Saturday, April 17, 2010

Behind the scenes of the latest Rooney video: "I Can't Get Enough!"

There are a ridiculous amount of highly anticipated albums this year for me, and one I have already ordered and will be paying for is Eureka from Rooney coming out June 8th. I couldn't be more excited for this release for a few reasons.

One? I finally caught their live show back in December on their Wild One tour and it was amazing. It was actually one of Matt Winter's last shows with the band and last tour so that was a treat as well.

Two? The new single is as catchy as heck.

Three? Their videos are always the cutest and it looks like the new one won't disappoint.

Four? The plans are that I'll be sitting down with this band this summer when they come through the east coast once again in July. The band has already agreed to the interview, and they will be one I'm most nervous for in my whole career thus far.

Check out the behind the scenes video below for the new single "I Can't Get Enough" and look for the video soon, along with the album dropping on June 8th!

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