Saturday, November 27, 2010

We Came As Romans? Who Would have known!

So the other night I was at the Circa Survive show here in Boston and the typical people that I know were there so it was fun! The thing that stuck out to me though and made me think of this band once again is this. There was this band, Animals As Leaders, who are purely instrumental. Being a girl who loves her lyrics, they just weren't my cup of tea but I was rooting for them considering they'll be first to play in the new Thursday/Underoath/Skylit Drive tour next year. I realized something at this point. At the end of their set which was six songs lasting about twenty five to thirty minutes, I realized that maybe I was wrong in hoping that they would become the next big thing but one band I realized would become huge after our first interview back in February was We Came As Romans.

I saw them play live that night and then again in June when I sat down with Josh that evening as well and then I caught a few minutes of their set again in August. Over just this past year, this band has sky rocketed and I couldn't be happier for them. Such a nice group of dudes and ones that actually care. I've met a million it seems like musicians over these past almost two years now and this band is still one of the stand outs for me. Unfortunately they don't have dates announced anywhere near me yet but hopefully I'll see them at an even bigger point. Just some thoughts and I think the perfect way to kick off the new direction of this blog. No more promoting my own stuff, just a general old blog of a girl who is living her dreams out every single day. Even if it means, I eat pasta for a meal some days and even though I'm still waiting tables. I'm doing it and I want this blog to be a good thing to look back on through it all!

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