Sunday, August 30, 2009

InnerPartySystem with Jared Piccone.

InnerPartySystem is what I like to call the brain child of Jared Piccone and Pat Nissley, the two co founders who started the band together all the way back in 2002. They have a distinct sound from a lot of the bands on Warped Tour, but that's something that's so great about it this year. They put on an amazing live show with an amazing lights show and props and were tested at Warped Tour for this. In the words of Jared Piccone as you'll find later in this interview though, the band was fine with the supposed test. "We actually like doing it because sometimes you get a couple people who wonder like what's this band going to do with out lights as if we hide behind them and we don't." The boys will be playing on the PacSun tour this fall (dates still to be announced!) so try to catch them when they come to you, where they will be co headlining with another Warped Tour newcomer this year in P.O.S. among others.

So, I know this is your first time on Warped Tour? How is it?
It's a lot of fun. Warped Tour is one of those things that are so popular and so big. It's like when you find out you're doing it, everybody and their brother has stories and tips. So I feel like coming on, we're pretty prepared, we know how it's going to be, talking about how fun it is. It's definetly been awesome!
So it's lived up to your expectations?
Totally. I think the first week was a little hard because you're just getting used to the routine, like working your ass off. It's definetly harder to tour Warped Tour then it is a normal one but once you get into the routine of like working your ass off all the time, it's awesome.

I know, with your normal shows, you guys have a lot of lights set up, have a lot of effects. How's the transition been since you can't use a lot of those effects as much as you normally do in your shows?
We actually did a tour before this without lights as well so we're kind of used to doing it. We actually like doing it because sometimes you get a couple people who wonder like what's this band going to do with out lights as if we hide behind them and we don't. Like, we're still a rock band, we're still a band that comes out to play their instruments, just like every other band does. It's kind of nice to show that we're still a band and we can do it. We did have a few surprises. We're into like building a lot of our own stuff so we did bring a couple extra things like little toys but I don't know if we're going to get to use them today anymore or not.
Oh I know, this is horrible! So how have the sets been so far? Has there been a warm welcoming?
It's actually suprising because we're not really typical Warped tour material. I was a little worried about how it was going to go but it's been awesome. The days that we have good slots, it's been a lot better then we thought. It's just been awesome.

I mean, like you were saying, that it's not the normal bands that play warped tour. For example, I've been talking to ska bands, southern rock bands. I know it's been a whole bunch of different bands coming out-
It's awesome. I like it better this way.
It's becoming more of something for everyone. Have you been checking out any of the other bands?
Well, I've been a fan of P.O.S. for a while so I've been really stoked to see him everyday. Um, Alexisonfire, I've always heard about but I've never really got into them but I've fallen in love with that band on this tour. That was a band I never listened to before this. I'm not gonna lie, it's been really tough. We do our own merch, we set up our stuff so I get to catch one to two bands a day if that. I'm trying to think. I never get tired of seeing Underoath, I've seen them a million times, still love watching them. They're one of the best live bands I've ever seen.

Are there any bands that you were really excited to go on tour with? Like bands that have been playing it a long time like NOFX or Bad Religion, Flogging Molly?
There are a lot of bands, that weren't necessarily my scene. I grew up listening to a lot of British punk rock so I was kind of like, 'Oh it's really cool'. A lot of legends on this tour where I know it's all came from. I'm really stoked that Fat Mike did come over to buy our cd the other day which is crazy because I thought for sure that we'd be the butt of a bunch of their jokes.
Oh, that's awesome then!
We've been getting some respect from the old school guys.

For sure! How did it come about you guys being on Warped Tour? Was it like direct from Kevin?
I don't know, it's hard. I'm sure a lot of bands have bullshit stories like 'Oh we partied all night. He said 'I like you". No, when it really really comes down to it, it's normally a booking agent that gets you on it. It's a really uninteresting answer to your question but I got to be honest with you. Nothing really cool happened, I think we submitted for it, they picked us.

Do you have any plans for after Warped Tour we should be looking out for?
Yeah, we've actually taken two months off before Warped Tour to start writing and after Warped tour, we're going to do the same. Write the other half. So, we'll probably take some time off this fall to write. Hopefully, we're going to do one full tour this year but really I can say to expect a new album very soon.

How have you been feeling, liking the Warped Tour so far?
It's a lot of fun. It's all been cool, the crowds have been awesome, we seem to be attracting a lot of kids who are walking by, who see us, then they buy stuff.
So it's been a good experience so far on tour?
Oh yeah, the best! It's one of those things that you do and you know why you're doing it. Like, I'm going to look back at this summer and be like 'it's the best summer ever!' and be all nostalgic about it.
Everyone seems to love, everyone says it's like a summer camp.
It is.
*At this point, Pat Nissley, the other founding member of the band back in 2002 with Jared runs up soaked in rain and mud*
Anything else you'd like to say to your fans?
Pat: Come out and see us. Welcome to a new Warped Tour (laughs). No more genre bridges.

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