doing that kind of for Montreal right now with a few local guys..or, no a mix of Toronto and Montreal but I want to try one for where I grew up-The Midwest of the United States. A lovely region, really and if any of you have any input on this, just let me know what you think!

And like always, if you know of any amazing artists, just let me know, leave me a comment or if you know me in real life, drop me a line!

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