Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Go Radio: "Do Overs and Second Chances" Review.

From the first track to the seventh, the brand new EP (It came out just a day ago!) from Go Radio, “Do Overs and Second Chances” is definitely one that is going to rock some crowds. Like the title of the EP suggests, the album really seems to tell a story of that exact title. It’s a risk for a band to take on a concept/story but the band wears it well and it will definitely propel them to their break out, as will the tour with A Day To Remember they currently find themselves on!
It seems like the formula to a lot of tracks on this EP are hard hitting, pop punk friendly music and lyrics and then it takes a surprise element of vocals alone that slow it down for just a second, especially in the first two tracks of the EP.
With the second and third tracks of the EP, respectively ‘Thanks for Nothing’ and ‘Letters and Lovenotes’, it seems to have a theme of love going wrong and having the boy be the one who just can’t get over his significant other but it makes for some great lyrics and music. Already, I find myself jamming to the music and I really have a feeling that this band is on the cusp of breaking out. With lyrics like “All I wanted is a happy ending, a better life, just stay with me’, girls are going to melt.
Once you hit the fourth track though, ‘It’s Not A Trap, I Promise’, it turns to finally being over the girl. I love when an album is more of a concept and really tells a story as this one seems to do.
“Goodnight Moon” is a fantastic finale to this EP and a finale to the story where they finally accept what is to be. It really allows the vocalist’s voice to shine along with some great instrumental arrangements.
Overall, this album is a great introduction to a band that is sure to secure a place in your play list. Their music is unpredictable and definitely a treat that differentiates them from most pop punk bands out there today!

Rating: 5/5

Stand out favorites: “Letters and Lovenotes” and “Goodnight Moon”

Track Listing:
1.When Dreams Get Drastic
2.Thanks For Nothing
3.Letters and Lovenotes
4.It’s Not A Trap, I Promise
5.In Our Final Hour
6.You Hold Your Breath, I’ll Hold My Liquor
7.Goodnight Moon

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