Saturday, May 23, 2009

Miss You Yet? Yes I do.

With their single "Miss You Yet" rising in popularity and their current tour across Canada with Benefit of A Doubt (You can catch them tonight in Grand Prairie, AB!), these boys are quickly becoming Toronto's own indie phenom out of a great music scene.  The creative juices are flowing when it comes to their music, videos, and even through their CD designs. Just take a look at their latest video for the single Miss You Yet! 

Recently I sat down via the inter webs with the bass guitar player, Hugh Allen and we talked about everything ranging from Mr. Hugh Allen's love for the Beatles and all the varied influences that may be affecting the tunes they are putting out. 

How did you come up with the name Norglen? Did that name ever change?
The name came from the street Andrew, Joel and Branden grew up on in Alberta where the band started.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Being able to fly would be great. Better than being stuck at any airports.

What did you want to be when you were ten years old? Is it the same thing today?
It is. I have always pictured myself playing music and here I am. 

Who are your major inspirations in music and life?
Wow, that's a loaded question. I'm a fan of people that vary their sounds over the years.  David Bowie, Trent Reznor. Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo and Johnny Marr have been a big influence being a guitar player.  Trail of dead, Brand New, Foo Fighters, Neil Young, Pavement, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, The Smiths, Sunny day Real Estate and Wilco are all big inspirations just to name a few.

What are your dream top three acts to tour with?
Touring with Foo Fighters would be amazing, they always do a great show.  The Stills would be great to tour with, I'm liking their new CD a lot.  It would be amazing also to tour with The Strokes, we actually cover one of their songs in our live show.

If you had to put your music into little boxes, what would the top three genres be?
Indie Pop Rock Alternative haha.

What is your music guilty pleasure? Your TV one?
I don't really have a music guilty pleasure, I'll love all kinds of music.  I'm not really ashamed of anything in my collection...yet.  As for T.V., I'm really addicted to anything on the Food network. I can't get enough of it.

What is your favorite venue to play? Your dream one?
Favorite venue so far would be either Lee's Palace or the Mod Club.  The dream one would be Wembley Stadium.

What was the first album you bought? The first concert you ever went to?
First album I bought was Sonic Youth's 'Daydream Nation', still one of my favorites.  Teen age Riot is a really great song.
First show I went to was Oasis at the Maple Leaf Gardens, it was the tour they did in support of 'Be Here Now'.  It was a solid show.

What's your favorite treat?
Anything that has chocolate in it.

Now for some either/or's...
Poutine or Smoked Meat: Hands down Poutine
Kanye West or 50 Cent: Kanye West is the winner
MTV or Vh1: MTV
The Beatles or the Monkees: The Beatles 100% one of the greatest bands of all time!!

The boys of Norglen will be joined by Benefit of a Doubt in Montreal at Il Motore on June 6th, I hope to see all of you there. You can find their music here 

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