Thursday, June 10, 2010

New music from VE: 'Mind Reader'

This month is insane for new music, be it the past two weeks in records which gave us the new Against Me!, Rooney, Whitechapel, MyChildrenMyBride, Tamarama, Travie McCoy and so much more in these next few.

One of the new records yet to drop this month is the first full length for pop punk now trio VersaEmerge. I had the chance to sit down with this band back in November which was right before they were going into the studio to work on this record, and they couldn't have been more excited for it. From the tracks I've seen so far, I couldn't be either. This band has been working so hard and I hope it pays off with this record. It actually drops the same day as the new Hey Monday, so pick them both up in one trip!

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