Saturday, January 31, 2009

Songs/Artists I've been thinking about lately..and loving.

I love to reccomend music and I've been thinking through a few songs and artists that I really think should be given some trys.

Anything Jack's Mannequin. Andrew's story is one of amazement and is a piano based rock group, soon to be "legend" that you would definetly love. A few songs of his that are amazing, as if all of them aren't, "Swim", "Caves", "Miss California" and "Hammers and Strings ( A Lullaby)" are my favorites. Also, if you go way way back with Andrew McMahon, you would know he used to be part of a band, well still part of the band Something Corporate and they are classic. One of my favorite groups of all time. Some of theirs that are perfect include "(Hurricane) The Formal Weather Pattern", "Down" which was a big favorite when we were growing up, "Punk Rock Princess", which is for sure a personal favorite and finally, but not last at all "I kissed a drunk girl". 
What's cool about Andrew McMahon or something to look out for is the new documentary "Dear Jack" which is a self taped video log/documentary when Andrew was in the hospital with leukemia, during which he was trying to put out "Everything in Transit" an album that is completely written about the girl who is now his wife, Katie. The album is amazingly beautiful and something that just makes your heart break. The album is already out since 2006 but the documentary comes out in February and they are announcing a new tour of dates on February 6th on their websites, Check it out, it will be worth the effort, promise!

Now on to Treaty of Paris. An amazing band that I am hopefully working with very soon in a interview soon. Some of the craziest guys I've ever met and totally sweet at the same time. They are hilarious, put out some amazing video logs of their tours which could be found on their youtube channel, treatyofparisvideos plain and simple, hammers and strings four has a show that I was at in Montreal during Casper's birthday which is cool. Some of their top songs in my opinion include "Hello Nurse", "Waking Up the Dead" and "Quits", all which are worthy of some attention.

And last but not at all least for now, are The Ease Down and 16th Avenue. Both canadian bands which can discourage some people unfortunately but very worthy of some listening to their sweet sweet sounds. "Tentavita Favorita" and "First Fall" are huge, you will most likely see "Tentavita Favorita" on MTV in the US very soon as their first video comes out on the 19th of Februrary! As for the Ease Down, they are a buffet scramble of violins, piano, guitar and drums and "Shapeshifter" is an amazing work by them that I am still freaking out about. I worked merch for them during our school's orientation when they performed and Ben, the lead singer is one of the nicest, most down to earth people I have ever met!

So, those are some new music or old to you that I thought I would try to put out there a bit more. 
Look for more blogging action soon, I just felt that I was a bit inadequate at it right now in the rush of school and job hunting, but wanted to put a little something up! 
Song of the week soon, by a little group called Augustana and Chuck Wicks "Stealing Cinderalla"

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