Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The girls that should have been the soundtrack of Grease.

When Sandy and Danny were sharing a strawberry milkshake across the table, when the pink ladies were having a sleepover and when the seniors were enjoying their carnival, these ladies should have been the soundtrack. You know, if Grease came out this year.

Over the past few months, I have had a thorough introduction to the boom she bop she bop music and the ladies behind the music that you just want to do the sock hop to and snap your fingers the whole way through. The Living Girls, She & Him and A Fine Frenzy are all making a name for themselves and their melodic happy lyrics and beats. I just got an email featuring the latest video from my personal favorite out of the three, A Fine Frenzy just released her video for her latest single Electric Twist and it may be the most adorable thing ever. I first caught the live set from A Fine Frenzy when she was headlining a show I had attended to see Landon Pigg and you can't help but dance along to her songs.

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