Saturday, May 30, 2009

Can't Stop Waking Up To...The Midway State

With "Never Again" quickly climbing the charts and touring around the world, Toronto based band The Midway State show no signs of stopping soon. I'm a sucker for some good piano playing and  Nathan Ferraro does not disappoint in this department in any nature. Along with Nathan, Daenen Bramberger, Mike Wise and Mike Kirsh respectively on drums, guitar, and bass are the perfect pieces to complete the puzzle that is the Midway State. 

The passion in this band is never doubted when rocking at their live shows on tour with such acts as Theory of a Deadman, Shiny Toy Guns, Chris Daughtry, Mika and Lifehouse nor when watching their music videos that garner over 200,000 views combined. 

Recently, I was lucky enough to sit down via the inter webs with one of the  guys and we talked everything  from what would be the best super power to their favorite venue!

How did you come up with the name The Midway State? Was it ever anything else?
It has always been The Midway State. When we were teenagers, growing up, it made sense to us at that point in our lives. Transitioning. It's grown to mean many other things. Whatever you like!

How do you go about the song writing process?
Usually Nathan will write the basis of a song and we'll flesh it out as a band in the rehearsal space and in the recording studio. 

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Teletransportation so I could be wherever whenever. 

What did you want to be when you were ten years old?
A rock star!

Who are your major inspirations?
Too many to list but everyone from Bob Dylan and Neil Young to Coldplay and Radiohead to Dr.Dre to Miles Davis.

What is your favorite venue to play? Your dream one?
The best venue we've played is "Le Zenith" in Paris, France. It's a really amazing arena style venue.  A dream venue would be Red Rocks Amphitheatre in the US. It's a beautiful outdoor natural amphitheatre.  

If you had to put your music into little genre boxes, what would the top three ones be?
Rock, pop, pop/rock!

What was the first concert you ever went to? The first album you bought?
My first concert was the Dave Matthews Band.
First album was "Nevermind" by Nirvana. 

What is your favorite treat?
Snickers..Ketchup Chips!

Any last words?
Rock on.

You can find more of their music here including the title song 'Can't Stop Waking Up to You' here
The great video to their hit single "Never Again". Check it out if you're like me being a sucker for a good piano:

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