Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bored in Boston? Well, this is your lucky week!

It literally drives me crazy how good this week is in music for Boston and surrounding area, and bums me out that I can't do everything!

First up, if you didn't know about it, there is a great indie music dance party really at Harper's Ferry every Thursday in Allston. For Montrealers, it really reminds me of what you would find with the Mustache Men wherever they find themselves these days. What makes the event even more special though is that this week, national touring band from Pennsylvania InnerPartySystem will be deejaying the event for the night, and it's as well the official Passion Pit afterparty complete with the deejays that work with that band. Nothing about this event is bad this week, and I am wicked bummed I can't make it out!

Even if you aren't the dancing like a fool type, this night is something completely different and is this way every week. Many a band I know has taken part in this night but this is the biggest I've ever seen it. You may recognize the InnerPartySystem name either from here and my incessant love for them or from playing all of Warped Tour this summer which allowed them to grow so much in fame, constantly moving to larger stages and their main support slot for Saosin all fall on the Pac Sun tour! Want a little taste? Check out this sick remix of 'Hot Mess' by Cobra Starship. If you don't move a little bit in your seat, you're just cold. They'll be playing both their tracks, 'Don't Stop' is my personal favorite, and a whole slew of their famous remixes. It's only ten dollars, so if you don't go, I don't know honestly!:

Next up, Friday night! Take it a little more low key and as a cool down from Thursday night, but a great alternative rock band I've grown to know from Dallas named Sleeperstar will be taking the stage at Tommy Doyle's in Harvard Square. They'll be dropping their first major label full length on June 22nd, and when that comes out, they are sure to be all over the radio. I'll be at this show, and it's a great little break to get you ready for Saturday's event-Skate Fest!

For Skate Fest on Saturday, there is a wee bit of a travel but the train is only 8 dollars to Worcester, and it's a ten minute walk to the palladium from there with a bus that heads back to Boston at 11:05 pm to get you there with in the hour! Skate Fest is a day long festival (doors open at noon, show starts at 1) and it features both local favorites like Vanna and Stay to nationally known acts like Envy On The Coast, TREOS (Reunion!) and VersaEmerge. It all goes to a good cause, for the Mend a Heart charity which was started by Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory. I'm hoping for a visit from him, but either way it's going to be a whole day of great music! I'll be at this as well!

Then finally, we end on a pop punk note with the Too Fast For Love tour running through Boston on Sunday at the House of Blues. Even though 30H!3 and Cobra Starship are co-headlining the date, Cobra has the bigger market so they will be playing the end of the night/longer set along with Travie McCoy who has an amazing solo project right now off of Gym Class Heroes and the Chicago group I Fight Dragons!

Hope you make it out to one or two of these events, let me know if you do!

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