Friday, August 7, 2009

They may not come off as your typical Warped Tour act, but this year definetly shook up the old stereotypes and introduced the "Millionaires" to the ears of some people who may have hated it, but Melissa Marie, Dani and Allison couldn't care less. Starting off in Melissa and Allison's basement(yes they are sisters and are the bookends in the picture!) messing around with their computer's recording software, this trio has come far and have released two eps in the lead up to their first full length album which should be hitting the airwaves January 2010.

The band came up in several of Mix and Mark's other interviews at Warped Tour, ranging from ska bands to talking to Nick from Meg and Dia, and are on the tips of pretty much everyone's tongues in negative and positive ways, but they're over it and just doing what they love!

So how is your first Warped Tour experience going. Is it kind of like a dream?
Alison: I'm having a great time.
Melissa: Yeah, it's a dream. I never thought I'd be on here. We're really grateful-
Alison: It's still really early.
Melissa: Not gonna lie, it feels like it's been a month but it's only been like two weeks and it's just a lot of fun, like now it's raining but it's been like sun every day, you know.

What's your favorite memory so far. Is it the barbecues?
Alison: Meeting all the people, meeting bands that I've been fans of was kind of like a cool experience.
What are some of the bands on this tour that you were excited to see?
Alison: Um. Antiflag I really love and then A Day To Remember is amazing. They are some of our greatest friends.

This is kind of random but I recently talked to Andy Hurley, the drummer of Fall Out Boy and I guess Gabe Saporta, of Cobra Starship (the two bands just finished a tour together)is really into you guys. Have you ever talked to him?
Melissa Marie: Oh yeah. We're really good friends with him.
How did that come about? Did he hear about your music?
Melissa Marie: We're friends. I've known Gabe for a long time through my ex-boyfriend and stuff but um.
He's a good guy.
Melissa Marie: but Gabe's not my ex boyfriend.
No, I know. Let's not start any rumors here!
Melissa &Allison: Oh good (laughs).
Melissa Marie: No, we've known him a long time. When we started, he's always been supportive of us from day one and so, when we got signed to Krush, he's on there too. He's our a&r and everything.

That's awesome. So coming on to Warped Tour, I know the music, unfortunately, that you guys are putting out may not be as supported by a lot of the people coming out. How are you taking that? Are you used to it by now?
Melissa: Oh, we've gotten over that. We've heard the worst you could imagine. There's like nothing else you can say to us. We're so thick skinned.
Allison: 'Oh you're a slut!' 'Oh, we haven't heard that one yet, what?''We don't play instruments, okay!' 'Oh! I'm sorry, I thought I was playing a guitar!'
Melissa Marie: No, it's just like there's always going to be hating no matter what and we did put ourselves into this situation but you know just because people don't like it doesn't mean we shouldn't. We can deal with it. I mean if anyone else had this opportunity, they would jump on it too.

A lot more girls are on this tour including you guys, Meg and Dia, Lights just to name a few. Normally, it's seen as a "boy oriented tour" unfortunately. Do you guys feel any different coming to this tour or are you treated differently?
Melissa: No, I mean when we tour it's all boys too but we never get treated differently.
I mean there's so many of you, like 700 people.
Melissa: Yeah. We really don't even talk to girls anyways. The boys are really open. Like we do sometimes but it's all boys, but it's nice for like when we shower, because there's no one in there.
Allison: Like, the line goes like that!

I know you guys are rookies on the tour. Is there any advice that you would give for next year. Like anyone brand new.
Alison: Your music is what got you here, don't let them tell you any differently. You're on Warped Tour so fuck them.
Melissa Marie: Obviously, stick to what you want to do. Cause when you don't back it up, that's when people say it. If you were like 'Oh shit, they're talking shit about the music', they win.

What are your music going on's for after the tour?
Melissa: Yeah, we just finished our EP. We shot some music videos, but we're working on our first full-length album. We're aiming for it to be released January 2010.

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