Saturday, April 10, 2010

Review: The Rocket Summer in Worcester 4/8

I don't make the trip to Worcester too, too often but when I do it's for a act I really want to catch and one of those times was this past Thursday when The Rocket Summer or Bryce Avary was playing an intimate club show in between two much bigger tours with One Republic and The Goo Goo Dolls. The show featured two local Boston bands Lannen Fall and View From An Airplane, both have interviews coming this way soon and made for a great lineup! I've become a sucker for the local Boston music scene, but I think that's the best kind!

First up was View From An Airplane and they put on just as great as a show as I saw when they opened for Lannen Fall and Sparks The Rescue a while back! This musical project is pretty new to the Boston scene but they have definitely made a name for themselves and had some fans in the audience singing along to the lyrics. Their stage presence is pretty dynamic, and unlike a lot of bands can actually control and do both slow and fast songs with out a hitch.

Recently releasing their debut EP "All The Right Words", they played several tracks off the EP including their stand out track 'Alive'! This band is a true group of passionate musicians and I'm looking forward to the next time I have a chance to catch them! Look for an interview to be posted with in the next few weeks with this band as well!

Next up was Lannen Fall, a Boston band as well who actually announced the next day that they will be calling an end to their Lannen Fall chapter of their life! You can catch two last shows from them though one in May and then their farewell in June! It was my second time catching this band with the first being back in March, and I thought it was even better then the last time! Their stage presence is undeniable and Danny, who has been working it on vocals lately killed it. They played a lot of their bigger hits like Holly Hospital and Miss Innocent amongst a bunch of old tunes which made for a whole different vibe. They definitely had a lot of fans in attendance and it showed with the way the crowd was into it from the first song to the last song! After seeing the talent in just the two sets I've been able to see, I really hope all the best to this talented quintet and will be posting my interview with them soon on Music Remedy! They will definitely be missed in the local boston scene and I'll be sure to catch their farewell show, and you should make it too!

And last, but definitely not least, The Rocket Summer took over the stage! More often seen in arena settings and large venues, it was a rare chance to catch them on a headlining tour in an intimate club tour. The start of his set seemed like a hit parade with Do You Feel, Roses, Hills and Valleys and You Gotta Believe all with in the first four tracks of his set and it just continued on from there! Be sure to catch him on all of Warped Tour this summer to really experience what his set is. It's extremely powerful and definitely a treat! I sat down with Bryce that night, so look for my interview with him as well!

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