Monday, May 4, 2009

Talking to those Believe Berlin boys.

Finding Believe Berlin from recommendations of friends who were like me in their love for the Midway State was a gem.  The boys of Believe Berlin have it all in their music. Amazing, catchy lyrics and beats and rythms all mixed together.  They also have this writer's heart since they are from the beautiful city that she currently finds herself living in..oh Montreal!  

When we sat down via the interwebs, like most of my interviews right now, everything was down and I knew that they were even more amazing when they all choose la poutine as their favorite over smoked meat, even better when it was Le Banquise from Duke. I'm a sucker for boys who appreciate the fattiest foods ever. Also, there are some pretty unique and classy treat choices. It's offical. Food? It's a weakness. 

How did the band come up with the name Believe Berlin?Has it ever changed before?
Duke: Random
Eli: It was taken after drinking a lot, looking at my lyrics, combined with my obsession of wanting to go there. It's pretty random.
Luke: With the help of Dr. Bang and Mr. Booze

If you could have any superpower, which one and why?
Duke: Make life eternal
Eli: I would force people who use car horns too much to perish.
Luke: The one that rules them all.
Dennis: Time Travel.

What did you each want to be when you were ten years old?
Duke: Camera Man
Eli: Marine Biologist 
Luke: Astronaut
Dennis: Millionaire

What is your favorite venue to play? Your dream one?
Duke: Favorite Venue: Club Soda (Montreal). Dream one: Wembeley Stadium
Eli: Mod Club, Toronto
Luke: Spectrum, Tokyo Dome

Who are your major inspirations?
Duke: Music in general.
Eli: Pete Doherty, David Gahan, Matthew Bellamy, Liam Gallagher, Tom Petty
Luke: People and organized nonsense
Dennis: Booze

Who are the top three acts you guys would like to tour with?
Duke: Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins and U2
Eli: Libertines, Motley Crew, Nirvana
Luke: Muse, U2, Coldplay
Dennis: Muse, Led Zeppelin, Primus

If you were to classify your music into three genres, what would they be?
Duke: Indie, Rock, Alternative
Eli: rock and roll, rock,and, roll

What was the first album you ever bought? The first concert you went to?
Duke: 1st album: Fat Boys (The TWIST); 1st concert: Metallica Novembre 1991 Montreal
Eli: 1st album: Siamese Dream, Smashing Pumpkins ; 1st concert: Kideo...
Luke: 1st album: Bon Jovi New Jersey; 1st concert: Slayer
Dennis: 1st album: Vanilla Ice; 1st concert: Anthrax with White Zombie

What is your favorite snack/treat?
Duke: General Tao
Eli: Sushi
Luke: Olives
Dennis: Bacon

And now for some either or's!
Always fun..maybe?

Habs or Alouettes? HABS.
MTV or Much Music? MM
Poutine or Smoked Meat? Poutine (La Banquise)
Chocolate or Vanilla?Chocolate

Habs or Alouettes?Habs
MTV or Much Music?Both terrible.
Poutine or Smoked Meat?Poutine with smoked meat. 
Chocolate or Vanilla?I like vanilla yogurt.

Habs or Alouettes?Habs
MTV or Much Music?MM
Poutine or Smoked Meat?Pout Pout
Chocolate or Vanilla?Chocolate

Habs or Alouettes?Habs
MTV or Much Music?MTV
Poutine or Smoked Meat?Poutine with extra bacon
Chocolate or Vanilla?Chocolate


These boys were amazingly funny, patient and kind and because of that (and of course their amazing music), take the time to catch them if they are near you :)They just finished some dates with the Midway State out of Toronto( look for their interview soon!) and I know I hope to see them on the road again soon, particulary making a stop again in their hometown. We can totally get some poutine together soon, right? 

Besides that though, you can find their music here 

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