Friday, February 27, 2009

So I kind of disappeared...

I disappeared which was quite unfortunate but alot of stuff has been happening. "Stuff" is always good.

  • I've been writing up some articles off of interviews I have finished and really hope to have the starting ones up soon!
  • Also, I have started to create a business plan for the new zine (!!!) This one makes me particulary happy 
  • I've been working on several street teams. Individual ones for We The Kings, Augustana, and Jack's Mannequin. Then on the Fueled By Ramen Record Label one. Working at shows for that. Most excited to be working the Fall Out Boy one in May in Montreal :)
Besides that, I have been listening to some sweet sweet jams lately. My itunes pretty much is constant playing wherever I go so it's been exciting :)
 Non music I've been a little stressed with school which is why I have been feeling like a escape artist lately from this blog unfortunately! But soon enough, I will be right back with the normal stuff and it will really get rolling!

'good night but not good bye'

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