Monday, October 25, 2010

Want me to review your record?!/"The Rainy Day Sessions" EP Review.

Hey dudettes! Like I say on repeat pretty much every week, I currently put a lot of my focus into working at Music Remedy covering sweet press events for you (in the works is Z100 Jingle Ball accreditation) along with just covering CMJ and constantly attending sweet shows in the Boston and Worcester area to do interviews with some of your favorite bands.
Something new I'm going to try and get back into though is steadily reviewing new records which I'll post here and on Music Remedy as well. So, if you are an artist or in a band and you're interested in having me review the record, just shoot it over my way. Whatever gets sent me to, I will review the material and post it on BOTH websites. I've been trying to get back into doing these reviews on a regular basis and started it off today with a review of the new Rainy Day Sessions EP from A Rocket To The Moon. You can find it on MR here!

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