Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Music: Tv/Tv "Much Too Much"

Common feature on both here and MusicRemedy, TV/TV is a local new york based band who are quickly making a name for themselves both locally and nationally. Playing both national tours like Warped Tour and touring across the country with Empires, and shows around New York City, with this new record they are sure to get their break.

The first track for their new record "Much Too Much" has been dropped and it's definitely something for the new band. Now as a three piece, it seems like, if the record follows the style of this track, the band is heading a little more electro. Josh's voice in the track is definitely of a different style then I've heard from their past Ep's but it's definitely that makes at least this girl move. The lyrics are also a little more edgy then their past tracks, and I could definitely see this playing in New York clubs.

Like I said before, this summer is the summer for loads of records to come out, and TV/TV will be included in this. It's their debut full length effort, and the first as a signed band, so watch for it soon!

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