Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Put your hands up in the air, make a heart and break that shit.

May 11th at the Middle East, The CIWWAF Spring Tour: Cute Is What We Aim For, The Friday Night Boys, The Bigger Lights, Down With Webster, Ian Walsh

Cute Is What We Aim For made their debut back into the music world scene it seems last week at the Middle East as Shaant and his new band make their way across their country with The Friday Night Boys, The Bigger Lights and Down With Webster. It's been a while since we've seen this band in action unfortunately since the highly media saturated break up that happened in late 2008 but Shaant isn't giving up and as the only original member is hitting up places all over the country, including Charlotte, North Carolina where you can catch the tour tonight at the Tremont Hall!

First up was Ian Walsh, a local Boston act who as of late has been making his way onto tours with acts like Sparks The Rescue and The Audition. Ian definitely had some fans in the audience which would make sense with the local following he has created. Playing songs like "Blue Eyes" and "Comets", he definitely put on a great start for the show to come.

Next up was Toronto band Down With Webster, a seven man group that definitely bring a little something different to the table. Like most canadian bands that come here to play (and last night even from Denmark!), they haven't developed quite the same following they have in Canada so far but the boys are sure to get to that same level here soon. Touring in the last few months with bands like Forever The Sickest Kids and The Rocket Summer, the boys are sure to make a name for themselves.

The crowd was sold on them from the beginning. Their energy is unbelievable and the way they mix rap with soulful singing coming from Patrick, they are sure to make a girl's heart flip. As is typical on the first night of tours (and most nights after if they really impress), Dan and Jk from The Bigger Lights along with Shaant were in the crowd, shaking their heads and clearly loving it which Shaant even talked about during his set. They rocked their way through their current hits "Whoa is Me" and "The Back of My Hand" along with bringing out some oldies but goodies with "It's Time To Win" and "Your Man". Along with their genius cover of "Rich Girls", the kids were sold and so were the bands. Definitely watch out for this band!

Coming up next were The Bigger Lights, a band that has become known for their dynamic live shows and they definitely did not disappoint. Now that their debut self titled record has been out for over a month (still so early!) compared to just under two weeks the last time I caught up with the guys, the kids knew almost every word when the band played "Jessie" "That Kind of Girl" and their current single "Hey Summer" in particular. In his now classic red skinny jeans, Topher Talley made the crowd go on fire and the girls were eating up every word. With lyrics like 'You make the heat in the sheets like no one can', it's clear why this band continues to gain new fans with every show they play.

Balancing both the old with the new, with 'Romance in a Slow Dance' to 'Queen of Broken Hearts', the boys were on fire and made it clear that they are here to stay! Topher even provided the title of this review with something he said right before Jessie with 'Put your hands up in the air, make a heart and break that shit!'

Next up were The Friday Night Boys, a band that seems to be opening for every one lately. Coming off their first headlining tour in February, the band has been actively on the road since heading to the UK and now on the Cute tour just to name a few. I've seen this band just once live since all of this started when they were on tour with Cobra Starship last summer but it was great both times. They are clearly coming into who they are and the kids were eating up. Being all over the area the last few months, including the time they were here last with All Time Low, these fellow Washington boys are making a name for themselves. Songs were played from their major debut including 'Stuttering' 'Molly Make out' and most often considered biggest hit 'Stupid Love Letter'. They definitely did their job by heating up the crowd for the next performance and the first performance from Cute in around two years.

After a night of energetic performances from the opening bands along with the typical energy of the first night of tour, kids were riled up for Shaant and his new band to take the stage. There were worries in everybody's minds for what was to come in this set, and a strong majority of the other bands were standing side stage I would assume in anticipation as well. We all know the hard times that have been endured over the past few years but it didnt't seem to bother Shaant as he jumped right into "Newport Living" and the crowd instantly fell in love once again. He covered a lot of the first record but also playing songs like his new single for the record coming this summer with 'Harbor'. Right after he jumped into my personal favorite with "The Fourth Drink Instinct". He also played the songs that really made the band famous as a whole with "Crush" and "Practice Makes Perfect". I told the girl right next to me that I'd die if he didn't play "Curse of Curves" and like magic, that's what he played as his finale. If that night's performance and the fans reaction was any indicator of what is to come, we are all in for a huge treat and you should definitely check out this tour when it comes to your town!
I also interviewed Shaant and Down With Webster so look for those interviews in the future on along with interviewing The Bigger Lights last month, which is on that website now!

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