Thursday, April 15, 2010

Important Announcement: Please Read!

I have made the decision to leave Shred News after the short time spent there and it is due to a few reasons but one major one is the idea that I have worked incredibly hard for everything I have done in my career so far. I have taken the initiative to do everything for myself and that is leading to the decision to make my own website that I will run personally, and not just a blog. The blog will be a section of it but it is going to be a whole bunch of things. I'll keep you updated here as we continue in the process but for now look for a few reviews coming your way, one from the current ADTR tour, The Girl In A Coma tour and the 'Bout Damn Tour along with a slew of interviews with bands from all of those tours with so much more coming!

I'll be reviewing a bunch of the new albums that are coming out/have come out so keep an eye on that as well but for now enjoy the brand new debut music video from one of the bands I sat down with this week at the 'Bout Damn Tour': The Bigger Lights!

Hey Summer (Official Music Video)


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