Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Post Fall Out Boy: The Damned Things.

With Joe and Andy's new band The Damned Things, and records coming out from both the Damned Things and Patrick's solo record, along with promises of touring from both, the music world is getting that more exciting.
The super group that is Joe and Andy from Fall Out Boy, Rob and Scott from Anthrax and with their front man Keith of Every Time I Die played their first show the other night at Brooklyn Knitting Factory and from the review done by Spin and listening to the two rough mixes on their myspace, I couldn't be more stoked.
The band will be heading over to Europe to play some shows and festivals, but hopefully they start playing shows steadily when they come back (after Keith's time on Warped of course), definitely check them out! Look for their record this fall on Island!

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