Sunday, August 29, 2010

New on Music Remedy..slash me.

I was a busy little bee today and just posted a bunch of new Warped interviews which you can find all on Music Remedy! It's become my little project and honestly every time I see one of my interviews linked anywhere (even if it's on fygroupies...sweet!) it makes it that much more worthwhile. I've come so far through everything starting purely with myspace bands and local Montreal favorites to now make it to this point where I can say I have done interviews with Simple Plan to the Goo Goo Dolls but for now, you can find these on the front page.

Videos here/funny bits for each band and link below. Thanks for being faithful readers for ever and always:

Check out my exclusive with Brian Dales who plays lead vocals for The Summer Set where we talked about how he tries to get a leg up on Tyson Ritter's stage antics every day here. Also catch the band on their headliner this fall where we'll hopefully be catching up with them again!

Next up are the rockers in Confide! We caught up with drummer Joel Piper and talked everything from their mixed feelings about the latest record "Recover" and that they are already writing the next one. Find it all here!

Why Warped Tour is so awesome..the chance to go right from screamo rockers to acoustic legends! We caught up with Ace Enders former ex frontman for The Early November where he told us that I Can Make A Mess will be his main project right now and for him hopefully the final one which we talked all about here!

Next up (I've been busy what can I say?) was an interview with Cameron from The Downtown Fiction. We caught him right before he had to go into surgery on his vocal chords but we talked about the new record and the EP so read it all here!

Think that's a lot? Keep up to date here as we still have interviews coming with Hey Monday, Andrew W.K., Pierce The Veil, The Cab, Eyes Set To Kill and Of Mice and Men just to name a few! Again, thanks for making a girl's dream come true!

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