Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Sing It Loud Record out today! "Everything Collide"

Hey lovely people,
the follow up to Sing It Loud's highly succesful debut record hits your cd racks today with "Everything Collide"! Currently you can catch them on tour with Mayday Parade & A Rocket To The Moon and catch the review I wrote for my other publication MusicRemedy.com below! Let me know what you think of it!:

We’ve all been in high anticipation for the sophomore album for pop punk friendly Sing It Loud and the new one is even better then the first. The group definitely knows how to write a song about love and special girls in their life, which may be one of the reasons so many girls melt for them, but hey it works! It starts off with a bang on the first single off the record, “Sugar Sweet”. It is a great starter to the eleven track record, and is dancy to the extreme along with a good catchy message behind it!
Going into “Thunderstorms”, the upbeat music that we’ve grown to know from the band continues on but it doesn’t get boring like it does with some bands. It’s one of those records that I can really already see them playing live. The next song is quite possibly one of my favorites on the record, “Here With You”. It’s one of the happier tracks on the record, not that all aren’t upbeat and energetic but for the first two tracks on the album, it’s not such happy material about love.
Right when it hit’s the next track though with “Only One”, it goes back to the same message. It leads me to wonder where the band was when they wrote this record, but to me it seems like a common theme these days to write an album as kind of a concept theme of a story of a breakup, make up, the sweet moments in love, and it’s been working for people!
“Addicted To When You’re Gone” is one of my clear favorite tracks on this record. It’s the moment on the record where Pat Brown and the band finally admit that they’re over who ever the song is written about.
The album begins to slow down once we reach “Believe In Me”. It’s where the songs are about wanting the girl back, after throwing her away with ‘Addicted’. It definitely comes across as a concept record and it’s a beautiful story. Most kids don’t sit down and listen to a record track by track in order, but that’s why most musicians order an album a certain way. Sometimes it’s not to tell a story, but in this case it seems this way.
“Letting Go” is another great slower track for the band, and comes across as one of the better tracks I’ve heard on this record. It comes off as they are pretty much giving all they can to this girl if only she’ll take them back.
“Wonder Why” ends the album on a genius note. It brings the album to a close with the idea that you should just go for it.

Overall I give this record a rating of 4.5/5! I love the direction where this band is heading and am excited to see where this record takes them this year!

Songs you should download: “Here With You” “Addicted To When You’re Gone” “Letting Go” “Wonder Why”


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