Monday, September 13, 2010

Latest Interviews up with Stereo Skyline & Anarbor!

Two new interviews that I did just went live on Music Remedy and I hope you check them out! First up is one with Stereo Skyline that I did at Bamboozle Roadshow with the full band (including Clayton!) where we talked about everything from how they met Clayton to their plans for the future. They had a busy summer releasing their first full length record and had the Stuck On Repeat headlining tour! They are four polite adorable boys who made for a great interview which you can find here!

And next up is a follow up interview with Anarbor who we talked to back during the Bout Damn Tour in April! Even though it had only been a few months, plenty has happened for the boys including touring both the UK and Japan and dropping their first full length record even though they have been playing together since about 2003. The four piece have never changed their line up, have been together since middle school and always give a good interview! Read it here and check out all their videos on the Hopeless Records youtube channel as they won't let embeds. I tried promise!

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