Tuesday, July 14, 2009

These boys will definetly be bringing you to love and back.

A fresh new band out of the growing alternative music scene, This Century, is quickly taking over my iTunes shuffle. Just this summer, the band released their EP 'To Love and Back' which is quickly making new fans along the Warped Tour this summer and through their internet presence, are quickly becoming a fan favorite.

I got the chance to talk to three out of the four members of the band with Joel, Sean and Ryan at the Montreal Warped date luckily before the downpour!

How does it feel to be playing warped tour?
Joel: Amazing. Especially in Canada.
Sean: It's beautiful, it's like beautiful and music comes together.
Ryan: Ditto.

Why Canada? Is it more exciting?
Joel : You know what, it's a combination of just the weather.
Ryan: People are really polite.
Sean: There's something about saying please and thank you that goes a long way you know.
Joel: And it's beautiful.
Sean: We learned it was belle, beautiful in french.

Are there any bands that you're looking to forward to seeing on this tour, like historic bands like Bad Religion and NOFX?
Ryan: Oh Bad Religion is definetly awesome.
Joel: Growing up like eight years old love bad religion and then you're on warped tour and you find out that they're playing. Underoath is one of my favorite bands so it's just crazy to actually get to see them every day for free (laughs).

That's awesome. Well are you guys doing any music projects coming up after Warped Tour?
Sean: Well, right now we're kind of just promoting this new EP, "To Love And Back" as much as we possibly can getting it out there. It's pretty new, I mean it came out about a week ago but we're already writing and working on pre production for our record. Hopefully, that will be out-
Joel: Early next year, we hope-
Ryan: We'll cross our fingers-

See how it goes.
Sean: Exactly but I think right now it's just the EP that's the focus and we're writing a lot of material that we're kind of just stockpiling it up for next year.

Perfect. That's awesome. What's your favorite part of Warped so far? I mean, have you been on it for long?
Joel: Yeah we've been on it since very beginning of it in Pomona, California. Favorite thing other then seeing bands that we want to see, all the time-
Sean: Yeah (laughs)
Ryan: Probably like getting out to meet all the kids, meet the fans that we haven't got to meet yet that we've only talked to via internet.
Sean: Yeah, I think that's what's so cool about the myspace thing. It's like social network type sites that have gotten these kids together where we'll go to like Ohio or somewhere on the East coast where we've never even touched before or played before where there's just this following for our band and that just blows us away to know that many people know of our existence, I guess, even without hearing us.

But do you think the internet has helping the music business for you guys or has it hurt it? I mean personally, that's why I ask.

Ryan: For us, it has. I mean touring, concerts is so expensive. To be able to reach out to, get a lot of people through the internet.
Sean: I mean, I think that it's one of those things that get to a certain level that it can be detrimental to what you're doing because of you know the way it works.
Joel: Saturation.
Sean:Yeah, oversaturation of the music market but I think that what we're doing right now-getting the word out, having new fans. This has been extremely succesful, with the whole internet promotion side.

Have you guys attended the famous barbecues? Had the experience yet?
Sean: Yeah, I mean we've been doing the barbecues as often as we can. Sleeping is really good too (laughs).

Always a good part of tour.
Sean: They've been rad.
Joel: But the coolest thing about barbecues is that all the bands hanging out at the end of the day and everyone's just kind of bonding. You just kind of get to meet people you didn't think you were going to meet-
Sean: And the bands, I think one of the coolest things is how receptive some of the bands have been to. You know, they're all very nice to me and very pleasant and want to talk and that's really cool.

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