Thursday, July 1, 2010

Keep Matthew Leone in your hearts.

Last night, something terrible happened. I can't even believe it to be real right now. Last year at Warped in Montreal, I met an amazing person. Quite possibly one of the happiest just to be alive people I've ever met in Matthew Leone from Madina Lake. Unfortunately due to some crazy weather, we couldn't do our interview but I did catch the band live that night and he kept encouraging me to come closer and really get into it.
I caught him next while the band was opening for Silverstein and he remembered me from Warped Tour with a huge grin on his face despite having to cancel on the interview. I then found out that him and his brother Nathan Leone, his rock, were on Fear Factor Twin edition so of course I watched to find out they won. Matthew was always there for his brother and would step up to the plate if Nathan couldn't take it anymore.
Last night, Matthew stepped up and tried to save a woman who was being beaten horribly by her significant other. When Matthew got in between the middle of them and proceeded to call the cops the man jumped Matthew from behind and beat him till he was unconcious and left the scene. When Matthew was found, he was brought immediately to the hospital where he had to have a third of his skull removed and currently they are waiting for the swelling to go down in his brain. Please pray for this amazing soul, Nathan and their loved ones. Matthew has had a life filled with tragedy and still has had hope and happiness through it all. Keep them in your prayers please.

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