Saturday, July 4, 2009

Big D & The Kids Table

A little behind on when I said I would start but I'm starting to finalize my interview schedule and thought I would post a video from each band leading up to the date! Also, most likely putting up a new interview today, as I've been slammed lately! Happy 4th everyone! This video is for the song "My Girlfriend's on Drugs" by Big D and The Kids Table, a ska band who has been around quite a while who I luckily enough secured some face time with next weekand in Montreal! For all of you Montrealers, hope to see you some of you when I'm there, and hopefully most of all at the festival! only 40 dollars for the whole day with over sixty amazing acts including NOFX, Bad Religion and down to two of my favorite girls in the business, Meg and Dia and three that are so ridiculous that it's good ridiculous, the Millionaires!

This is one of my favorites so far! :

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